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Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus Child Harness

Britax Safe-n-Sound Protecta Plus Child Harness

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Perfect for kiddo

My child used the old safe and sound child seat from a friend. It still last another 4 years until he need to change to the booster seat. So safe and sound is the top choice from mother father and the kid. Search on google and come out lots of cheaper brand but need to shop physically to buy good and worth every cents product

Good add on..

We purchased this to compliment the "Tourer" booster. We felt he was a bit loose and unsecured with the lap belt alone so added on this harness. It's a bit fiddly to figure out at first but once you've gotten used to it, it's easy enough. It made the booster feel sturdier. Boys are always trying to undo their seat belts so this was a great addition.

A good buy

A bit fiddly to install the first time but we now move between two different cars with no issues. Great for my son who still falls asleep in the car and slumps forward, this reassures me that in a crash he won't slip out particularly as we go driving in the bush. We plan on buying a second one for his brother.

Hated it

I hated it and returned it to the store. It is hard to get on not safe and uncomfortable for the child

This harness is a marketing ploy

I recently purchased a Safe-n-Sound Hi-Liner SG. I was advised by the salesperson to also purchase the child harness. The rear of the product shows that the harness can be used with a lap-only seat belt and a lap-sash seat belt with a booster seat. Mother guilt overcame me and and I purchased the harness as I believed using a harness with the booster seat would be much safer for my child. My partner installed the harness with the booster seat using the lap-sash seat belt. He didn't think that it was installed properly as you have to attach the lap part of the seat belt and sash part together to essentially create a lap-only seat belt! Once my daughter hopped in the car so we could fit it correctly to her, it became clear that the harness was difficult to fit and didn't feel that secure. We decided to return the product. Upon returning it to the shop, the salesperson advised that the manufacturer recommends using the harness. I got my money back but I did some further investigating and learned from the VicRoads website that a child safety harness is difficult to fit correctly and Should Not be used with a lap-sash seat belt. Clearly a marketing ploy by S-n-S so that you will pay more money for something that you do not need and will not make your child more safe.

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The people I have spoken to all tell me to fit to a lap belt only and not in a car that has split seats as the harness may slip between the seats and be unless. Other than that they seem better than just a lap belt.

Easy to install, so much safer

I love that fact that the belt doesnt sit under my childrens neck and it was easy to use. I watched the dvd to install first then installed in about five minutes. It did take a bit of getting use to buckling it up but now my kids are use to and they buckle it by themselves and i supervise
Relible, practical
If you have 3 car seats in a row it can be difficult to buckle. ( but impossible)

User Unfriendly

The harness provides much more protection than a adult seatbelt, and I can't find any other brands providing a product to compete with this one - but it is expensive, very complicated, very slow to buckle in, and I I think most people will give up bothering to use it ..... and at the best it certainly wont get used 'properly'. Good idea, terrible design. Instead of using the aducte seatblet acorss the child, they should just use it to hold the seat in and use a separate 5 point harness built into the seat like those for younger kids.
Safer than adult seatbelt
Expensive, very complicated, very slow to buckle in, hard to use.

Frustrating! must be an easier alternative.

My review is based on two things, first the salesperson at the store,who didn't have a clue in regards to this product. I asked a simple question regarding the harness- "is this harness required by law to be fitted to the toddler seat" she didn't know the answer or wouldn't admit the truth in order to get a sale. In the end the manager stepped in and advised that the harness is not required by law but in her view attaching the harness to the seat would be safer for the child than without.
The second thing I would like to mention is the installation of the harness, it took myself and my niece 2 hours to attach the harness to the Toddler seat and then once installed it didn't feel secure at all! The seat was still wobbly and we found it difficult,frustrating and time consuming to fit to the child. We will search for a more efficient product.
Colour and appearance, comfort.
Expensive, difficult to install, safety aspect

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