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Rusk Miracurl Styler

Rusk Miracurl Styler

3.6 from 61 reviews

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  • 31 reviews

Hair gets stuck


My teen daughter has slightly wavy hair and found this appliance stressful to use. It has a motor which quickly pulls hair in to curl. When it cleanly pulls the hair in it’s fabulous but it did get stuck a few times which freaked her out and I fortunately got her caught hair out. We gave it away to a friend and we now use a manual normal curling wand.

Purchased in October 2017 for $200.00.


lindaleePerth, WA

  • 17 reviews
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Curly Queen


I have fine, dead straight hair that is always hard to curl. I have read the other reviews about this product and I must add... I have owned this product for over 2 years and its the best thing i have owned. The lady that got her hair caught in it for 40 mins, I'm sorry that happened but normally the curler does the beep,beep,beep and releases the hair. Its great for doing the hair in a hurry as the curl time is quite quick. Word of warning, if you use it for the first time.... experiment. Go for the looser curler otherwise you'll end up with a head full of small curls and walk out looking similar to a french poodle. I love the product, so all those that have warned not to buy it, sorry.... I CAN'T agree. I'd be lost without mine.

Purchased in November 2016 for $200.00.


LynPerth, WA

  • 10 reviews

Simple to use


Simple to use and creates beautiful curls. It’s quick and easy. Wouldn’t curl my hair every day, although it’s quick enough to, but great for a special occasion. I have longer hair so I just curl from half way down the length.

Second time using - hair stuck - took three people 40 minutes to get it out




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Easy to use curler


It's a very easy to use curler, gives you either loose curls or tight defined curls as it's got different settings. Takes a few go's before you can get used to it. If your hair does get stuck in it, it comes off easily. Would recommend if you're looking to not invest in an expensive curler and if you looking for something easy to use.



  • 6 reviews
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Styles the perfect curl!


I have thin hair that is hard to curl but the Rusk Miracul Styler creates the perfect curl. I am not very good at styling my own hair so the Rusk Miracul Styler has been the biggest help and such a time savior! I cannot imagine my life without it now!



  • 55 reviews

This is perfect for tidying up my curls




  • 13 reviews

Very happy so far


I have only used mine 3-4 times but so far so good! I have a LOT of hair - thick, frizzy (but not curly), hard-to-manage hair. Curling is a pain, because either the curls drop out too fast, or it takes an eternity and my arms get sore. This is pretty simple to use, and the curls last well. The only caveat is to resist the temptation to curl too much at once, and be careful with your angles. If I put too much hair in, or don't hold it the right way, hair can tangle. I wish I could do more at once, I'd save even more time! But as long as you're careful, this is much better than a lot of alternatives I've tried.

Loved it until it stopped working :(


Hair did get stuck but as my hair is quite thin it wasn't a huge problem. Used it almost everyday for a good nine months now it doesn't work at all. Quite an expensive product to suddenly stop working. Will be looking to see is the vassoon will last longer.

It was good, until I had to cut my hair out!


Waste of money


Hair always gets stuck, I have it on full heat and full curl and it just makes my hair look wavy. I even asked the worker if it works and she said yes so I asked to try it and she said no.

I wish I could give this a negative review


Holy moly do not buy this!!! No! I had to cut off four inches of a section of my hair because it got stuck and there is no way to get it out!!! I tried everything, including taking it a part and nothing worked. No reverse function? Are you kidding me?

No longer working- Dissapointed !!


Recieved this curler as a Gift about 10 months ago. Was so pleased with the results when it recently started stopping after 10 minutes of using it. Doesnt curl my hair anymore, this should be a long lasting product not temporary !

Good curls but hair gets stuck


This product Gives you really good curls but I have found that I have gotten my hair stuck a lot of times and lost my hair as there’s no way to get your hair out.

R cook

R cookBurton

  • 4 reviews

Love my miracurl


I love this machine. I have never been able to curl my hair with a hair straightener and now I can curl my hair and have the confidence of beautiful curls when I go out. Best money spent.



  • 9 reviews

Taken me a while to get use it!


I never spend to long doing my hair. This was brought for me as a Christmas gift.
After using it several times now I really love the finished product.
I find it takes me a while as I have thick long hair and I find you can't put too much hair through it at one time. But now I have mastered it I use it almost after every wash:)



  • 2 reviews
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Fast efficient loving it


Bought it, following my sister recommendation, and haven't looked back. Once you get s hang of it, such as small sections, how many beeps you want to hold, direction of the curls, it's even better. Love it, it's my go to especially when don't want to straighten my hair, gives glam look in less than 20 minutes. Have been using it for about 3 years now.

Ok to style but beware! Can get stuck. Won't free hair


A precise volume of hair must be fed into the styler for it to work. Get it wrong and it will tangle or worse clamp down and reel in the hair to the scalp and get stuck. There is no reverse. Very scary indeed.


lozza2121South East Queensland, QLD

  • 6 reviews

Love Love Love!


So easy to use and cuts down curling time in half for sure! I never attempted to curl my own hair before always paid to get it done.. but now i can do it myself :)



  • 3 reviews



Works well when you hold it at the correct angle (or your hair will knot). Haven't used it much but could have achieved the same results with a cheaper curler.

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Questions & Answers



is this good for long hair?
confused..Because they using to very short hair in Utube..

No answers



Does hair have to be totally without product (hairspray/styling product) i.e. just washed and dried or can I use it the day after or even 2 days after washing hair i.e. having used some (a little) product on my hair?

3 answers

I think it's probably fine with hair that's had some product, especially if it's e.g. hairspray that's been brushed out. I've used it with small amounts of hair product in place. I'm no expert, though!


I only use it on clean hair. Product tends to heat differently and could burn your hair as they are not designed for that heat level. The only product I use is a heat protectant. Other Products makes your hair more likely to tangle in the barrel and that is bad. Just follow the instructions for perfect hair. I have hair down to my chest now and I never brush through product in my hair like hair spray etc because you risk hair breakage and hair takes forever to grow. heat protectant serum and your rusk miracurl are all you need and some spray after.


Best in dirty hair...brush hair really well aND it will be great. More oils the better for your hairs health and curl hold.



What is the size of the roller within? I'm looking for something to create soft curls - that last. With my super thick & abundant waist length hair, I usually spend close to an hour to roll with my curling tongs and that'll only last a few hours and cost me a few burn marks.

2 answers

The diameter of the curl isn't very large but the staying power is amazing. I curled my hair in Wednesday night and it was still curly in Saturday when I washed it; a GHD style often only lasts about 1-2 hours on my hair. For very long hair the pieces need to be thinner, which could slow you down. I'd find a stockist and go in for a demonstration to see if it suits you.


Just use a smaller section of hair to curl. The smaller the section, the longer the hair that can go in, curls will come out springy and tight but just let them cool then gently brush out for a softer curl.

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