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Ryobi EMS1826LRG

Ryobi EMS1826LRG

2.5 from 4 reviews

Below expected quality

First surprise was the comic book style 'Original Instructions'. Previously had a CMS 1825 which lasted 8 years and came with an 'Owners Operating Manual' which came with well written instructions including photo guides.
The first 1826LRG lasted 1 year and was replaced under warranty. This one lasted 1 year and I took it back because the fence became mis-shapen. Not covered under the warranty so I paid about $35 for parts. Now 5 years later I changed the blade and retraction arm screw will not line up with the hole. Original Instructions are hopeless-no words at all just incomplete hazy small drawings. Would not buy a Ryobi saw again. Possibly robust enough for softwood but not for hardwood.

Date PurchasedAug 2012

Pretty good saw

Not bad for a cheap saw from Bunnings. Cuts well and most things are logical and can be worked out.
Laser is accurate and in the right spot. Only real niggle is the material hold down clamp has to be fiddled with
And adjusted cause it gets in the way when doing 45 degree bevel cuts.
Not one for the tradesman or professional but should do for casual or handyman use.

Buy a makita

Poor quality metal, useless instructions. Some steps omitted others misleading. Returned to Bunnings next day . Spend more money on a better tool. Saves time and angst.

Instructions are hopeless

I like to pretend that I am good at carpentry. Yet things never look as they should. Always the tools fault, never my lack of skills. So I went and bought this tool. It took quite awhile to set up. Why? Instructions are all diagrams with barely a word to be seen. Some aspects of setup were not clear.

Fair amount of frustration. When I wanted to change the blade supplied for one which would cut more finely, the a screw that needed to be removed was badly chewed. So I had to take it back to Bunnings, where the guy managed to remove the screw and replace it. I also bought a universal saw table to put it on.

The table folds very quickly. However bolts used in mounting the saw on to the table interfere with setting the saw to cut at an angle of 45 and the saw can only make a bevel cut of 45 to one side.
Inexpensive; laserlight for lining up cuts
Some problems with use in conjunction universal saw table; Instructions are purely pictorial and omit some points, causing some frustrations.

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