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Hot Water Tank Swap for Continuous System

Full disclosure:
I was offered 2 free movie tickets for this review, but the card said be honest.
Although the review below is generally good, right after dropping 4.6k on the new system I wasn't feeling that good about things, but definitely as I gain confidence in using the new system and that everything works (despite some nuances created by a previous plumber) I am feeling more justified in the spend.

The Job:
Swap out a 13 year old non-serviced Vulcan hot water tank for a brand new shiny Rinnai Enviro26 and pronto.

The Quote Process:
Polite and well presented guys comes, doesn't spend too much time looking at the details, but if asked for little hand holding will take you through the process.

The guy looks into a "magic" book which he has "no control" over the pricing and pulls and a magic number. In my case for two scenarios the enviro26 and the enviro32 (smidge over $5k and $6k respectively). Unless pressed for more details there is not breakdown of the cost of the unit, the cost of the expected pipes, time estimate of work, removal etc.

If am honest, I don't really need those details if I like the price, and the definition of installed means all cleaned up and looks nice, but I dive into them to ensure a bit of due diligence, and just make sure all Australian standards are met, the job is timely, and good quality, they are insured and will back their work, sold products and services.

So knowing what sort of price on ebay one can get the enviro for the guy tells me 1.5 and 2k for the different inviro boxes. So that gives some idea of the overhead for parts and labor, as I failed to get a detailed breakdown.
Now a previous guy from another company indicated the cost per metre for running thicker pipe ($40 per metre, which i needed 11m or so of). So there is a another $500. So we are looking at 2k and 3k for the enviro26 and 32 respectively, without other stuff.

The initial quotes were pretty massive, and once I balked at the price for the quoted enviro32 the guy proceeded to tell me that the enviro26 will do my place sufficiently. Stating that I had 3 bathrooms and most likely it will be 2 in use and kitchen sink the suggestion that at a 9 litre water rate for each shower plus some extra for kitchen sink and other taps 9+9 + small amount is covered by the 26. Okay sounds good and logical enough for now we'll see when that time comes.

Great so far, felt much more comfortable despite the magic book prices than the other quotes obtained, which were much lower. Onto the negotiation. First step was to try and get a reduction so I asked what could be done on the enviro32. After a call to the boss and weee walk outside for some privacy to discuss the matter, the guy returned and knocked about $500 off. Just like that. So I am thinking they go in high and if the customer asks they negotiate to a slightly lower price which is more what they would expect. Great, but that is still much higher than the enviro32, which if one pretends the discount is on the box itself the labor should be pretty much the same process regardless.

So proceeding with the thought that the enviro26 would do the job I ask why is there still such a difference between the two, and some comments around the different box costs came out but doing the sums in my head it didn't sit well. I went on to explain another quote being just over 2k for the enviro32. The guy pointed out that this is a very low price and I should review the quote to ensure that the price is not for the "normal" rinnai32. Few quick calls later and yes the other quote comes in about 1.2k more. However I am now comparing the enviro26 at just over 5k for 3.2k. Still a substantial difference. Looking at the discount given on the enviro32 I asked if he could knock off about the same amount and we proceed with the enviro26. The quote came down to 4.6k for the enviro. Deposit paid $460 and the tank leaking begins.

If the quote for the enviro26 still comes in at over 1k more than the enviro32 with the other mob, how come I didn't go for that?

Well this is the warm fuzzy bit I mentioned earlier about the well mannered and presented bit and a whole bunch of other unrelated questions I asked the guy while he spent a fair amount of time taking me through the quote process. Things pointed out that I like to hear that got me over the line with Rustic were:
- It's about 6 years to become fully qualified plumber
- Service periods for valves and tanks
- NSW laws on tempered water, and associated valve types for different heating systems
- The quote includes full installation and cleanup and removal of the old tank
- Although the pipe lengths weren't specified if they were longer the price doesn't change (probably the magic number book lookup there)
- There was a full explanation about the condensate outlet and how that would not simply be allowed to drop on the ground like the other guy mob mentioned, as the output is acidic in nature.
- The other pipes running in the house that I though might be a gas pipe were promptly corrected to "if it is black it is the water", "PVC gas pipes are usually yellow", "plumbing tape for gas fittings is yellow". This was not picked up by the other mob.
- They will start today by emptying the original tank, and be in first thing next day to complete the installation

Work On Site:
3 Guys show up. All well presented and well mannered. Young guys that on the up skill, another guys that makes the quote guy look good, and the the original quote guy, who actually assists with the installation.

I hung around a bit to see what was actually going on, and they spend the time explaining what they were doing, pointing safety things and answering annoying questions about the height installation, and how they will put measures in place to help prevent theft of the unit.

No fuss, no wondering off and coming back at the end of the day, and definitely did a good job of the gas piping and condensate piping. The electrician did come at the specified time and when I got home it was all done and dusted (double plug outlet).

Overall, although a bit pricey, the quality of the work, timely fashion and the good presentation and manners on the job gives me the impression of a fair price for the job, and I would get these guys back in again.

As to the 25 year guarantee, well we'll have to wait and see. It's easy to say 25 years and then disappear, but anything that goes wrong in the short term I am pretty sure they will sort out (warm fuzzy feeling).
They were a bit keen about the payment. Sounds like they have had issues there before.

I will come back later to update this review after observing the system performance, from the the guy's recommendation of enviro26 over the 32 and keep an eye on the parts to see if anything starts rusting and what not before a reasonable time.

Hope this helps anyone who may have some doubts about the pricing. If you do, then go with the other mob, and hopefully neither of us have to buy twice any time soon.

Excellent Job !! The solar heat pump hot water system Rustic Plumbing recommended is fantasic!

The solar heat pump system Rustic Plumbing suggested replaced the old electric hot water service and there will be savings on operating costs on off peak rates and this also adds value to your home. The initial installation cost is more than a replacement electric service however over time you will come out in front, plus there is a significant rebate available through the renewable energy schemes which will offset part of the installation cost.
Rustic Plumbing were exactly what you want a plumbing company to be- fast, efficient, reasonably priced and tidy.
When I returned home from work on the day they started the job it was done and running perfectly.
Don't take any chances, just call Rustic Plumbing Solutions for any plumbing job.

Great Service

Great company to deal with. Very friendly tradesmen who took pride in their work.
We would highly recommend this company.

Prompt, polite and excellent.

The rustic team spent several days at our home investigating and rectifying significant damage to our very old terracotta sewerage system. They completed the job very quickly and efficiently. All team members were polite and kept me informed as to the progress regularly. They behaved appropriately around my small children and I even talked to the children about what they were doing and why. The team even replaced all of the pebbles and steppingstones that had to be moved in order to excavate and Tidied up after themselves which I greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend rustic plumbing to our friends and family for plumbing works. We were initially shocked as to the costs of such works however I feel reassured that the problems have now been rectified appropriately and to a high quality. The team have also guaranteed the new pipes and will be able to return to inspect the works overtime to keep an eye on any further problems that may come up in the future.

Prompt service and quick solution!

Prompt service, Damien and Tom were friendly and efficient. Would highly recommend Rustic Plumbing Solutions. A big thank you !

Great work, professional service at a reasonable price

I had my sewage line relined recently and these guys were great. I had a another mob from another company come in before and was immediately charged just to stick a camera down the sewer line and jet blasting before they could even give me a quote which ended up more expensive than these guys

D(name omitted) pretty much turned up same day took one look and after the quote pretty much started work next day.

Their crew was professional and courteous and got the work done with minimum fuss.



Professional service

Rustic plumbing has just completed some work on my duplex at my neighbors side. My neighbor was not home but their technician asked if I would like to check the work. When I did I was very happy with the finished product ( new hot water tank ) the work was neat and the tidy up made it like they were never here. What a nice tradie Damien was, the installation looks great.

It's times like these you want to be in the company of people you can trust.

Who ever put that team together at Rustic Plumbing really knows what they are doing. I had a headache on my hands that money alone wasn't going to solve - It's times like these you want to be in the company of people you can trust. I was instilled with complete confidence that my headache was theirs to own and they were right in their assessment. I came away with a better solution than I expected and their experience and knowledge has saved me money too.

Great service, advice and attitude

Mark from Rustic Plumbing helped me install a new kitchen.
From the very beginning he was efficient, knowledgeable and helpful with the quote - pointing out a couple of things I hadn't thought of, and finding excellent and creative solutions for what is a quirky shaped kitchen! The work (plumbing and gas fitting) was completed efficiently and neatly and I am delighted with the results. When a part was missing from my gas cook-top Mark sourced what was needed and still completed the job that day. I will absolutely use them again, and recommend them to my family and friends.

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Hi Lucy, Thanks for your review. Mark is a great technician and an asset to our company. Thank you for choosing to use Rustic Plumbing Solutions, we look forward to helping you in the future. Kind Regards The Rustic Team.

Total nightmare

We are on tank water and every tap they put in leaked,lost a lot of water though a simple job of connecting water tank to the pump, copper gas pipes laid on metal and otherwise unsightly installation, gas tank bleed valve left open to drain a 45 litre gas tank, holding a lit cigarette next to the known leaking gas while testing the leak, using threatening tactics to get paid their exorbitant fee despite having not finished the job, had to get them back time and again to fix their lack of workmanship. Three times left job without pressure testing.
Had to pay for a new plumber to come in and fix the unsafe errors they left behind.
Just a few examples as to why we would never use them again.

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Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for your feedback. I wish you would have called the office to advise us of this situation so we could have dealt with it straight away. The technician's that attended your property in Mt White have since been terminated due to not working to the usual high standards expected by Rustic Plumbing Solutions. We do apologise that you did not have a good experience with us however we believe this short term problem we had has since been resolved. If you would like to discuss the matter further please feel free to contact the office on 1300 702 224. Kind Regards Rustic Plumbing.

Money! Money! Money!

Had hot water heater installed. Have to wait until tomorrow to see if it works. In the meantime Rustic Plumbing is very difficult to deal with financially. Couldn't wait for me to get money from super. Had to have it NOW. Don't ring them unless you can pay a high rate immediately.

Hi Mary, Thank you for your feedback. As you are aware you contacted us on Saturday as you had a hot water issue. We attended the same day to find that the unit required replacement. As the suppliers were shut on Saturday afternoon we had to return first thing Monday morning to complete your job as promised. You payed a 10% deposit on Saturday and the balance was due upon completion. It wasn’t until we had completed the job did you advise us that you couldn’t pay for 2-3 weeks. We offered you a payment plan to try and help you in your situation but you did not want to do that. We also wish that we didn’t have to pay for products on the same day but unfortunately we have bills to pay also. The reason you have no hot water today as explained is due to you being on off peak power supply and the cycle heats up over night. You will have hot water first thing in the morning, if not please don’t hesitate to contact us and a technician will attend your property free of charge to assess why. Once again if you had of advised us from the beginning of your situation we could of worked something out for you. We are sorry you feel this way. Kind Regards The Rustic TeamYou do not speak the truth. I did advise you of my financial situation and the arrangements I could make. I was never told I had to have cash up front. I was told that you would issue an invoice. I said I could pay within 7 - 10 days. Your technician did not tell me that was not acceptable. I was NOT told I needed to pay on completion. I was under the impression you would wait for me to withdraw from my super account. Your credit plan was misrepresented to me. I was told it would be at no cost to me. Ha! Upon further examination I found: Set up fees. Monthly fees. Transaction fees. No thank you. Your finance arrangements are definitely on the nose. Also, on the bright side, your technician was wrong. I had hot water almost immediately. It smelled, but I suppose that's the "New Product" phenomenon. Also, he left bits of the old water heater behind. I was able to clean that up myself and I do not want anyone from your company on my property ever again. I will not call you again and I will tell my friends.

Highly recommended

So pleased with their prompt and professional service. The guy that did the job were so friendly, and explained to us what they were doing. I would definitely recommend this company to my friends.

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Hi Bill, Thank you for your kind words. We are pleased you had a great experience with our team and look forward to helping you in the future. Kind Regards The Rustic Team

Great team of professionals

These guys prioritised our call due to the urgent nature and predicament we were in. Very helpful and displayed integrity in their work and attitude. No hesitation in recommending this company for plumbing solutions.

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Hi Margo, Thank you for your lovely review. It was a pleasure to help you. Kind Regards The Rustic Team

Rustic were good!

Rustic gave me advice that saved me $1200 compared to a previous quote and were always turned up on time. And the word done was great quality and they fixed other problems I hadn't noticed. :)

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Hi John, It was a pleasure helping you save some money. We will see you next time you have an issue. Kind Regards The Rustic Team.

Totally Reliable honest Efficient Plumbing Service

Had two massive jobs done in the last 3 weeks - sewer line to the house and hot water replacement. They came out to quote when they said, and did the job the next day. The workers were knowledgeable and polite and VERY hard-working. Lachlan, Corey and Damien just finished the big hotter service replacement and new piping, electrics, and removal of all the old system. They were fastidious and thorough gentlemen. I recommend this company and have already recommended it to my father-in-law's bowling club. Invoice Ref 01173

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Hi Steve, Thank you for the kind words and for recommending us to your family and friends. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Kind Regards The Rustic Team

Happy customer

Thanks to Lachlan, Fergus and Ryan who did a great job with the blocked sewer drain, water pump filter, two new toilets installed. They were on time, explained everything which needed doing, gave a very reasonable quote and left everything clean and tidy. Friendly service with a smile :)

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Hi Angela, We are glad you had a great experience with Rustic Plumbing and really appreciate the kind feedback. Thanks again and we will see you next time you need a Plumber. Kind Regards The Rustic Team.

Star quality service & staff

From the get-go our experience with Rustic Plumbing was excellent. The estimator, Damien, arrived punctually, delivered an accurate explanation for works to be carried out. Wrote a detailed quote out for us then & there. We agreed to the price & job description and set a start date for the following working day.
Again Damien arrived punctually to set up his tradesmen, who all arrived well prepared. Team leader Lachlan had a lovely courteous manner & was amazing in going above & beyond each day to ensure we were happy with each stage.
I could not fault their work ethics & they all left the site tidy at the end of each day.
The payment system is easy and allows you to keep up with what is happening each day.
In my line of work as an interior architect and project manager I see many, many average (and less than average) trades teams, but rarely do I see this high level of customer service and a team so eager to accurately work towards a deadline.

I wish to add that back in May 2017 we had already had a quote and confirmed the go ahead with another large plumbing company, however in-spite of calling that company fortnightly to ask when they would actually arrive to commence the work, they would never commit to a date to start, simply mutter that they had been swamped with quotes and that they'd get back to us "soon"... Hence why we ended up calling Rustic.

Rustic Plumbing has my compete seal of approval to recommend them to clients.

Highly recommended reliabe plumber!

When we purchased a new property we asked Rustic Plumbing Solutions to come in a check out a few things.
The plumber turned up on time, listed to our concerns and investigated accordingly.
He was friendly, polite and efficient. After explaining the situation to us we gave him the go-ahead to commence works and he took care of everything as expected.

Its always hard to find trustworthy trades but i felt comfortable with these guys from the first phone call and I would not hesitate to use them again.

Very professional tradesmen

I rang up with an emergency problem they answered the phone in a friendly and efficient manner to which they informed me they would send a plumber out straight away in the time slot I was given. The plumber even gave me a courteous call before their arrival. Once they diagnosed the problem not only did they give me one solution they gave me several based on different budgets providing me with several options that may best suit my needs. They were up front and said they could have the work done as soon as it was suitable for me. They were very professional and courteous. Great quality tradesmen and hassle free job. Would definitely recommend rustic plumbing solutions to all my family and friends as this is what they provide fantastic plumbing solutions backed by their 25 yr warranty what more could you ask for.

Beware - don't walk - run

full of lies and over charged - lots of excuses - not on time - very unprofessional - can not be trusted .

Hi Sam.J, Could you please provide your job number so we can help try and understand your frustrations. We don't have your name in our system and do strive to constantly improve our service for the future. Kind Regards Rustic Plumbing Solutions.when asked for receipt made up excuses, so no job number also no free quote.

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