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Ryobi PBV30A 30cc 2 Stroke Petrol

Ryobi PBV30A 30cc 2 Stroke Petrol

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Not to good, mine keeps stopping after some time.

As I said not to good, mine keeps cutting out after some time, and will not run, properley.
I cannot see how to adjust the carb if that is the problem, have had this on an old trimmer befor, but that did have the two screws to adjust the carb.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Goes every time.

Goes every time. Never have to pull more than a couple of times
Even if I have not used it for six months.
Easy change from blowing to sucking with a small screw driver.
I usually blow everything into a heap and then use the suction to pick it up

The product is not as good as the others but for a back up and the price works well.

worked fine till I found the fuel pump up bulb cracked. Try and get on their stupid web site and get a answer you want and source a part or a manule or a shop or assistance. Hopeless. And then their supplier bunnings. They who do not have a Idea. I can fix anything but if you cannot get stock in the stores what hope do we have for the future. Dealing with those who have no idea: pretending to be (xspurts). X is nothing and a spurt is a snall drip excelled under great pressure. Some times we have to find the answers without the nuisance of this perversed and stupid generation of know alls who know nothing.

Totally rubbish.

Bought it a couple years ago, I am not a hard garden worker. the machine used not more than 10 times. then the switch not working, then could not start anymore. contact Ryobi, let me to send the parts number then never be back to me. what a professional service. NOT recommend ryobi to anyone.

No more Ryobi for me

Piece of garbage. I've had one for ~6 years, just replaced it with a Husqvarna BDx125...and I love the thing, should've done it sooner. If it weren't for the cement around them, the Husqvarna would suck the gravel right out of the concrete driveway !
Never again will I buy petrol powered garden equipment from a hardware store (Bunnings).

I've learnt my cheapskate lesson - if you want quality equipment, then you'll pay for it.
Um....er...the red Ryobi sticker is still in one peice and hasn't peeled off after 6 years ;)
Everything. Second rate cheap garbage

Saved me a lot of manual leaf picking

I was in a shop and thinking of purchasing the device and did a quick search online and was totally put off by the ratings on this site, and walked out of the shop without purchasing. When I got home I performed a more comprehensive review search and thought to hell with the reviews and purchased it the next day.

Like most 2 stroke engines it is not the easiest thing to start however the quick start guide is very informative and tells you exactly how to start it when the device is cold and when it's hot. There's no point trying to start it when it's strapped to you or over priming the motor by pressing the plastic fuel suction button more than 10 times. Just follow the instructions. When emptying the bag keep the device as close to the working position as opposed to turning it on its side and make sure you follow the start from hot instructions.

I can understand that some people will have higher expectations on petrol engines however for those of you who are used to working with petrol engines and learnt the basics as regards maintaining them this device is fine. For those of you who are looking for something that's plug and play either go for an electric one or spend three times the price and upwards.


1) It's loud. But you should be using ear safety gear anyway.
2) It's harder to start than a 4 strike petrol mower. But follow the instructions.
3) Do you actually need one? I use this to pick up leaves that I can't rake. Blowing all your leaves to a corner of an average size garden and mulching them is a bit pointless.
4) The zip could be longer but being plastic is better that a cheap steel as it won't rust. Over the winter I plan to hack it and put a longer zip next to the plastic one. But for the moment I will spend the extra 30 seconds helping the mulched leaves out.

I'm happy with it and it saved me quite a bit of manual leaf picking.

For 149 Euro, you can't go that wrong.


Used 3 times and looking for something better. I wouldnt recommend it to anyone - wont be buying a blower from bunnings again
reasonably quiet
Can be hard to start and wouldnt blow the skin off a custard


GREAT... starts first time every time, unlike some people i read the instructions on the unit and the zip start means you're up and running in 30 seconds... literally. the attachments bolt on so they are secure and while that might make some people complain it takes too long to change from blow to vac, it means the little plastic tabs you see on cheaper models aren't needed and dont wear out so you'll have tight fittings from day one through the life of the machine.
easy Zip Start feature, reliable, bolt on accesories.

Don't waste your money!

Fiddly fittings that don't stay attached, awkward to use as it doesn't sit comfortable and is not a natural motion, sticky throttle, and very hard to get started, even when new.

After only a few uses it won't start at all any more.

I also have a Ryobi grass scorpion weed eater, but have had starting issues with it as well.

I'm beginning to see a trend here.

Won't be buying a Ryobi petrol engine gardening product again - the outdoor power tool dealers I've been to seeking assistance won't touch them - they don't want me to waste my money.
It was cheap to buy on special.
It was cheap overall - really hard to start, leaks fuel, not comfortable to use.


Absolute and total cheap and nasty. Comes with a 2 year warranty - but I used mine so infrequently that it didn't start breaking down until after the warranty expired.
I have only used it for 3 tanks of fuel - about 2 hrs worth and it is totally falling apart. I thought Ryobi was good quality ???? Cannot believe Bunnings would put their name to such rubbish - it was nearly the most expensive blower/vac at Bunnings and looks really nice, that it why I got sucked into buying it.
Nothing - Is absolute junk
- Cannot get it started.
- Throttle cable keeps on falling off
- Throttle cable keeps on jamming (when it is not falling off)
- Plastic nozzle keeps on falling off
- When plastic nozzle falls off, you nearly lose a finger putting it back on - if you turn the motor off to re-fit the nozzle, then you need to spend another hour getting the blasted thing started again.
- Cannot get it started (did I mention this already ?)
- Exhaust blows directly into your face - is a really nice design feature
- Zip on the bag fell apart, I replaced it with glued on Velcro.
- Cannot get it started


overall do not buy one because it is a piece of junk, takes to long to start and by the time you do start you are in a bad mood and tired from trying to start it, waste of space for something that is junk, it will be going in the bin
it is light weight, quite cheap and fairly quiet but that is all
it takes a long time to start, by the time you started you could have swept so waste of time, we have had times where we could not even start it, i would not recommend it to anyone

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I have just opened a brand new one which was in my late uncle's garage. It was never opened. A gift most probably of which he had no use for. Anyway, Because it was lying around for about 4 years, I changed the spark plug just in case. The bloody thing would not start. It literally buggered my arm. It started after trying for 3 consecutive days of trying. NO power and that rattling noise. Tried it again the following day and the day after, it wouldn't start. So it just lying in the bloody garage.

Don't waste your money

The worst product I ever bought and I'm 60 years old now. Absolute rubbish.
Have resorted to using the broom more often than been able to use this junk.
The colour
Very poorly made, won't start most of time, even when new.

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Your kidding!, I've had mine for 7 years, I use it twice per week and it works jus fine. After 7 years, mine needs a new blower wheel as the rocks and sticks have damaged it a bit. Starts as per instructions, maybe you should have read these first old mate!


I have only used it a few times, and consider it is a false economy to buy cheap in this case - the product in not value for money, even at the cheap price, if it doesn't go.
Lightweight, portable, and useful for small tasks (when it goes)..............
I can never get it started!!!


No a good product at all. The half hour to 45 minutes trying to start it, i could have got the boom out and swept up in 15 minutes for a tenth of the price. Thought Ryobi made better products than that and I thought Bunnings sold decent products.
Decent blower once it starts. Light, does the job when it starts.
Difficult to start. I spend half an hour to 45 minutes trying to start it.
Not a very good vac either.

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Absolute rubbish. Just been trying to get it started once again. Heap of S^%&%$ ...used the broom instead.


Hard to start, if you try and restart when the engine is warm it takes about 10 pulls to start, the fuel tank angle is wrong so the engine is starved of fuel in blower mode when the tank is about 2/3 empty, you have to tilt up to fill the fuel line, then tilt down again, this is even more annoying if you are blowing down hill.Unburned 2 stroke oil drips out of the carby and unit is hard to clean,the oil drips onto concrete floors and leaves a mess. I am using this website to buy a new blower/vac.
The PBV30 was fairly cheap (on special at Bunnings 3 years ago)good range of attachments and fittings.Solidly built.
Hard to start, even harder when engine is warm. Hard to clean. Drips unburned 2 stroke oil.

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Pros: Not a lot unfortunately - totally useless Cons: A heavy unit in comparison to better branded blowers. Fuel tank angle is all wrong and motor starves of fuel when unit is tilted forward making it totally useless when working on downward slopes or flat ground! Overall: A waste of money - spend a bit more and get a reliable branded unit such as Stihl. Hard to start when hot, drips oil from carby and is heavy to use particularly for women


Starting can be a problem for petrol blower vacs, and this unit starts fine. The blowing part is great, but the sucking attachement seems loose in its connection and does fall off if you are not careful. Also comes with a bag that can hold a fair bit of material.
It has a powerful blowing action that can convert to a vacumm fairly easily. Reliable motor that starts without any problems.
The sucking attachement does not secure firmly to the unit. It can be quite wobbly and indeed on a couple of occassions it has partially detached and started hitting the fan unit taking bits off it. It is also a bit heavy to lug around by the end of the day. It would benefit from the addition of a sucking attachement with wheels on it - this would help to keep the correct height to allow it to suck effectively.

Questions & Answers

what did this cost new?
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It was a gift wanting to upgrade and as it was a gift wanting to know what price range it was as wanting to get somthin as same value

Does it mulch?
1 answer
No, it is purely a whipper-snipper.


Ryobi PBV30A 30cc 2 Stroke Petrol
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