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How does the mulched attachment fit in
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Lift the catcher flap, it slots in there, you'll see the holes on the Botton of the body, sort of goes in sideways then straighten it up to meet up with the holes body.

I've had my mower now for around 5 years give or take, it's the 190çc Subaru version. The spring has broken for the grass flap and I can't find a replacement that is the same and all the mower shops I've asked and our two Bunnings stores in town can't find a replacement. Does anyone know where I can get one?
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What Fuel does it use
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Hello. My mulcher aspect is playing up. A piece/strip of black plastic fell off... not sure from where. I believe it's some sort of deal for the mulcher. Ryobi/subaru lawn mower, any help? RLM4619SMB
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Had my mower for over a year. Now not starting. Any ideas?
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Yes, have a couple of suggestions, firstly change the spark plug, if this is not the problem check the fuel, drain it and renew as there may be water in it due to condensation. Also check oil, motors seize and compression rings burn without it, making it hard to start. Hope these suggestions help.replacing the spark plug worked with mine.

Hi i have bought new Ryabi ,ower with Yamaha engine. Grass is not going into catcher. How that can be solved any specific adjustments for that?.
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Check if you still have your muncher in

Bought the lawnmower a week ago, second time I am using it. The lever for pulling the mover forward does not work. Need to push the lawnmower . What is wrong?
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hi,its not self propelled. you have to push it.hope this answers your question

is it possible to use E10 (ethanol and unleaded mix petrol)?
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Hi guys i brought 2 weeks ago the 190cc self propelled with the yahmaha moter . this is powerful and good but 1 mega problem . the catcher only quarter fills and it clogs up even with dry grass. How do I fix this? Please help asap
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I purchased a ryobi subaru 175cc mower around 2 years ago, and i have arthritis so the question i ask is...is there anyway i can slow down the drive speed a little , as i have a job keeping up with the walking speed, any help i would be grateful of. Thanks, Geoff
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Geoff, as you may noticed movement of accelerator handle does that, well kind of - being 4 stroke it is not highly adjustable. That is it unfortunately. Running it without load is absolutely OK. Please change the oil though. Good luck. Stan.

My Ryobi Subaru 190ea mower starts and idles but after 5 minutes it revs up and down before stalls?? Fuel is clean. Oil is good? Spark plug maybe? Any help please?
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Hi Rory67 You have my sympathies! So annoying! If it is brand new I'd firstly try and get a free replacement sparkplug from Bunnings and try that. My problem was a little different however it was the spark plug that was faulty in my case. From the research I did, Subaru specifies a Torch brand sparkplug but the ones sold here come fitted with an NGK plug. I wonder if that is the cause of a lot of the problems you read about on this site? In the end I had to take my mower back because it was going through spark plugs like a hot knife goes through butter. I got a replacement mower but that ended up being faulty too - oil leaked badly from the bottom gasket on the engine block! After two strikes I gave up and got my money back and am thankful my Bunnings was great to deal with. It's a shame there are so many faulty ones because they are supposed to be commercial grade engines and when running correctly are absolutely magnificent. Now I have the problem of what to replace it with - check out the terrible reviews on the newer Briggs and Stratton engines. If you rule out Subaru and Briggs it sure does not leave much - Honda is way too much overkill for my small needs (and means). I hope my answer helps.My ryobi is 18 months old and after using once a week has now only issues. Idles for 5 mins then revs like I am playing with the throttle then dies. I have replaced the spark plug and the air filter with new ones and still the issue continues. I cannot find any website for a help desk for Subaru or ryobi. I am now using my 20yr old Briggs that I hadn’t fired up in28 months and she burst into lifeCheck the fuel tap is turned on

My fuel tap came off unexpectedly. Can I fix it or do I need to buy a replacement?
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Hi - it usually just bolts onto the fuel valve base with a single bolt which should be easy to put back on - I found a company called toolspares.com.au that sell Ryobi parts for this mower - the fuel base part number is 400-60 16757-Z020120-00 and the fuel valve part number is 400-62 16752-Z020110-00 Regards AFK

What oil do I use in it? 2 or 4 stroke
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This is a 4 stroke mower so for general all temperature use you should use 10w-30SAE 4 stroke engine oil - not recommended to use non detergent 2 stroke oil as it could / would damage the engine.

I have a190cc ryobi mower it’s about 5 years old it’s started blowing a lot of blue smoke under load and oil is coming out though the carburettor do you know what might be causing this?
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Most likely cause is worn piston rings. Although these engines can be rebuilt, the cost must be weighed up against the purchase of a new mower.I did end up buying a new one thanks for the feedback

Hi there I have a Ryobi Subaru lawn mower RLM419SM6, the engine keeps on back firing and loses all power shutting down, try to restart and back firing again. Fuel is 98 unleaded. How do I fix this please?
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First thing, change the spark plug. I had the same issue. If it does not fix the problem, you may need to check your valve clearances, the intake valve may be open slightly. To do this, follow the instructions in the service manual here: http://www.subarupower.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/subaru-engines-ea190v-service.pdf

I just put valvoline power armour 4stroke SAE30 oil in the ryobi 190cc lawn mower and once I started the mower smoke started coming out of the motor. I restarted a few times and smoke still came out, then the motor went boom. This oil was recommended by a Bunnings worker. What could be wrong?
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Do not start engine. Put the Mower back into its box and return it to where you brought it. The mower is not working if its blowing smoke.manual specs say 10w-30 api sw weight oil, the amount for this mower is 600ml.. boom= take it back to Bunnings.Did you only put in 600 ml of oil in If you put the full 1 litre bottle in you would of overfilled the crankcase by over 400 ml

3 month out of warranty my lawn mower has sprung a massive oil leak , has not missed a beat till now . Oil seems to be leaking from bottom bearing. Is this repairable ? Thanks Jem
1 answer
yes, there is a oil seal down in crankcase cover PN: 90682-Z020110-00 OIL SEAL 27×42×7 or crankcase 90682-Z020210-00 OIL SEAL 25×35×7 , since you said bottoms leaking one would imagine it's the crankcase cover seal gone bad or the bearing causing crankshaft wobble and destroyed the seal.. look for RML4619SMEB.pdf parts illustration on google

Hi can i put valvoline 10w-30 erngine armour oil in my new 190 ryobi subaru mower?
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manual specs say 10w-30 api sj weight oil, the amount for this mower is 600ml mine is near 2years old and i'm tempted to try penrite 10w-30 mc 4st motorcross "4stroke" as it matches and exceeds api-sj, might be overkill though..

I have a ryobi 190cc and im having trouble getting it to kick over properly. It has clean fuel, oil, ive checked and cleaned the filter, the gas flow is switched and the spark plug is clean. Each time i pull the cable it makes a 'pif pif poff' noise like it wants to start but just wont. I used it last week and i found my yard to be a bit more dusty then usual, i cleant it down after using the mower.. could that be adding to the mower being hard to start?
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How did you clean it down?? If you hosed it, especially around the pull start area where it intakes air for engine cooling, water can sometimes get in to the magnet and coil pick up for the spark plug. This can leave them with surface rust on their faces which won't stop the spark but will weaken it substantially. I'm not very familiar with the Subaru engine, mostly have had Victa or Briggs, but they're all pretty similar. Just follow the plug lead back to the coil pack, you may need to remove some plastic covers for access, and check the magnet face that's part of the rotating fan and coil face it spins past. Clean faces with fine sand paper. REMOVE ALL THE SANDING DUST. Leaving the mower in the rain leads to the same fault.

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