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Sabco Super Swish Mop With Microfingers

Sabco Super Swish Mop With Microfingers

SAB36025 and SAB36026
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great idea, poor quality

My wife came home with this a few months back. We used it quite a bit, very useful. After a few weeks the clip broke, and was unable to hold onto the cleaning heads. Be a great product if the clip was stronger, or there was a valcro style attachment.
Shame, it was a great product while it lasted.

Hi allans156, Thank you for your comments, I am not sure of the clip you speak of however we take pride in our products performance. We would encourage you to take up the warranty offer if you are less than satisfied. Kind Regards SabcoThe clip is on the top. Do you want me to send a photo? Maybe this is the issue, you guys don't really know your product that well. Don't care about warranty, just wanted a solid product.Hi allans156, A photo would be greatly appreciated, as the SAB36026 Superswish Mop with Microfingers is a single piece mop head with velcro attachment only and does not feature a clip. We do carry the Superswish Xtra and Superswish Total XL, both of which have a clip in the centre of the mop heads to allow the head to split, so the cleaning pad can be fitted using the pocket system. If this is correct, we would greatly appreciate any further information you could provide us with so our Product Development team can look into the fault and correct it asap, particularly where the mop was purchased from? Thanks - Sabco

Terrible, sweep head

I live in a small retirement unit so thought a Sabco super sweep would be perfect, a micro fibre head to attract dust, fluff dirt and. Themother for mopping. The micro fibre head does not attract for sweeping so does not perform the task for which it was designed, a dustpan and broom is still required. The mop head is fine.

Sprayer seized up

After used about twice a week for just under one year the the sprayer seized up.
I am not the only one with this problem!!
Ferry disappointing, as long as the thing works it is great.

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Hi Herman, Your feedback refers to the Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop (SAB31074). We're sorry you've had this experience. Sometimes when the SuperSwish Spray Mop has not been used for an extended period of time the sprayer can dry up or become clogged with residue. Often a simple solution to this is to remove the bottle and pour warm water directly into the cavity. Then, spray a few times and see if water sprays out. If the issue is fixed simply re-insert the bottle and continue use, and If not replace the faulty mop at the place of purchase as Sabco SuperSwish Spray Mop comes with two years replacement warranty. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact us at promotions@sabco.com.au Kind Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.Australia

Trouble with the handle,not working properly

It does the job but had difficulty extending the handle,now it was stuck less than the length I want it to be.Just wonder if anyone can help me on this.

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Hi there, Thanks for your feedback. Please watch our step-by-step instruction video via the link below, for extending the Sabco Microfibre Flat Mop extendable handle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4GqIEX2JyM However, if you have any troubles or for further assistance don't hesitate to contact us at promotions@sabco.com.au Best wishes, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco. Australia

Does not work like stated

When using this mop as instructed in a figure eight pattern (either with the microfingers pad or the microfibre pad), either the mop unscrews from the handle at the bottom, or the extendable handle lock comes undone, so you are forever fixing it. Very frustrating. Didn't Sabco test this model prior to producing it? Also, this mop is six inches shorter than my previous microfibre mop (which I absolutely loved but couldn't find to repurchase). I am 170 cm tall and have to bend to use it properly. The microfibre pad leaves the floor wetter than my previous mop. All in all I would love to throw it in the bin, but don't want to spend any more money replacing it.

Hi Carol, We're sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience with our mop. It definitely sounds like you have unfortunately picked up a faulty product. The extendable handle should not be unlocked and detached from the mop. The Sabco Superswish Mop with Microfingers comes with two years guarantee, so you will be able to return and exchange at your place of purchase. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at promotions@sabco.com.au Kind Regards, Sabco Facebook.com/Sabco.AustraliaThanks for that. After posting this review last year, I decided to forward the same review directly to Sabco. They very kindly replaced it with the larger model, which works very well.Hi Carol, Glad to hear your issue has been resolved by our customer service team. Best Wishes, Sabco

Not bad for the money

Used as a wet mop it does okay if you do figure eights. Last figure eight before rinsing can leave some debris on the ground. My biggest concern is the mop-head unscrews while I mop, meaning you have to retighten it periodically. Thinking I might superglue the head attachment to fix this. Not a bad mop for the money.
Re-washable, flip out scourer, no cleaning products needed.
Mop head unscrews while mopping. Not good for extremely heavily soiled floors.

False Advertising

This mop fails to do what it stated in the product disclosure. The microfibers does not pick up dirt from my floorboards it only moved it around. Tried on my tiled area as well with the same result, only thing that kinda stuck to it was my hair which would form a clump on the edge.Overall a big waste of money.

Dosen't do the job in description


Look, it did the job but the head was too small (make sure you buy the bigger one - there are 2 sizes) and by the time I realised this I had wasted money on a whole handle and head attachment thing that I didn't need any more and couldn't re-use. Some dust and pet hair seemed to escape a bit as I was swishing around - not much though, could have been me trying to sweep whilst frustrated at myself(!) The Mr Clean brand (not listed on Product review) felt a lot more velvety which in turn one would think would pick more dirt up.

Probably my mistake - but don't let it be yours. I looked at the double pack of wet and dry Super Swish which I now know to be larger heads. I didn't need the wet mop at the time so just purchased a single item which was too small for my needs. Didn't realise until I got it home and cracked the pack open and tried it. There's no size dimensions on the packaging of the small or large heads. Buyer beware.

Questions & Answers

Hi There, My wife bought this Sabco Super Swich Duo from BigW a few months ago. Extending the handle seemed to leave the handle loose, but that was because I didn't realise how to do it correctly. I worked it out eventually though... The product works well and I am quite happy with it. As other people have noticed, the microfibre fingers pad leaves some of the debris on the floor (sand for example, soil, small shards, small leaves, etc.), so I always have a small portable vac handy. One pain point for me is the inability to find refill pads. Because the pads need frequent cleaning, I need about 4 refills (at normal prices, i.e. significantly less than buying the same number of mops plus pads packages). For the microfibre fingers pad I have to go outside often and shake it to remove the dust, hairs etc. that accumulate on it. Similar frequent cleans of the wet pad are needed for thorough cleaning. I cleaned today and I had to go outside about 4 or 5 times. This is frustrating. It would be much more efficient to change the pads while I mop the floors and clean them all at the end. The question is where or how can I buy well prices refills that will cost much less than buying for mops+pads packages? Thank you
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Hi Zoren - Thanks for the feedback - this is most appreciated. The refills for this mop are not ranged anywhere at the moment, however if you contact us on 1800 066 522 and reference this message we will be able to do a sale over the phone for you in this instance. Many thanks.

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