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Rubbish sponge mop

Sponge has no grip i.e. just slides over floors without any ability to rub surface clean. After one use just disintegrates during the next use. I have fallen into the expensive trap of buying these refill sponge mops thinking I may have had a dud batch.... but they are all useless. I will be returning several of them to the retailer.

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Hi Pat, Thank you for taking the time to write your feedback here. We are very sorry for any inconvenience regarding this issue. Sabco Lightning Mop Refill is made from highest quality 100% cellulose, which is the premium material for sponge mops … picks up more dirt & water, leaves fewer streaks. If dried out too quickly (e.g. by leaving the mop outside exposed to wind, sunlight etc.) it may contract too quickly and cause damage to the cellulose. We would be happy to look into this further for you. If you would like, please contact us at promotions@sabco.com.au so we can get in touch with you. Kind Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco. Australia

Not happy with my Sabco product!

Am absolutely over shoddy Sabco floor mop sponge...used to be good but sponges do not last and the sponge pulls out of the mounting holes when sponge dries and curls up and hard to get back in...This is the green model ... had big problems with the model previous... No more Sabco mops for me!!.

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Hi Annie, We are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. This is definitely not the experience we would like our customers to have at all. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the issues you had with your Lightening Mop. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at promotions@sabco.com.au Best Wishes, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco. Australia

The sponges fall apart after around only 6 uses

I have used Sabco sponge mops for decades. In the last 3 years or so, the sponges are of very poor quality. They degrade after a few uses and seem to "rot" and fall apart, leaving bits all over the floor and then no "mopping" ability ie won't hold water. I always rinse them out thoroughly after use and air dry them. I use small amount of standard detergent in the water. Basically used them exactly the same way I have for decades. Sponges used to last over a year, now lucky to last a couple of months. I will throw out my 3 Sabco mop handles and try some other method. The sponges used to be very good but are now simply expensive for very poor quality ($13 for 2).

The sponge is expensive, short lasting rubbish.

The mop principle function is fine but the sponges are shoddy, short lived and ridiculously expensive. Maybe someone out there can fill the breach?

Very annoying, not happy!

Sponge pulls out off the mounting holes when sponge dries and curlers up. I am sure I am not the only person with this problem.


This mop is dreadful. I struggled to get the sponge off the mop to take the packaging off. Now, every time I wring it, the sponge falls off, often into the bucket of hot, soapy water. Te sponge does not wring out well even if I hold it on myself during and after wringing, so my floors end up very wet, and so I end up with streaky, nasty looking floors. Terrible product.
Sponge falls off, packaging frustrating, screw pins very difficult to use, sponge stays too wet, leaves floor covered in a lake

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The same thing happened to me, I had 2 refill sponges in my cupboard and just recently attached the first refill to my mop, I used the mop twice and the foam fell off the fitting, as it was still so new I tried attaching the sponge to the mop with thick rubber bands but of course these broke within minutes. Now onto the second sponge .....not sure how much I paid for refills but as well as the Sabco mop being useless so are the Sabco refill sponges....quality control people are definitiely not doing their job. Will be investing in a new mop soon definitely not SABCO.

Sabco Lightning Mop

your mop is junk it marks and takes paint off around the lower of cubords and around the outer of the bath as you get near them or try to get under the foot area it is far to high (thick) i got that mad i went outside and smashed it on the ground i cant belive anyone would put a thing like this on the shelf for sale
not much

Save your time & money!

Complete rip off buy. Fell apart in no time. Expected better from an Australian company! It appears the A in Sabco should stand for abroad as that's the main influence for product it appears. Shame! Not the only time I've tried their products and felt disappointed. Had enough. I'll stick to Oates brand.

Waste of time & money no quality at all.

Sponge less

Hopeless, after only a few uses, the sponge falls of as the screws went straight through the flimsy bits of plastic that are supposed to hold them. Mop is therefore useless and we have to buy another. Also can't find receipt however, retailer would possibly refund to maintain their reputation
Can't use it anymore

Staggeringly poor design - do not purchase!

This mop is made to an incredibly poor design - the sponge is held in place by tiny, flimsy wafers of plastic. These broke off after only a few uses, and the mop is now unusable.

I cannot understand how Sabco could release such a shoddy product onto the market. Clearly their quality control department was not on the ball at all.

Incredibly poor design!!!

Not the best.

It was really hard to undo the bolts to remopve the plastic wrap packaging. I had to use pointy nose pliars to remove the back 2. I used it on tiles and lino. After you squeeze the mop out it still drips because of the white scrubing pad on the front. It does not soak up the water from the floor very well so it takes a long time for the floors to dry. I would not buy this mop again.


My last mop was a Sabco and I was quite happy with it and as it needed replacing I bought a Sabco Lighting Mop.....I had trouble from the start, I couldn't remove the screws (nuts) to remove the plastic wrapping. I did manage to undo the front two screws but the back two screws had no space to get your fingers around the screw. I contacted Sabco and was told to use pliers or rubber gloves (I can't get fingers around the nut let alone with rubber gloves on) and I don't have pliers...I will borrow some though and give it a try but really don't feel I should have to do this everytime I have to put a new sponge on the mop. Unfortunately I don't have my receipt otherwise I would take it back. I was also told by Sabco "due to similar feedback about the screws being too tight to undo, we have changed the design slightly". I feel if they have had previous complaints they should have recalled the product till they sorted out the design.... it is bad luck for me though as I got the dud design and am out of pocket $18.00. I have tiles in the bathroom and timber floors throughout the house, I also felt the mop was too bulky as it wouldn't go under the vanity or low furniture, it needs to be flatter like their older models and maybe swivel like some other mops I have seen.

Bad design, too bulky,

bought this mop about an hour ago and im already set to chuck it on the junk heap. Everytime I try to wring it out the mop head just pops out despite repeated attempts to reattach it, same thing over and over, i have to push the foam section inwards by hand before wringing it out by the handle, and even then it still pops out.... hello dirty floor looks like you are here to stay. Would not buy again and even though I have the receipt I really do not feel like heading back out to the hardware store to try a different brand.SABCO .......I would like to know why some people receive an answer to their comment and other people don't?? I know if it was my business I would be very interested in hearing complaints as well as compliments .....hearing complaints you can look at making the product better.

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Questions & Answers

Why are the mop heads so much more expensive in New Zealand than Australia? In Bunnings in both countries Australia for a 2 pack is $9.90A and NZ is $10 each for 1. Even accounting for the exchange rate that is a big difference, and because of that I will not be buying replacement sponges and changing sponge brands!!
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Hi spandex - Thanks for reaching out with your concern, hopefully we can clarify this for you. The Sabco Lightning Xtra Wide is ranged in Bunnings NZ. This is the same mop ranged in Bunnings AU and is wider than our regular Lightning Mop, which is ranged at other AU retailers. The refill for the larger Bunnings mop is only available in a single pack and retails for $12.99 in Australia and $11.98 in NZ. The Twin pack refill only fits the smaller Lightning mop. This sells in various AU retailers. It retails for $13.50 in both Woolworths and Big W. Perhaps you have spotted this on promotion, but I can assure you it is not the regular price. Hopefully this helps. Thanks - SabcoThank you.

I have just bought a Sabco Lightning mop, and used it for the first time. It left huge water marks over the floor. I’ve had to go over it again spraying plain water and using a micro fibre cloth. Believe me it’s no small task as I have a lot of tiled area. What do you suggest?
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Its a horrible product does not suck up water, its a cheap nasty chinese sponge

So Sabco official. 100% cellulose eh ??? Well you are sticking by your argument. Whats your next marketing genius ? Perforated condoms ?
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Yes. 100% . The unit get rusty and broken . The chemical from the rust leaves a very nasty mark on the path room. The Unit supposed to be designed to used with water plus add any cleaner. It does not as the handle is metallic and react with the water and rusted and got broken from the base. You end up with useless unit. I do not not use any add-on cleaner/chemical, Just water. We are not suppose to buy a new one every 6 month.


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