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Ryobi 500W RLT5030

Ryobi 500W RLT5030

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A Ripper Whipper Snipper !

I have two small areas of lawn which are a difficult shape to mow so decided to invest in a line trimmer to do the job. I was attracted by the price of this product but thought maybe I would only get what I paid for BUT I was pleasantly surprised by the results. This trimmer is corded so you do not have the hassle of batteries or fuel to replenish each time.
It is reasonably robust and not too heavy on the arms and took care of my overgrown areas quite efficiently. Compared to petrol driven models it is a lot quieter and the settings are easy to adjust except for the metal guide which you must reposition when using as an edge trimmer. This is a really stupid and unnecessary design element on this machine but once you have mastered that little foible it is really easy to handle. It makes very crisp and sharp edges too which I liked a lot.
For first time users, relying on the manual to change or adjust the nylon on the spool will just about DO YOUR HEAD IN because as usual the directions are confusing and the accompanying pictures are so small you can't see them without a magnifying glass ! ( What's new there!) but if you go online you can easily find good videos on how to do this. (It comes with a full spool of line installed and ready to go so don't panic the first time ha ha!)
In spite of all this I was able to assemble this product without too much fuss but I still had to resort to looking at a picture of the assembled machine on the box to see if I got it right.
I am very satisfied with my purchase of this product and would definitely recommend it - a good product at a good price.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

use of

quite a good product, Only problem is that I have not been able to find a suitable harness to support the weight.
It becomes rather heavy to use but it is a useful tool . The replacement spools are easily fitted although are a little costly overall it is a good tool.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Trimmer Line Feedback ?

As replacement is for 1.5mm, can i use 3mm instead ? any suggestions ? will it hold well ?
as the power is enough for my garden, just wanted to have some suggestions on the trimmer line anyone have any feedback on this ? please advise thanks very much. Regards

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Terrible. At best a rort.

Ryobi have made this cheap to be attractive to buy but they make their money back 10 fold through replacement lines. I have a very small block and would go through a full cord in just one trimming. I bought a replacement set for nearly $20 which was again used extremely quickly. The next replacement set I bought did not quite fit in spite of clearly displaying the model I had bought. It seemed to go in ok and be the right size but the plastic moulding was not perfect. The result was that the entire line shredded itself in the space of two seconds.
I would estimate that in the space of a year I’d need several hundred dollars worth of their replacement line which seems to me is a cynical approach to sales. I couldn’t get cheaper generic line to work in it either. Maybe other Ryobi products are ok - I will never know because this is absolutely the last one I’ll purchase.
In the end I spent a lot more money on a Victa cordless trimmer which I have found to be exceptional.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Lots of grunt

Cuts well with a lot of power. I feel the line will wear out too quickly relative to the 18.8 V battery unit my daughter has. But, the replacements spools seem inexpensive enough ... however, I guess that depends where you buy them.
The mode where one edges is not as good as the trimming mode.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Line auto feeding like milking

It's powerful and cutting nicely. But few minutes will run out all roll of line. You had take time to clean up all short line rubbish in the grass. It's a milking machine I believed.

Questions & Answers

is there a harness to fit this model as it is rather heavy to use?
1 answer
Not that I am aware of.

As replacement is for 1.5mm, can i use 3mm instead ? any suggestions ? will it hold well ?
2 answers
I don't now, and would ask at Bunnings.I would avoid trying to use a different line. I was told that they 'should' work but when I tried it, I found it to be an expensive failed experiment.

auto line feeding - how do you load the line onto the spool?
1 answer
Click the spool out and buy a new spool (twinpack) from Bunnings.


500W RLT5030
Price (RRP)89
Power SourceElectric
Handle TypeLoop Handle

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