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Will inner ceramic dish fit inside a microwave oven so you can bring it up to cooking temperature quickly?
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I have a 4443BSS & want to cook corned beef. I have had no luck with cooking on low. Have decided to try on high. How long should I cook a 1.5 kg price ?
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Hi John, I have always cooked Corn Beef in Water and it is an hour per kilo

I have the 7ltr and have had 1 kg of stewing steak chopped and 4 lambs kidneys also chopped in it with stock and the bowl is approximately half full. The plan was to be had for dinner tonight. Well this slow cooker warms but after being on high for 6 hours my meals isn't cooked, not to the steak and kidney casserole standard I wanted. I had this problem the other time I used it to cook corned beef, 8 hours later it still wasn't cooked. Ideas please. I have had it 18 months, dont have the receipt and have only used it twice. Very disappointed in this.
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Can you put the ceramic dish on a gas stove to cook onions, garlic and sear meat etc before slow cooking??
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No, you can't. If you need to cook onions and garlic or sear anything, do it in a frypan. Cant save on the washing up, I'm afraid!

What done auto mean?
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the manual says "the slow cooker begins cooking on High until it reaches temperature. Then a thermostat switches the slow cooker automatically to Low, and remains on Low for the remaining duration of cooking time, until switched Off". but I've never use it. I just leave it on low or high depending on what I'm doing.

can I have the manual please?
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I don't know how to get a copy of my manual to you. I can give you the code numbers on the front page if that is any help. Slow Cooker 4443BSS/RHSC600. This may be of help if you search for an online copy of the manual. Regards, SuzetteJust type Russell Hobbs 4443BSS in your browser. It will take you to their site where you can download the pdf manual. If you have any problems I can email you mine. Hope this helps you. Regards, Elleni never read the manual. I just turn it on high when its first cooking, then afterwards I turn it on low. I'm hoping I'm not doing it wrong.

What is the wattage of 3.5L slow cooker please?
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I don't know, sorry. However, I do know that the kmart 3.5l one i ended up buying instead is still going strong after many cooks!So is my George Foreman - same size. Just need to know wattage of Russell Hobbs to justify a changeover.Whatever its wattage I would not recommend replacing anything with this as it fails to actually cook! That was my experience of it

What size is the Russell Hobbs 4443BSS?
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It's 3.5 litres,I use it for cooking desserts for a family of 4

How do I get an instruction book on line?..... didn't come with one.....
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I have no idea why you would not have received one but if you search Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker 3.5 there is an option to download the instruction manual. I personally do not rate this cooker at all. Absolutely useless on low heat.

I was wondering why after cleaning black ceramic insert you are left with white patchy marks inside bowl? Suzanne
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i don't know why but had the same problem. No matter what I clean it with they won't go away.I am still wanting to know why this is happening. I too have tried numerous cleaning techniques with no luck.I have no idea myself. I previously purchase a larger one (I think it was 8L for about $20) and it had the same issue. I found this one by Russell Hobbs to be better quality because the stains comes off easier.

Has anyone else had trouble cooking roast meats such as lamb and beef in this slow cooker?I have tried several times, on both auto on high and with and without liquids however at the end of the day the meat is not even halfway cooked?
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I have. It doesn't get hot enough to cook most things. The large model is great, but this one is hopeless.whatever you're cooking, this might not be suitable for it. I haven't use it on a whole lamb. But in the past I have to slow cook lamb that I cut in pieces. I found the small size suitable for me cause with a larger one it'll just dried out quicker cause I'm only cooking for myself.

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