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Ryobi 26cc 2 Stroke RLT26CDSN

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  • Build Quality
    2.8 (4)
  • Value for Money
    2.4 (5)
  • Ease of Use
    3.0 (4)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance
    3.0 (3)
  • Product is used
    • Weekly (4)
    • Occasionally (2)
  • Grass Type
    • Short grass (4)
    • Thick, heavy grass or weeds (1)
    • Tall grass (1)
  • Noise Level
    2.4 (5)
  • Safety
    3.5 (4)


And then my head fell off

Date PurchasedMar 2017
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Bran P

Bran PTownsville

First whipper snipper I brought, and was broken from the start.


Brought this from Bunnings after taking a while to decide which one to buy, read the box saw 26cc so was keen on this extra ccs. Anyway took it home unboxed it and went to put it together, the head was attatched in the instructions already, but not on mine. Nothing in the instructions tells you how to put the head on, figured out it was just a screw, put it together. Fueled it up, engine took a little while to start at first but it started eventually, used it for about 5 minutes if that and the head fell off. Reattached it another 3 times, same isssue. Taking it back today to get a stihl. The engine seemed powerful, line is extremely easy to feed, but product was faulty.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


  • 5 reviews

Really disappointing


This was a really bad purchase. For the following reasons:

1) Hard to start
2) Hard to change the cutting line
3) Greedy on fuel
4) Not much power (realised after purchasing another brand with same CC engine)
5) Main bearing on the driveshaft ceased up causing the unit to get so hot that the plastic melted around the bearing and it start smouldering.

I replaced this for a Makita which was $100 more and is infinitely better.

Date PurchasedMay 2014
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Piece of crap rubbish dont bother working on the.


Ive recently rebuild these things and no whatter what you do to keep it perfection it will never start or wont last long don t not get this product worst design and never buy cheap brands waste of design
Ive never came across to this poorly design
Only buy the ones with the walbro carbys

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

jeremy.ieraciDarwin, NT

  • 28 reviews

I'm a commercial gardener fwiw


Well, I've had 2 of these over the course of the past 10 years. I use the latest one almost every day for a few hours. STILL going strong. . For a piece of kit that clearly states within the instructions: not for commercial use, it's sure standing up. My last one died at about the 5yr mark and despite my best efforts I couldn't get it going again. I'm now thinking it probably just needed it's muffler outlet screen cleared of soot! So my fault. I dislike the curved shaft and always upgrade to a straight bar

Date PurchasedFeb 2011
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WazzaSydney, NSW

  • 10 reviews

Ryobi RLT 26S


I bought the RLT25s which is the straight shaft with gearbox at the lower end ,Any brand of whipper snipper with a curved shaft are prone to drive cable failure after some time.so I chose the straight shaft with gears. I have had no problems starting or running and I am happy with this budget snipper.
I use Sthil special long life premixed fuel it can be left in the snipper tank between seasons when not used and will
be the same as fresh fuel.

  • Verified purchase

Waste of time money and frustration


I bought this line trimmer and got 1 hour of use out of it and the head stopped spinning, took it back to Bunnings and got a replacement product. Put it together and now it won't start at all! Do not buy this line trimmer it causes way too much frustration.

Dont Buy This Product


It ran okay initially but then constantly stalled once you applied the throttle after cold start. I returned the product to Bunnings who replaced it with a New unit
Three or four rounds with the new unit and Same Problem, runs in idle and then stalls and cuts out !
I will NOT touch this product again, one doesn't expect the same problem twice!



  • 26 reviews

Don't Bother


My wife bought one of these from Bunnings as a Christmas gift after my WeedEater died at the ripe old age of 19.
6 months later it was back to Bunnings after the shaft failed, new shaft installed, and 6 months later the engine was poked. I would have used it for probably 20 hours in total. Never will I recommend a Ryobi line trimmer. Spend the extra and buy a quality product, I went and purchased another WeedEater - it will probably outlast me.

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Ryobi don't do it


I've had 3 Ryobi line trimmers over 2years. They break with only short amount of work, parts missing for assembly in box!! There motto should read Ryobi don't do it!!

Will B

Will BSydney



i bought the Ryobi 26cc 2 stroke line trimmer from Bunnings for $159. there was another ryobi model for $179 but the $159 model had a swivel handle which i liked better. once i got it home the assembly instructions were really lacking. anyway once i had put it together it was really hard to start, then kept revving really high and stopped about twenty times during the first use. the line isn't automatic feed as it was supposed to be and the line broke about five times and then the whole trimmer head kept coming off. also it was as loud as hell. it really was junk. so i took it back and was able to get a refund and am presently looking at the reviews. I think a nice quiet 4 stroke would be best. any suggestions?

Ryobi Line Trimmers


The new Ryobi line Trimmers 2 stroke engines are causing me too many problems. I hunted around and found an old model that has a flapper valve inside the inlet manifold.this model may be old and require a bit of work to bring it up to perfection but its worth its weight in gold,I would say it will last for 1,000 years. cant destroy it,will work very hard. Leo.


martian_robHarbour City

  • 5 reviews

Complete drive failure after only a fews hours total use

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Hendrico P.

Hendrico P.asked

My 26cc Ryobi trimmer won't start. I replaced the sparkplug. What must I do further?

No answers


My spark plug was jumping Spark to the rubber so I pulled the rubber off and there's another wire in there what is that used for cos now I can't get spark on the spark plug properly

No answers
Stephen E.

Stephen E.asked

Is there a fuel mixture screw

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