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Ryobi RLT5030SG

Ryobi RLT5030SG

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Just about given up on this piece of rubbish...

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

What a debacle


The auto feed is a joke, just keeps spitting out line regardless if needed or not. Then it jammed up and, I kid you not, went up in flames!! Which is just great given it was still plugged in. Safe to say I’m sticking with my trusty Stihl 2-stroke from now on. Horrendous

Date PurchasedDec 2015

An excellent product- recommended for those smart enough to use a power tool


Had this 4 yrs now, the best whipper snipper i've owned in 30 yrs. Powerful enough to run 2.omm line, the feed doesnt always work but NONE of them really do. Its not much effort to press the tab and pull more out. You must understand this has a power lead that you DONT go over and chew up- or the cores will be exposed. But this thing works great, does a fantastic job, beautiful clean edges with the guide wheel really fast. I dont understand the bad reviews others have given, I think they are holding it by the wrong end..............

Date PurchasedJan 2014


Useles and dangerous , do not wast your money


Like many others having major problems understanding the instructions. Have problems both loading and using it, major problem with loading and use. Spend too much time mucking around. Brought at Bunnings. Hard to load and respool also feels dangerous as pieces of line fly all over the place. Just a complete failure.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Very dangerous. Could have lost an eye.


I bought this at Bunnings and it worked OK the first time. The trouble began when I had to change the line. I tried all different sizes but it just keep feeding the line too quickly. When I used it to edge the lawn, it would shoot back pieces of line into me. I ended up with several cuts on my arms and legs and was lucky I was wearing safety glasses as one shot into my face. The product should be recalled as it is very dangerous. I wont be using it again.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Paul A
Paul A

The people at RYOBI have been fantastic at responding to this. They are investigating further. Cant fault their customer service. Has been spot on.

0 Star Rating - Absolutely Useless


The first time I used it I had to re-spool and re-feed 5 times in 5 minutes. It goes for about 10 seconds before needing to be bumped to feed out more line. It does cut well and it is easy to handle, but it's incredibly frustrating to use and I will not be using it again.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Complete garbage


Started smoking on the second time I used it and the auto spool doesn't work at all, keeps feeding out line to the point where I can't even use it for 1 min without all the line spooling out and tangling up. Don't buy This product it's not worth the time.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Easy to use and Great to handle


I think it run really smooth, I guess every one talking abt how quickly the line last and they have to refill. I just have to say stop playing with the switch, the more you hold the switch the less line it will use. Because when you turn the switch on / off it push the line and you use more line. The built quality is good and Ryobi products last longer then other brand.

Date PurchasedApr 2015


So many negative reviews from clueless people


$89 brand new from Bunnings. As others have stated, the 1.5mm stock line doesn't last long. Lots of people here buying new spool cartridges ($12.95) to replace the original when out of line, totally unnecessary. I purchased 2mm lawnkeeper trimmer line and respooled it on the original part myself - I have zero issues whatsoever. The spool has cut-outs for holding the line once fed, making reinstalling the spool a breeze. The feeder works perfectly too. I've been using this once a fortnight for the past 6 months to do 100~ meters of edging without ever having an issue.
If you've got half a clue and understand how simple moving parts work, you'll get great use and value out of this trimmer.

Date PurchasedNov 2016


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Absolute Rubbish - Ryobi should be embarrassed


The cost of replacement line cartridges is too expensive and do not last more than 10 minutes. Now it has decided to feed the line out by itself - therefore now totally useless. This trimmer has only been used on a very small block less than 10 times over the last two years. Ryobi should be embarrassed to produce such a terrible product that is obviously designed to maximise on-going revenue from replacement line cartridges. Will never buy another Ryobi product. Absolute waste of money. Actually less than terrible!!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2015



Riyobi needs to review this Product and money making marketing approach!


I have been a loyal Riyobi customer, but this product is the worst value for money of any product I have purchased! So much so, that I have been hesitant to buy another one of their product for the last year!
The trimmer itself is competitively priced but Riyobi makes so much money on the lines that one would need to question the ethics! I need two sets of lines to do my lawns properly, which means about $25 each time - and I only have about 100 square meters to do! This is ridiculously wasteful and obscene,
Riyobi needs to be ashamed for putting out a product that is doing its brand image so much of damage!

Date PurchasedJan 2016



Worst trimmer I have ever used


The line gets chewed up very easily. I am constantly being hit in the legs with flying stones and dirt. The replacement spools are ridiclously expensive. Tried to re-string it with another line but didn't work. I wish I had read these reviews before I bought it. Was a waste of money.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Ness R

Ness RHervey Bay

Very Disappointing


The line trimmer itself is probably not a bad product however the cord cartridges that go with it are useless. At $17.40 for a pack of 2 at Bunnings which lasted me all of 10 minutes 5 minutes of which i spent trying to rethread the cord. It would work out cheaper for me to pay someone to do my lawns for me at that rate. All the problems that previous people have mentioned, i have had also. I thought Ryobi was a good brand .... apparently not.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Replacement spools very expensive and not good value


Cuts ok but goes through a lot of line. Replacement spools expensive and had to do a lot of hunting around to find. Replacing them in the machine is not an easy task as the line comes off the spool easily when trying to replace and there is a lot of wastage trying to rewind which is extremely frustrating. In one replacement spool the line had stuck together rendering the spool useless. Replacement spools are only1.5 metres long. Not happy with the replacement parts and effectively have bought a line trimmer which is relatively useless.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Never use again


The line feeder is abominal, it chews up line like a hungry beast. the cost of replacing line outweighs the original purchase.. I wont be using this again and will steer clear of any other Ryobi products. Back to using my old Stihl petro whipper snipper, it is not perfect but it does the job.

Date PurchasedDec 2016


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Line feeder disaster


It just continuously feed out lines. I am burning lines like no tomorrow. Brought a new line spool and cap, hoping that it will fix it, but appears to be a design issue.

Also tried cleaning it, but doesnt appear to be helping.

I would avoid, unless you want to keep rewinding spool the whole time!

Date PurchasedJan 2015



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Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Actually this model has NOT been discontinued. As at Sunday morning 6 Novemeber 2016 you can still buy it at Bunnings for $89. If you want to throw your money away and have hours of frustration, that is.

The absolute worse - no more Ryobi


Agree with previous comments - 20 minute job turns into 1hr and 20 and the cost of constantly buying more spools goes far beyond the original cost of the tool. I emailed Ryobi and received no response. Poor product, poor customer support, poor reflection on the Company so therefore no further investment into their products. The God news is the battery is no longer holding a decent charge so I now I have another reason to replace the tool this weekend.



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Bad product leaves a bad name for RYOBI


Thank GOD it's been discontinued so others won't have to experience the same nightmare as I do. The supposedly 'automatic' line feeder gets jammed most of the time, which then require attention every 5-10 minutes. So a 30 minutes job became 1 hr 20 mins job. NO more Ryobi in my shed! EVER!



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Not user friendly spool


At first I loved my new whipper snipper but when I had to replace the spool and line, I have to stop once every minute so I can fix the line up and it takes about 1hr to do our yard when it should take 30 mins or less. I have to buy new spools/line before I whipper snip each time and now Bunnings doesn't even have any im stock. Not recommended at all.

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I bought a RLT 5030 at Bunnings last year...what a piece of rubbish those Chinese made spools are . After every 1/2 meter of trimming a line snaps off and one can't find the beginning any more. It is like the plastic is melted together, and one has to throw it away. Is that made on purpose so you can sell more spools???
What a load of rubbish! I don't think I will ever buy an other Ryobi product again.

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Pd off

Pd offasked

Like many others, my RLTrimmer is a pain in the neck... but possibly the cause is trimmer line caught around the drive shaft between the motor and the spool feed. How to get that stuff out??? I've removed all the screws I can see to try to separate the two halves of the plastic head cover so I can access the spindle to remove the line, , but no matter what I do, I CANNOT separate the covers. Which peeves me, because I can see line caught around the spindle but can't remove it. Any ideas? Is there a "secret" screw hiding somewhere?

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Pd off
Pd off

... or is there a way of removing the holder that holds the trimmer line so I can get at the spindle?




Is there a fix for this item, I like others are totally frustrated by the constant unravelling of the line.
I got my RYOBI as a present and have barely used it due to the frustration.

Surely you have resolved the issue.


M 0439 140 044

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Hi Damien. Yes I have resolved the issue. I've stopped using it. It's sitting in the back of my shed where I can look at it with disgust. As I said in my post I've gone back to my old battery black and decker. Sure the battery needs to be recharged half way through the work, but hey it's better then being seriously p***ed off with the Ryobi.


Like Derek I stopped using the Ryobi. I bought a cheaper Black and Decker mains power unit, which while not perfect and with not as much power, is much better. The issue is with the trimmer line - Firstly, don't use the Ryobi blue "lumpy" line, which seizes up and jams very quickly. Secondly, do be careful how you wind the line onto an empty reel (or rewind it) - lay it on evenly with each circuit next to the previous one and no "gaps" that the line can get jammed into. I would also make sure that the line feed mechanism is operating smoothly - do lubricate it regularly and do keep it clean.

John Waaka
John Waaka

Yes there is a spool you can purchase where you feed much tougher cord and has already cut spares if they break you just feed it in till it clicks .My problem is it keeps cutting out after 8 seconds can anyone out there help me so frustrating as i love my ryobi gear.

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