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Fantastic saw.

My 51cc Ryobi cuts 10-12 ton of large hardwood logs each year for firewood as well as general yard duties.
I use quality bar oil and semi synthetic 2 stroke oil. A tank of fuel will get through a fair bit of cutting and when it runs out I'm about due for a break anyway. My break consists of touching up the chain, usually only one or two file strokes, refilling the oil and fuel tanks, blowing out the air filter and giving the saw a good going over with compressed air. I have not had to adjust the chain since it's initial stretch when new. The only negative issue is a minor silly one. A screwdriver is needed to remove the air filter element, an over-center style catch would be better.
Should anything happen to my saw that required it's replacement then I would buy the same model again without hesitation. Top value for money.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Great saw!

Awesome saw, was using it to cut jarrah and whitegum and it used less fuel than my mates sthil, keep up the maintenance and it's a great saw. Chain break is great, and pull start is fantastic, starts second pull when not used in ages! Would recommend this saw to anyone - I've allready cut 10 loads of wood.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Great little saw!

I broke in this chainsaw clearing tracks in the high country so i could get through, big trunks! But it spends most of it's time doing garden work and stuff like that. Like everyone else i had mad issues with the chain tensioner, so i got creative fixed it up as follows; but before i explain let me say that it's really easy to start, i could stop and start it over and over with so much ease, one pull each time it loves it. Unfortunately i cooked the engine on a really thick green tree stump cluster, but that was due to user error, i pushed it way to hard and yeah cooked it haha. I shall probably be buying another one and treating it a little better haha.
But here's how i fixed the chain tensioner:
the long bolt with the crappy gear on it that doesn't engage well enough - i welded an 8mm headed bolt to the chainbar end of it (so the head is sticking out alongside the bar). To do that i had to drill a hole along the plastic for the bolt to poke through. Next to stop the long adjusting bolt just winding into the plastic on the adjuster pinion side as opposed to actually tensioning the chain enougj, just put a little bolt through the plastic, now the end of the new ajuster is up against this bolt so there's nothing left for it to do but crank up the chain. Now you just use a 1/4 ratchet and 8mm socket directly on the adjuster and wammo!

Date PurchasedMar 2015


Bought for 269 at Bunnings to clear trees on our block. This chainsaw has done a ton of hard work and hasnt missed a beat. Starts up very easily, revs smoothly and chews through trees up to a foot thick. Light enough to be carried easily and doesnt put to much strain on the arms. Basic maintenance kept up and no problems.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Not Happy

Bought this saw to replace one I've been using for close on 20 years. The problem is that despite frequent adjustment the chain will not hold its tension. In only around one and half to two hours cutting time I have had to replace two chains which derailed bending the drive links out of line so they won't fit in the grove on the bar. The problem is more than the usual stretching that you would expect with a new chain. There seems to be an excessive amount of oil inside the cover on the side of the saw and not a lot on the chain. The saw also refuses to start a while of stop,start use. No problem from cold. It cuts fine till the chain comes off.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Good little saw, terrible chain lubrication system

I purchased this saw as I installed a wood heater and needed to source my own wood, For the price you can not go wrong obviously it doesn't get through some wood like the brands 3 times the price, but it is a great weekender and for the occasional big cuts. The only downfall is the chain lubrication system is appalling. I've switched to a thinner chain oil and i still can't get it to flow freely. A friend of mine that purchased the saw is also having the same problem.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

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Questions & Answers

my new 51cc ryobi chainsaw smokes a lot have sharpened the chain still does it oil comming out. dosnt seem to get enough oil on chain when using it/
1 answer
Come on Bunnings, pick your act up !!!!!!

Is there any way to adjust the amount of oil comes on the chain on a ryobi rcs5145n?
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My understanding is that the Oil should be used at the same rate as the Fuel. If the Oil is being released at a slower rate, that is an inadequate rate, it is probably due to release being blocked by saw dust etc. Check also that the small silver plates are correctly placed, that is one on the inside of the chain arm and the other on the outside.Also If the Oil is being released too fast or too slow, the viscosity of the Oil being used may not be correct. I do not know of an adjustment control on the chain saw. Lester

How do I maintain the tension on my recently purchased RCS5145N chain saw? The saw has seen no more than three hours of use over three cutting periods. In that time in spite of frequent adjustment the chain continues to loosen. The chain has derailed twice and replacement required in both cases. Is this an oiling problem? Wood chips inside the drive cover are saturated with oil but there doesn't seem to be any oil on the chain. I have used another brand of chain saw for close on 29 years with out this problem. Thank you.
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Hi john is it possible that your not tightening both locking nuts enough? My chain did stretch quite a bit when i brought it but now that its worn in theres no more stretch than normal, the instructions have a semi decent guide to tensioning the chain.Thanks.Aaron. I've used a Husky for around 20 years cutting 10 to 12 metres of bush timber for firewood in seasons without this problem. I feel that if I tighten the nuts any further I'll risk stripping the threads. Guess I'll just have to get another chain and see what happens.John, I have also recently found this to be an issues "Wood chips inside the drive cover are saturated with oil but there doesn't seem to be any oil on the chain". I believe that your tension issues maybe related to the chain expanding is it is getting too hot due to a lack of oil. My saw has recently developed this problem and I will likely take it to for service due to a number of issues. Will let you know if I have anything further.


Ryobi RCS5145N
CategoryPetrol Chainsaws
Bar Length46 cm
Weight5.3 kg
Engine Displacement51 cc
Fuel Tank Capacity575 mL
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

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