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Ryobi 36V RPW3600

Ryobi 36V RPW3600

2.5 from 2 reviews

Great unit but has some flaws to be aware of

Searched high and low for the ultimate cordless and mains-tap-less portable pressure washer, and this unit wins hands down on pressure and flow rate.

Its very quiet and feels like it matches some smaller mains-power units for power. It does take a few seconds from pressing the trigger for max pressure to be reached however.

As mentioned in other reviews; the bladder is an absolute joke. They really cheaped out on its fittings and it is really unpleasant and cumbersome to use. My bladder fell off its support (you are supposed to raise it 50cm) and it split the first time I used it. My solution was to modify a large bucket with a standard hose connector fitting at the bottom and this works a treat. (EDIT: You do not seem to need to raise the water source 50cm as Ryobi suggest. Mine has been feeding perfectly from my bucket at ground level. I have also seen the guy demonstrating window washing on youtube, and he used the bladder on the floor.)

For my unit, the auto-off feature when you release the trigger does not work with 1 x 2.6Ah battery. This feature must be working in order for you not to damage the unit. It only works when I plug in both 2.6 Ah batteries. I returned my first unit because i thought it was faulty, but my replacement unit acts the same.

In order to get the pump working with no water pressure, eg from the bladder or a bucket or other still water source, you must switch the unit on, then off-and-on again to start the pump. Otherwise it just acts dead. I did not see this written in the instructions, and was another reason why i returned my first unit.

So with the above in mind, I really like this unit. I have no mains power source, as well as mains hose usage restrictions where I park my car, and this allows me to wash my car without compromise.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Bladder feed is lousy and cheaply made

I bought this almost exclusively to use with the bladder, however unfortunately the bladder system is poorly designed and cheaply made. The problems:

It has to be raised at least 0.5m above the pressure washer, which is a real hassle.

The outlet valve is very cheap and ineffective. When the lever is rotated, the WHOLE HOSE rotates with it. To start with, I was unaware that it was normal for the hose to move with the lever, and tried to hold the hose steady with one hand, as I applied force to the lever. This almost broke the lever - the plastic has gone white at the stress point.

Now, because the hose moves with the lever, if the bladder is hung in the air, the hose can tend to pull the valve closed! So, one has to try and arrange the washer & hose such that it doesn't apply any back force on the valve during operation. So, the bladder appears to be more suited to resting on something rather than being hung. This would greatly alleviate the problem where the valve tends to close, if the weight of the bladder is on the lever, holding it open.

Another little problem with the bladder is that the connection hose must be attached if the bladder is to be carried with water, because it is essentially inseparable from the valve. (certainly not easy to disconnect, anyway) The hose makes carrying the bladder slightly awkward - I would prefer to leave the hose connected to the washer unit.

Bladder issues aside, the unit itself seems to be well made. It is very quiet for this type of appliance, even in Boost mode. It is great that it's maximum pressure (in Boost mode) actually matches some mains powered domestic units.

I haven't had it for long. If I keep it, I may expand on this review after I have used it more.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Questions & Answers

What sort of runtime did you get on it? 30min? 1 hour? I couldnt find any information on this thanks
1 answer
Approx 15min per 5.0Ah capacity at standard pressure setting.


36V RPW3600
Price (RRP)349
Maximum Pressure1800
Hose Length7.6

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