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Britax Safe-n-Sound Platinum PRO

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4.5 from 70 reviews

Growing well with bub

We had this seat professionally installed 15 months ago and haven't had any issues. My bub always travels well in it (since birth), often falling asleep so I believe it's very comfortable. To clean we just remove the inner cushions and run them through the washing machine, very easy! I also find it easy to use, the five point harness works the same way as a stroller so its a quick process getting bub in and out. I highly recommend.

Solid, high quality product but very bulky

Chose this product because of its safety ratings. I believe it is a very sturdy product and comes with airbag on the side etc. We had to get it installed professionally, as it seemed very complicated to fit it. Whilst we are happy with the product, need to be mindful of how much space it occupies. It is a very big seat.

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Hi Mel, thank for taking the time to leave the above review. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Driving Confidence

Seat looks and feels secure and safe. SICT provide extra confidence in the event of a collision. Frame feels solid and does not bend with force.

Size impinges on middle seat slightly and passenger seat has to move forward a little but would rather this size and depth over the slim line seats which felt flimsy.

Isofix attachments make the seat easy to install and remove. Seat also doesn't shift with isofix compared to seat belt attachment which allows some sideways movement.

Seat is easy to clean with all coverings easily disconnected and reattached after washing without instructions.

Seat fittings allow seat to be comfortable for extended rear facing. They also assisted in keeping bub secure when little meaning he didn't move at all when cornering in seat. Head rest also looks secure with no movement of head when but too little to support own.

Seat belt and harness easy to adjust in rear and forward facing modes.

Seat fabric cool to touch after being exposed to sun. Seat fabric quick drying and easy to spot clean.

We purchased two of these seats. Difficult to install in ute but this is not due to the chair but rather the bench seat configuration in ute.

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Hi Lauren, Thank you for your fantastic review! We are delighted to hear how pleased you are with many of our key features. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Great seat!

We are very happy with our purchase of this seat for our first baby. He seems very happy and comfortable in this seat. It is well padded and high quality. Easy to get him in and out. I had it installed professionally as I just wanted to be sure of correct installation however I did observe the installation and it was relatively simple & hooks straight into Isofix points. The seat has side air cushions for added safety. The only negative is that you will need a large car (we have a wagon) as it takes a fair amount of space, especially when rear facing. Also sometimes I find due to extra padding baby can get hot. Overall a great and very safe seat.

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Hi Victoria, Thank you for your fantastic review. We are delighted to hear how comfortable and easy to install our seat is. We will pass your feedback onto our product innovation team. If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Britax team.

Great car seat

My baby was premature and even with his tiny size, it fitted well. There was no need for a capsule. It is on the bulky end though so I can imagine it will be difficult to fit in a smaller vehicle. It's very easy to maintain. All the liners just come out and can be washed. My baby can rear face for quite a while which is perfect.

Good car seat but too hot in summer with all that padding that makes it platinum

It is a good quality car seat and was easy to install reading instructions provided. We could do it ourselves and did not need to use a professional fitting station as our car was already equipped with the hook. The cushioning is great but gets too hot in spring and summer and I can get away dressing the baby in lighter garments. It is suitable to be used form birth and will save money on a capsule.

Not worth the price tag!

whilst this seat was easy to install after 5 months the inbuilt seatbelt lock offs don’t work, the seat moves every time the car does. After contacting britax they assure me the seat is still safe for use even when it topples over from a tiny push and that the lock offs are added extras that not all seats have so aren’t necessary. Biggest waste of money and worst company to deal with!

Just as the name suggests- safe and sound!

This is a great car seat and it gives me total peace of mind to know that my baby is happy and safe with all extra “air bags”. It is definitely easy to instal and use and my baby seems quite comfortable in it. It is supposed to be made of material which would keep the baby cool however I do notice that my baby does tend to get quite hot in the car seat in the warmer months even with the air conditioner on in the car.

Best car seat available but make sure you check the size

This is one of the best purchases I made. Make sure you price check to get the best price. The cushioning is superior to other seats. My husband was able to install of easily. My daughter falls asleep in this seat without fail. We've been on holiday twice and rented a car and carseat and she screamed the whole trip because it wasn't as comfortable as her Platinum Pro. Just make sure you measure carefully as we did but is very snug in a Holden Cruze. We used this from birth and didn't use a capsule at all.

Looks perfect and sturdy!

It is easy to install and use! It is indeed bulkier than other car seats but fits very well in our Honda Jazz. Our baby looks very comfortable in it, dozes off straight away once placed in it and very secure as well. Love our purchase and looking forward in using it for as long as possible!

Fantastic seat

Have always bought Safe n Sound for peace of mind and quality. Also the Crash Exchange program.
This seat is so easy to clean, as well as adjust and get the little bloke in and out.
Safety features provide extra peace of mind for our most precious cargo.
Will never buy any other brand.

Hands down the best car seat!

I sold my maxi cosi rear facing car seat and bought this seat and my gosh what a difference!
The quality is fantastic, safety features great and so easy to clean. It is also a lot easier to get bubs in and out compared to maxi cosi as the buckle has extra padding to keep it from getting tucked under baby's bottom. I love I only need one hand to tighten straps and it's a smooth pull.
Also extra feature are the strap holders that you can slot straps into to make it easier to keep untangled and do baby up faster without fishing under their back to get them.

Love this seat.

We have several child seats in our family and this one is beyond the best. It's so padded and such a quality seat.
It's not cheap but definitely worth it and I feel it's the safest seat we own.

I remember reading on FB an article of a woman saying her father was a police officer and recommended this and only this seat. He had once turned up to a car crash where the entire car was a write off - he saw this baby seat & his heart sank. But as he approached he saw a baby in it kicking and moving - it's that skin tingling moment where you take note of the car seat and she said it was this one. After having used several seats I can definitely believe this seat would survive even the most horrible crash.

Best car seat we've had.

This is our third car seat and the most expensive we've purchased. And it has been worth every cent. It feels very secure in rear-facing mode in our Hyundai i30 and thanks to the isofix and seatbelt combo, it is extremely sturdy. I love that it has the extra shoulder height markers making this seat perfect for extended rear facing. Our daughter is 2 and a bit and will still get another couple of years rear facing which is great. We have just purchased a second one for Nanna's car. Highly recommend this seat. Definitely worth the investment as it will last a number of years.

Good baby seat and quite safe

Very easy to install, quite bulky but this is the top of the line PLATINUM series, the most expensive baby seat in the Britax baby seat line. We managed to bought this for $350, as Baby Bunting was clearing the 2015 model and the new model cost over $700.

Lots of paddings here and there and head padding, it makes our baby feel quite safe.

Baby is quite comfortable, but sometimes the seat belt like to twist around, not sure how to fix this.

Cleaning is very easy, we just took out the cover and wash it in the machine.

I would recommend this baby seat, only if you have a big car like Honda Accord, not a small hatchback.

Great seat- poor service

We bought this seat for our 1 1/2yr six months ago. We actually bought two- one for each car. We wanted the safest. Its a great seat. Easy to install and he looks comfortable in it. However one of the inserts for the seat split. When I contacted the company they were not very helpful, even rude. Once I sent the insert to them, I heard nothing back for months. I had to contact them again to ask what the outcome was. I was then told 'oh we have a spare in the warehouse, we'll send it to you'. On this service alone, I would not use another Britax product again.

Early days but very impressed

For some silly reason we put off getting a new seat to get "value" out of out baby capsule, I wish we would have bought this sooner. The capsule was ok, great for transferring straight to stroller but our boy was always hot in it and outing him in and out of it was a real chore.
We have only had this seat a few weeks and I laboured between this and the maxi cosi one but am happy I've made the right choice.
Ease of use!
The maxi cosi had a harness lever much the same as in our capsule, hidden and difficult to use. The britax has the button which is easy to use and has made outing him in and securing him properly so much easier. We have taken out the extra internal padding even though he is a small 1yo and he has so much more freedom to move his arms and is so much more settled in the car even as he is still rear facing. Of course it was the most expensive in the shop and as in my pram review I don't always think most expensive is best but in this case I think it is.
I think the bamboo helps too, I have bamboo sheets and doona and have never slept so cool and comfortable.

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Update: Our little guy is still loving this one and still backwards facing. So easy to get in and out - a simple push of the button while pulling the shoulder strap loosens everything then you can release the straps. DOing it this way leaves the straps loose making it easy to put him back in.

Very good car seat

Love this car seat. Have had it now for 2 years and haven't had one issue. My son can now press down on the belt buckle and unlock himself. I have had to buy the Houdini Strap as extra protection. Just wish it came with a buckle cover or something but most car seats have this type of buckle.

Love it

Definitely worth the big money super comfortable baby loves it as he is not squished in it he sleeps perfectly on long journeys because of how cosy and well padded it is love the air cushions as they make me feel my baby is super safe so happy with this seat


It is easy to install as we follow the video from youtube. My baby sits in and looks pretty safe as lots of layers of cushion around her. It can be used from day 1 after discharged from hospital. As it is the most expensive carseat in the shop and it has all the features to ensure the baby is safe, I'm happy with the purchase.

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Questions & Answers

What are the recommended recline angles for the Platinum Pro +? I can’t find it written anywhere in the manual. Does it need to be fully reclined when RF or should I go with the 45 (for newborns) degree angle recommended? Thanks.
4 answers
Hi Janet, thanks for your question. This will depend on your vehicle seat angle, please give us a call on 1300 303 330 so we can point you in the right direction. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.Hi, my seat angle is 15 degrees. Thanks.Thanks Janet, I believe that we've misunderstood your question. The Platinum PRO car seat only has one position in rear facing mode which is the fully reclined position. Kind regards, the Safe-n-Sound team.

Can the platinum pro fit in a Golf Wagon?
1 answer
Hi Milo. thanks for your question. We would recommend that you visit your local baby shop as they will allow you to try the seat in vehicle to ensure suitability. Kind regards, the Britax team.

What is the maximum weight for rear facing?
2 answers
As far as I am aware it goes by the child’s height, there are markers on the seat. If shoulders are above the line the child must be forward facing.HI Leisa, thanks for your question. Ashlee is correct the seat now have shoulder height markers that indicate when the child needs to be moved, weight is no longer a factor. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss this with us in further detail. Kind regards, the Britax team.


Platinum PRO
Price (RRP) $799.00
Minimum Age Newborn
Maximum Age 4 years
Colour / Finish Grey Shadow, Kohl
Weight9.65 kg
ISOFIX CompatibleYes
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)

Visit official website - Download manual