12Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

12Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier

146 reviews



146 reviews
SallyMSydney8 posts
Jv214 posts

Faulty brand new and have to take for repair

Purchased this to go into the click and go adaptors on my city mini GT. Capsule itself looks great however we have just attempted to click in into the adaptors and it doesn't unclick unless you take the adaptors off the pram tip it upside down and force them out. After calling i was told it sounds like an issue with capsule itself as it should easily click in and out (which it did on the in store version). We were told we will have to either be without the capsule while its repaired or drive it 1hr plus away for repair if they have stock. It's a BRAND new capsule!!!! Not ideal with a 3 day old baby and 2 older siblings.

Jess S
Jess SDarling Downs, QLD5 posts
missmegzeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA10 posts
BiancaSouthern and Hills, SA22 posts

Works great

Very easy to carry, works well with my steelcraft pram.

Had it professionally installed so i don't know how easy it is to install bu since having it installed no issues with it becoming woobly or anything of that sort.

Our daughter only just grew out of it and she is 16 months old!

Emma S
Emma SMetropolitan Adelaide, SA14 posts
  Verified NEOS
FrankieAlburry23 posts

Good capsule

I bought the NEOS capsule as a gift for my sister last month and so far, she and her husband are pretty happy about it. For one, its pretty straightforward to install as a car seat and can be easily removed and transferred to a stroller (my sister has the Britax). The construction is also very sturdy.

Buy Well
Buy WellNewcastle70 posts
Calvin C
Calvin CPerth7 posts
  ISOFIX Compatible
Moira5 posts


At first it was alright but after a couple of uses, the buckles got stiff and were a pain to use. Wouldn't recommend, unless your budget pleads you too. It's a pretty one though, in terms of how it looks and feels, my kid was very comfortable in it when we first got it.

silverlining8810 posts

Very happy with this infant carrier

This capsule is easy to carry however can get heavy as the baby gets heavier! My bubs is 4.5months and still fits in the carrier. I like how its 0-12months but I am sure bubs will be out way before 12 month mark! The capsule is compatible with my Bugaboo cameleon and the bee however different adapters are required for both prams. It was easily installed by my husband. Bubs fits securely in the capsule and often sleeps in it as its very comfortable!


Easy to use and lasts for longer than other carriers

Very easy to install in a car, so its good for moving between cars. Fit on my strider plus pram, after we purchased the pram adapters. Lasts till 12 months, so better value than other carriers. Bit heavy to carry when child is in it, especially when they get older.

Jessica S
Jessica SBallarat4 posts

Best ever

This is the first capsule Iv used ever

I'm loving it so easy to used baby sits nicely inside and you can connect to any pram

This is by far the best capsule Iv seen yet used for my baby. This is definitely a great buy and would recommend it to everyone that's looking to buy one. :)

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JenniferSydney28 posts

Does the job!

I hired the capsule as I didn't feel the need to buy (in hindsight I should have as I'm pregnant again). My baby is 7 months is 75% height and 98% weight and still fits well with room to grow. The capsule with my 10kg baby is a little heavy now but I don't tend to carry her in it any more unless its to attach to the stroller so she can continue to sleep. I also hired the conversion bar to allow the capsule to fit to my stroller (snap 4). I can flip open the stroller with one hand, fit the converter bar and drop the capsule into the locks in less than 30 seconds -its been brilliant!

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PalindromePerth, WA41 posts
  ISOFIX Compatible
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AndyPerth16 posts
  ISOFIX Compatible
MumByron Bay
  ISOFIX Compatible

Absolutely Hated It!

I bought the unity to go with my bugaboo. I have a 2015 VW Tiguan and it absolutely won't install correctly in the back. Even trained people couldn't make it sit correctly. My four-month-old son falls forward in it because there is virtually no recline. Don't be fooled by the images you'll find of this capsule - once installed, the base must be at such a tilt that the seat is almost upright. Definitely not ideal!!

I originally bought this capsule over the Maxi Cosi Mico for the extra life that the unity was going to give (5 months in the Mico v 12 in the unity) but I honestly stopped using this as a travel system two months ago and already want to move my son out of it at four months. Wish I'd bought the Mico. Hated this!!

NCherie7 posts

Solid but cumbersome and heavy

I bought this capsule in 2013 mainly because of it's compatability with the Mountain Buggy Swift. While I appreciated the convenience of this capsule with my first baby - I always felt it was really heavy and the capsule release latch would sometimes be sticky when removing from the base. It's a sturdy unit. However with my second baby I've found these issues to be even more an issue since the need to carry the capsule with a toddler in tow has proven to be extremely hard work. I also find that the infant insert is almost pointless as its barely a head support and with out it there is little padding for the infants back and bottom. I've since tested other capsules that are much lighter, more slim line and feel more comfortable to carry.

xxjagerxxWestern District, VIC12 posts
  ISOFIX Compatible

Good design

Went with this one after weighing up the pros and cons from the reviews on here, we got the isofix model and it fits well in our 2014 kia sportage. I like the idea of it clicking straight into a pram without disturbing the baby, the top straps are fiddly but i guess most straps are? Would have preferred a solid isofix mount on the base but there don't seem to be any available on the Australian market just yet? Still, the anchor points work well and it locks it in to place nice and tight. It is expensive as most capsules are ($400 delivered country victoria) but it sure beats getting an el cheapo reversible one from target or somewhere. Its worth noting too that its the only one designed with premature babies in mind.

Carrie.s2 posts

Too Heavy and Hot also Not suited for moulded car seats

Capsule itself is far too heavy and has far too much "unbreathable" padding which caused our baby to constantly overheat and sweat horrifically. Took capsule to plunket nz to get it installed by their trained car seat installer and she advised that the capsule was not ideal as straps weren't even and padding around bubs could cause heatstroke. It also didn't fit our cars seats properly either and needed a towel proped underneath (plunket suggested this was unsafe and to get bubs in her carseat asap) Not britax fault, but would only consider purchasing if your seats were flat and not shaped to fit the body. Would be ok for cooler seasons and for those with good upper arm strength... useless for woment recovering from c sections.

Cozza2 posts

Fantastic for us

Never had a problem. We did do a lot of 'trial runs' before baby was born to get used to getting it in and out and putting the strap through the plastic slots properly which can be tricky but once you are used to it, you can do it blindfolded. We stopped taking the capsule out of the car with baby after a maybe 7 months (before she used the pram seat) but still served as her rearward facing car seat till she was about 15 months old. This I was really happy with as we always wanted her to be rear facing for as long as possible and this capsule definitely allowed us to do that.

H J5 posts

So many frustrating things about this product

For starters the base is IMPOSSIBLE to get level in the back seat. The metal buckle behind the capsule that holds the straps together gets caught all the time. There isn't enough space for it to travel through the plastic form and makes it so that one strap is tighter than the other. The canopy ALWAYS pops off and doesn't sit straight. The gap between the largest two heights for the upper straps is too large. My baby is too tall for the lower level but the next one up is way too high. Very poorly designed seat.

HelpingyououtN/a9 posts

Doesn't last long as too heavy

If I had my time again, I wouldn't buy a capsule.

Capsules are so heavy, especially with a growing baby in them. My mum was right!

We stopped pulling ours out of the car at about 8 weeks, so it was a big waste of money. It is just too heavy. You couldn't take it shopping or anything (even from week 1)

Better off buying a baby strap on carrier (like "baby bjorn" or a "baby k'tan") and a 0-4/0-8 years car seat. Would get so much more use out of both of them.

**My baby is now 7 months and have only just realised the capsule doesn't face forward. My average size 7 months old is also, almost too big for it (her legs hang out a lot and the straps are tight)

Amanda3 posts

Difficult to use

I have had the same experience as Heather below. One strap always looser than the other - on closer inspection it appears one strap is installed differently by the manufacturer. An option would me is to try and twist it but this won't budge obviously because then it wouldn't be safe. Everyone finds it too heavy on its own to carry let alone with a 7kg five month old and growing. Same as Heathers review with the sun shade issue as just falls off all the time. Worst thing is that one strap is always looser as I am forever trying to find balance between too tight and too loose. Not worth the price tag - would rather have had a cheaper lighter one without the strap issue.

Sam3 posts

Great but fiddly anchor strap!

My 70 percentile for height and 10kg toddler is still below the height marker at 15.5 months old! Great investment! My only negative point would be the fiddly anchor strap. Never used another capsule though so maybe they're all similar?

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ErikaCentral Queensland, QLD16 posts

absolutely perfect

This is the greatest capsule. I used it with steelcraft profile stroller. And used with both babies. Incredible. First bub used it for around 7months but i had a big 10pound baby second and he grew out of it at 6months. But i wouldn't of wanted anything else.

Heather5 posts
homeproud013 posts

Best ever capsule

My baby is nearly 9 months old and still has another strap height setting to go. My baby feels secure and sleeps straight away. It clicks straight onto my steel craft profile umbrella stroller with no attachments. I can fold/unfold stroller one handed and place capsule on in a jiffy. (My baby's feet touch the back seat now, but they are meant to, forward facing seats don't have foot rests either)

I recommend to everyone.

Another good feature is the capsule will rock id set on the floor. So if visiting someone or doctors visit etc and baby gets unsettled, just give it a gentle rock and baby settles again!
12 months use then straight to thinner forward facing seat, clicking straight onto stroller, rocking feature when on floor

Jan K
Jan KBrisbane3 posts
Bmum6 posts
PossumHeadPerth, WA13 posts
LadybugCairns9 posts

So convenient

I love the fact that I don't have to wake baby up to take him out of the car.it also snaps into my pram which is really convenient. Bub is 3 months old and is no where near the shoulder height so I think I may get the whole 12 months out of it (much better value than the maxi cosi which only lasts until 6 months, his shoulders were almost at the line when I tried him in it last week). I admit it it a little heavy with bub in it but I don't mind (probably a good workout for the yummy mummy jelly arms). I have a Holden cruz and it does mean the front passenger doesn't have a huge amount of leg room.
Lasts longer than the other capsules, comfy for baby, fits a lot of prams
A little heavy, takes up a fair amount of car space, a bit expensive Show reply
AshleymarerWagga2 posts

Wouldn't buy it again

Not the greatest capsule. It's ok at first but definitely will not last until baby is 1 year old as advertised as babies would be too long for it and to heavy to carry by the time they are 6mths. If I could turn back time I would have bought a much better capsule,with a higher safety rating and probably would have got it cheaper! After a while it become hard to click in and out of the base. Cannot be forward facing.

Shade come off easily, isn't very stable in car, it only last until baby is 6mths old not 12mths as advertised, low safety rating

Baheja2 posts

Must have

So convenient and handy, my baby would fall asleep in the car or whilst I was shopping, I would just transfer her from one place to another without disrupting her seat. Also rocks while baby on seat so was handy when we visited family or friends. It's stylish and looked fantastic with our pram.
The shade handles fell off we don't know how.
lucky_starsydney6 posts

Really? I had very long babies, and they were in it til 12 months!!!

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HappyMamaCanberra2 posts
ReviewBabyAU4 posts
greengrapesTasmania3 posts
Scott2131AU2 posts

Makes life so much easier

We had an infant which we were first using a car seat that was fixed and we had to take our infant out of the seat everytime. This was really annoying because everytime she would wake up, so we looked at getting a capsule that fitted our pram as well. We bought this one and it was great, very light and made life so much easier. I would recommend this product the safety rating could be better but it's a great product, baby loved it and the sun visor was great.
Ease of use and a sleeping baby stayed asleep when moved around
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