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Ryobi 18V One+ Area Light CAL180G

Ryobi 18V One+ Area Light CAL180G

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Too Dim

Just wanted to balance the other reviews here. Purchased this light but took it back and paid the extra $70 and got the 'Ryobi Shop Light' (http://ryobi.com.au/18v-one-hybrid-shoplight-r18hs-0).
I am used to a bright primus-style gas light so when i got the area light home i was pretty disappointed with its brightness (or lack of). It would do for a close, personal light, but I was after an area light to light a dining table or Geazebo etc. so the 'shop ight' is much better (900 lumens vs 130). It is also a warm light ... Correlated colour temperature (CCT) 5700 K.

Anyway we have a lot of balckouts where we are so this will be way handy - i am currently using it plugged in 240v, as its a 'hybrid (18v & 240v), as my office light at home - another cool plus.

Great Light

I'm about to go camping and I have just recently acquired some Ryobi 18V garden tools, so I was after a bit of a lantern light to compliment my headlight. After reading the above reviews I felt comfortable about making the purchase and having just tested the light it is going to be very handy. The bright light is very good, the low light would be OK for inside a tent just to see where things are. Its light, and from my rough calculations I should be able to get 17 hours of runtime on the *high* setting, or, 96 hours on *low*. The light is a 1W LED
Light, robust, good value

A cheap addition to your One+ tool box

A very handy little light that will run all day on the smaller battery. The light is quite robust and does a good job of lighting a small area on high. On low the light is a bit dim, but the battery would last for days. There is very little weigh to the light, so the battery is the only heavy part and as it is at the bottom the light is very sure footed. If you have other One+ tools this is a great addition.
Cheap and handy

Good camping lantern

Excellent bright camping lantern Two light values Bright is very bright Low is good as a night light. The product is cheap enough, but you will require a One+ battery and preferably an in car charger The batteries are expensive (though not compared to Makita batteries) but once you have it all you will find it the best camping lantern you'll ever own
Good bright light with long battery life and quick battery recharge
Light itself is cheap, but add a battery and charger, you'll be looking at close to $160

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