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Ryobi RMT1801

Ryobi RMT1801

2.9 from 12 reviews

Does not last

Have had this from 2014 which you would think 5 years is good but when I have only used it about 30 times all up for minor bits and pieces areound the home it’s a waste of money. I have relatively new batteries (2017) it works for a few seconds and then flashes and turns off.

I also got a ryobi sander and that’s only been used about a dozen times and it no longer works.

Purchased in February 2014 for $149.00.

ryobi r18mt

18 volt multi tool is great i do a lot of work on motorhomes and boats BIG BOATS, with the adjustable head i haven't found a angle i can't get into, it was $149.99 from bunnings. The only gripe is the guy at bunnings said it came with 6 cutters, NO 2 cutters and 4 bits of sand paper.
But as its my 3rd multi tool (others were bosch) the tools fit.

If you have other batteries from ryobi you're winning.

I have ryobi drills x3 jig saw, rattle gun, screw driver and the air pump. Great stuff the only down side to Ryobi i can see is the BATTERY CHARGERS, i have killed 4 of them.

Date PurchasedFeb 2019

worth for the price

Nice power for the cordless hand tool, easy to cuting though the light steel rod and thin timers, but the power not enough to doing some heavy duties such as cutting a nail.
Detailed sanding work brilliant.
Battery has good life to running it, I got two 5.0A and never running flat before i feel tied.
Great for DIY use but not recommonded for commercial.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Brilliant, just what I wanted

Only had this a short time but it's terrific. Wasn't sure if 12v cordless would have enough grunt and Bunnings said if unsure get 18v coz you can't return it once used. But it is just right for the jobs around my boat. And my boat has a 12v system, so all good.
Quiet, attachments lock in securely.
Battery lasts about 30 min continuous but it recharges very quickly. Gotta be realistic, if you're trying to run a 12v cordless continuously for hours, you've got the wrong tool. But it is great for those little jobs.
Only criticism ? The wood /metal, attachment cuts wood poorly. Really need a dedicated wood blade like the supplied disc which cuts through 10mm plywood easily.
I registered online and got a 6 year warranty. Remember to photograph the receipt. In 6 years that be long gone.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

First one didn't work

Bought it from Bunnings Burleigh. Didn't work, wouldn't charge. Tried to exchange it at local Bunnings, but being a smaller store, they didn't stock that model. Had to drive all the way back to Burleigh, but they replaced it, no problem. Tested it to make sure it works, but haven't used it on a real project yet. Instructions are poor, but thankfully it is relatively simple.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Lemon of the year - Save your money, buy an electric multi tool or use the vibrate function on your

Re-grouting my bathroom, did the 1st bathroom by hand took me a very long time. Started the 2nd bathroom, and after a day of solid work with nothing to show, did some research and ended up buying the Ryobi Multitool.

What an absolute waste of money. Wish i had of bought an electric one.

Battery lasts for about 30 to 40 minutes max, the head gets incredibly hot so you have to hold it at the base. The magnetic latch that secures the tool bit to the head comes loose when the tool is being used, and for me this meant that my tiles have lots of nice scratch marks.

This is no joke, you better off buying an old mobile phone, setting it to vibrate, and call it non stop and it will probably do a better job than this.

I have bought some shonky products over the years (Baccarat non stick cookware used to be my worst lemon purchase) but this one takes the cake.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very useful tool

I've given this tool a thrashing over last few years. 4Ah battery lasts for hours.

However, I've just discovered today that the head can be used in any of 4 positions with trigger up or left or right. But last week, I realised that the motor bearing/s had worn out due to the motor squealing and vibrating. It's had a lot of sanding dust through it. Taking it apart, and unsoldering the motor showed the rear bearing had a hole about twice shaft diameter. I took off the rear of the motor and removed the bronze bearing and chucked it. Looking through my ballrace supply, I found some with a 12mm OD. Just perfect for the motor. The ID was 6mm, so I had to machine a bush to fit the shaft and ballrace. Loctiting these together, I reinstalled the back end of the motor. I used epoxy to hold the metal end plate containing the ballrace as the tiny tangs that used to hold it in place were removed to take it apart. All back together now and working well! It had another thrashing today! I have also had the head apart to inspect the internal workings and found the grease had all been pushed aside and not doing anything anymore. So I replaced the grease with a grease/oil mix but this gets pumped out, bit by bit, through the main drive bearing which only has ZZ closures. I've now ordered a 2RS ballrace which should stop the head losing lube. I've also ordered a spare motor, which I will rework to have ballraces at both ends of the rotor shaft.

With after market tools available (mostly through Aliexpress) my multi tool will hopefully work for many years after fixing its design drawbacks.

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Enjoy it for the short time it works

After about 6 months mine just plain died. Yes, I tried different batteries and such. A week later, a person I work with had his go dead too. They also made the tool extremely difficult to take apart and try to find the problem. Even when it worked you couldn't apply any pressure on it while cutting.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Total rubbish!

There seems to be some good review for this multi tool, but I found it to be utter garbage!

After the tool struggled to cut through chip board, I went and got the Bosh 240V multi tool, which cut through the material like butter!

The Ryobi vibrates a lot more, and is grossly underpowered!

Save your money and time and consider getting a better machine.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Good overall

Have had mine for over a year and it gets regular handyman use, mainly as a sander using the sanding pad it came with. Can't fault it. Will run well on even the low Ah batteries. The large capacity batteries last over 45 minutes. It takes a variety of other generic tool attachments for speciality jobs and I found a few of the various shaped toothed plunge saws and corundum impregnated grout removal tools superior to the attachments it came with.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Lack of Attachments

The Ryobi multitool l purchased had 3 attachments. A wood/ metal/ plastic blade, a sander and wood 1/2 round blade. I then had to purchase the blades I required for removing grout. The machine worked well. It should come more attachments. I also have problems trying to register the multitool.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Pretty good, if cordless is a must.

This Ryobi multitool is part of the One+ cordless range and is a pretty good product.

In the box, you get a cutting blade, a grout-removing blade, and a sanding head along with a selection of sandpapers. The selection feels a bit limited, but other brand blades will fit onto this tool, so you can go out and buy whatever blades you need.

Ergonomically, it is a little heavy to hold in for any length of time whilst holding in that power button, and the battery can get in the way at times. Perhaps they should have designed the battery to latch on in a more horizontal position?

Under the power button is a safety latch, which is very difficult to operate. Actually, it feels like a design flaw. The tool only works when the latch is in the centered position. However, this is easier said than done as the latch will lock the power button when sitting either left or right of centre and it's very tricky to get it to stay in the middle.

When performing cutting jobs, this tool feels a little bit under-powered, as it doesn't seem to have the same cutting power as corded multi-tools. However, for smaller jobs and particularly for sanding it is certainly up to the task.

All things considered, this a handy tool to have and feels worth the money. However you might want to consider something more powerful if you are after a true "multi-tool" experience,
Convenient, smooth operation.
Annoying safety switch, bulky battery, very small selection of blades included.

Questions & Answers

Hi after about 2 minutes of cutting timber or taking out grout , the tool heats up and stops . Then when it starts again it stops after 20 seconds . Is this normal? Thanks
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I've never had that problem. Sounds like a defective tool. Mine runs as long as my hands can handle the heat that the tool generates.Sounds like you have a faulty product. I have not experienced that problemSounds like its tripped a thermal cut-out designed to stop it burning out completely.