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Sabco Lightning Mop SAB3002

Sabco Lightning Mop SAB3002

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Sponge Replacements Rubbish

After trying to fit the Sabco sponge refills (unsuccessfully) I've decided NEVER to buy anything made by Sabco. So far wasted more than $40. I now find it cheaper to hire a Cleaner.

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Hi Trishg - Sorry to hear about your frustration with the Lightning Mop. We would be happy to send you a pack of refills with our compliments and talk you through the changeover if this helps.... feel free to contact our customer service team on 1300 066 522 and we would be happy to assist. Thanks - Sabco

Sabco Lightning Mop.. Poor quality rusty Prouct

Sabco Lightning Mop had a big brand name but has no value for money at all. Do not waste your money.
The design is faulty and your money will be heading to the drain in less than 6 months.
I bought mine in 2017
The long handle is made of poor pained metallic that will be rusted in less than 6 months, it will be broken from its base. You cannot fix it or repair it at all. It is USELESS.
Simply the long handle react with the water very badly and the poor quality metallic handle will be rusty and broken and fall off its hard plastic base. End of the story and your money.
Sabco Lightning Mop has a very Poor Product quality
How Sabco should fix it. Change the metallic handle to a wooden handle and design a longer nick to the base that does not hold the water

HI Saffy - Thanks for taking the time to comment. The handle on our Lightning Sponge Mop is made of quality powder coated steel, which (provided it is not left contently soaking in a bucket of water) is well fit for purpose. We have strict specifications on the grade of steel that is used and have not received any complaints from our customers of this handle rusting and breaking. Once again, thank you for taking the time to comment - we value input from our customers. SabcoHi Unfortunately the Sabco Lightning Mop gets rusty and has no value after 6 months with virtually less than a weekly/fortnight usage. Sabco may need to add in the restricted usage how many minutes we should use the unit with the water and if we permitted to use any cleaning agent. The unit main purpose is to use in in the water and suppose to be for Long job not for a few seconds and then we keep it in the main room for a view. I'm happy if Sabco refund me the full costsHi Saffy - As mentioned, we have not received complaints of this nature with the Lightning Mop before. Are you able to send pictures of your mop to us at asksabco@sabco.com.au and reference this ProductReview.com.au conversation? We would like to understand what has happened to your mop and work out how to make this right for you. Many thanks - Sabco

Absolute rubbish.

I agree completely with the reviews on here about the mop refill. I have used sabco mops for over 30 yrs and I used to get a year or more out of the sponge. But now it looks like these sponges have become disposable after 1 or 2 weeks . They should have a use by date on them of 2 weeks after first using them. They are expensive to be buying them every 2 weeks or so. My sponge on the mop will disentegrate after 2 or 3 uses leaving yellow bits of sponge all over the floor. Its disgusting. Back in the day if you bought a faulty product complained to the manufacturer they would send you out a new one plus extras. It looks like sabco owes a lot of people new and better replacements if this was still the case. Making things cheaper and nastier sabco ,will end up with you loosing sales bigtime in this case.

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Hi there, Thank you for this feedback. This is definitely not the experience we would like our customers to have and I have passed this on to our team. To address some of your concerns, this product comes with one year replacement warranty and you are entitled to replace the faulty products at the place of purchase. However, If you would like to be contacted about this issue please email promotions@sabco.com.au with your name and contact number and our team will arrange a call back for you. Warm Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco. Australia

The sponges fall apart after around only 6 uses

I have used Sabco sponge mops for decades. In the last 3 years or so, the sponges are of very poor quality. They degrade after a few uses and seem to "rot" and fall apart, leaving bits all over the floor and then no "mopping" ability ie won't hold water. I always rinse them out thoroughly after use and air dry them. I use small amount of standard detergent in the water. Basically used them exactly the same way I have for decades. Sponges used to last over a year, now lucky to last a couple of months. I will throw out my 3 Sabco mop handles and try some other method. The sponges used to be very good but are now simply expensive for very poor quality ($13 for 2).

The sponge is expensive, short lasting rubbish.

The mop principle function is fine but the sponges are shoddy, short lived and ridiculously expensive. Maybe someone out there can fill the breach?

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I too am feed up with the Sponges only lasting a month or less. I only use warm water and no cleaners . But when I read one of your responses I became aware why they don't last. 'Hi Jewel - Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Sabco Lightning Mop. Sabco Lightning Mop Refill is made from highest quality 100% cellulose, .... Sponge mop refills are moist when packaged at the factory, but can dry out if the stock is old or has a rip in the packaging. Unfortunately, once this happens, the sponge will disintegrate.... Sabco posted on Dec 07, 2017' I realise this is why they fail, they are made of cellulose. This is a product that is not lasting Are we expected to keep them in a sealed container with water so they do not dry out? Do you Sell (or maybe you should sell) a small device that can be clip over your mop and save the Cellulose Sponge?
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Hi Allan - Thanks for contacting us. We would like to clarify that the cellulose actually can dry out between uses - it will rehydrate once the mop is wet again, apologies for the confusion on this. We are working very hard with our factory to get to the bottom of the problems that our customers are having with these sponges and are also conducting many tests internally with our QC team. If you email us at customerservice@sabco.com.au or contact us on 1800 066 522 we would be happy to send you some replacement sponges. Thanks - SabcoUnfortunately Sabco Lightning Mop Sponges will disintegrate if you do not use them and becomes dry. Sabco needs to understand Australia in general has a hot weather and we have to use their own product with other cleaning products to clean a Dirty floor , this is the main purpose of Sabco Product. They need to define what they mean by [ made from highest quality 100% cellulose] if it the Sponges fails badly in a month time and the handle gets rusty, I get the same response as mine completely got rusty and disintegrated from the base with the handle.. The Unit has No Value for money at all. What is more interested and unfortunately they refused to refund me with one single cent. My advise is "Do not buy this Product and save your money.


Sabco Lightning Mop SAB3002
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