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Safety 1st Wanderer X

Safety 1st Wanderer X

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Not bad for its price, but

This is a great pram if you’re not wanting to spend big bucks but still wanting a good quality, durable pram. It is extremely heavy and wide, the canopy does not extend far and the basket is near impossible to access in forward facing mode. I found it great to use with a newborn but this pram combined with the weight for your average toddler is a back breaker. Don’t buy this pram unless you’re intending on buying a second pram when your kid hits 10kg. The weight of the pram is unevenly distributed which means any weight hung on the handle bar can cause the pram to tip.

Purchased in June 2017 at Baby Bella for $750.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Suitable for RunningNo
Ease of Packing & Storage

Great product!!

I'm extremely satisfied with my pram, I love that it is compact and can fit in my hatch. I love that it has the option to face either you or ahead of pram. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't have a cup holder and the bar underneath, where the storage section is, takes up some space inconveniently so my nappy bag has to squish in a little.

Unsafe due to tipping over easily.

The pram is dangerous!!!
DO NOT put an bags or weight on the handle. I put my nappy bag over the handle (not heavy at all) and the pram tipped right over. It was in the rear facing position and the pram tipped backwards and right over. Luckily I caught it before it was completely upside down.
This pram should come with a warning to never put any weight on the handle. Even pushing too hard can cause it to tip!
Also wear the child’s head goes is some kind of structure support that you can’t tuck away from their head when sitting up. I tried and it tipped. Annoying as the child can’t put their head back.

Easy to manoeuvre

We bought our first pram for our first baby. We have went through different stores to find a great pram at good price. Safety 1st wanderer is a great for find for us. It is very easy to handle and most importantly easy to manoeuvre. Can be folded easily. I definitely recommend this product

Love the features

This pram is very easy to maneuver, it's sturdy and well priced. The recline is OK but 3 positions is not ideal as my 3month old didn't want to be completely flat and the middle recline was too upright. The hood is a great size. I only wish the seat was a bit bigger.

Good product for Infant upto 2 years

Hi, this is good product for infant, I bought it from target 2 years back for my little one and still using it. Good quality and safe for kids. it's not too costly and look wise good. my baby can sleep in it. I used to hanged baby bag to carry her stuff.

Great pram but not a forever pram

This pram is very good to use across all terrains, however, the pram is bulkier & wider than most. I didn't have issues lifting in and out of car but others might find it heavy after a while. We found it very convenient to adapt the car seat when our son was still a bub and fitted in the capsule. My biggest issue with the pram is the canopy, from the beginning the hood clips kept coming off, we kept having to reattach when trying to extend the canopy, and when forward facing canopy rubs against hands whilst pushing pram. Not a huge issue but can get annoying on long walks. The storage basket has heaps of room but more difficult to access when forward facing. The other gripe is the height of the pram, I thought it was suitable for up to 4 years but our son is now 15 months and already outgrowing it. In addition both hood clips have now broken off so I expect it's not a forever pram but serves its purpose for a year or two.

MMMMM its not great and its not bad

We looked at prams for about 4000 hours, well probably more like a weeks worth of research and a day in store. We chose this pram for the following
1) Price, $550 plus capsule via redemption
2) Weight, its fairly light but without capsule or seat. Gets heavy if you fold it up with those still attached.
3) 3 Large Wheels, makes pushing it easy.
4) Seat can be rear or forward facing.

Problems to date
1) Fold up clip broke, so it no longer stays compact and together. Small clip probably an easy fix
2) The seating position isn't easy to adjust with a toddler, its awkward, the same for the footrest. It isn't quite long enough for his legs.
3) The tyres have never stayed inflated since day 1. Which doesn't seem that bad but its very annoying when pushing on the grass a lot.
4) The tether strap is on the right hand side and can't be moved. Would be nice to have it movable to both sides.
5) You can't collapse the pram with anything in the bottom compartment. everything has to be removed.
6) The sun cover only goes a short distance before you have to unzip and goes further but the mesh doesn't keep the sun out.

I mean for our first pram and the price I can definitely get over the problems, but it would have been a 5 star review if it didn't have any of them. I would still recommend it to those who are on a budget and don't want to spend $3k on a pram.

Excellent pram

This pram is amazing!! A pram many don't know about which is very affordable, So easy to use and fold (can be folded with the seat facing foward only) comfortable and suitable for newborn, lays flat/sits upright, both foward and rear facing. Great pram for walking/jogging. Very easy to maneuver suits Maxi cosi infant carriers

The BEST pram.

For about 4 months before the bub was born, we have been shopping for a pram and we always find something that it not really suited to us. This pram is amazing, when you put the seat down it is flat making it easier for the baby to be comfortable and sleep. It take like 15 sec to put the pram in the car. It is absolutely amazing.

The best in it's price class!

With its three wheels it is very easily manoeuvered through any shopping aisle or forest road. It has a good suspension and is therefore very suitable for newborns. You can fit the maxi cosi on it which was helpful for us. Especially when you have to go shopping and baby is sleeping in car. The only negative is that it is quite big and it fills up our whole booth (Mazda 3)


the stroller is very heavy so my wife has difficulty in lifting it up and putting it in the car boot. it is also quite big so it takes all of our car boot space.

i love the fact that the wheels are puncture free so i can take my baby for walking everyday and it is easy to maneuver than a 4 wheel stroller. it is an OK stroller for a budget under $500.

A perfect stroller for wandering around

The stroller is good for walking with your baby but it is heavy so it is hard to lift it up. Also it is a big stroller so it might be difficult if you happen to have a small cat like me. It can used from birth which is another plus.

Poorly Designed and Heavy

This was the first item we bought for our new baby and I I guess we didn't really know what we should have been looking for. It's too heavy and really big when folded- taking up almost the whole of my large SUVs boot space. It also has a strange padded flap that sits on top of my baby's head when upright- I think it's supposed to be there for when they're lying flat, but it's poorly designed so that it falls down onto baby. I was going to try to ride it out and just get a stroller to use instead, but at 6.5 months baby is already too long for this one and too small for a stroller- so we'll be getting a new pram now too.

Love this pram

Got this pram as a second pram for the other car and I absolutely love it, it's so good as baby is up close to me when in parent faceing mode.
Extendable hood for the sun is brilliant
Folds so flat when the seat is off,
Very easy to push over any surface and is also very sturdy, only downfalls are I needed to buy a head support for my newborn and also no boot cover so had to purchase a cozy toes for the pram, not complaining as that little extra cost was worth it seems I only paid $360 on special..
Extendable handle is great for the taller parents
Love how the seat lays full flat and you can adjust the footrest,
Basket is a generous size and also I attached a jolly jumper stroller caddy at the front in the basket as it fits perfect it's so good For extra drink holders
No air in Tyres so they will never go flat and the suspension gives it a smooth ride!
Pram is abit heavy and takes up a fair bit of boot room if folded with the seat on
I can still fit in boot of Holden commodore with a gas tank in boot
Overall I love it! I'm glad that I purchased this pram!!

Great pram but quite heavy.

I loved this pram when I first saw it in the baby store. The fact that I could change the seat to face me and the lying down position was what drew me to purchase it for my newborn. It's easy to manoeuvre and great for when I take baby out for walks. The tyres are sturdy and you will never have to fill them up with air and it has suspension for when you're pushing over uneven surfaces like gravel. A great outdoor pram. The only downside to this pram is that it is pretty bulky and heavy to get in and out of the car. It takes up the whole boot of my car so I have to squeeze grocery shopping around it if I forget to take it out.

Great light weight pram!

I love this pram.

When I first got it, I wasn't convinced, it wasn't my favorite pram on the market, but we were on a budget and this fitted the bill. Why? It can rear face or point outwards (for the older bub), it's lightweight, it's reasonably priced, has a big basket underneath and it's one of the only prams that will fit perfectly into the boot of my hatch back.

The only negative aspects that we've noticed so far is the fold, there's no way you can one hand fold this away (which is quite disappointing, because then it'd be the perfect pram). In-fact the fold on this one is a little fiddly and if I had 3 hands it'd be much easier.

We use it with our cushy newborn insert (purchased separately) and we're always getting comments on how comfy Mr 5mths looks in it.
The quality so far is great, it hasn't skipped a beat.
It's amazingly easy to maneuver and has an awesome turning circle as well as being pretty narrow!

Overall, I do really enjoy using this pram and find it great for off-road walks, walking the older ones to school and shopping, it's great for shopping. Did I mention the huge basket?

Safety 1st Wanderer X Mums Review

This is a great looking and very easy to use pram. It is sturdy, very easy to manoeuvre, has a great big basket at the bottom which is a huge bonus.
The handle is extendable, so great for the dads who are over 6 foot. I love love love that the seat can be laid back flat, meaning you don't have to buy another additional bassinet for the newborn like most other prams.
It comes with a removable pram liner which is another bonus and saving.
Its a reasonable weight, not to heavy, to be expected really. Folds easy enough too.
The belly bar slides of to put bubs in.
Its not the longest pram so if you have a tall child like I do they won't be as comfortable in it by the time they reach two. However I'm finding she doesn't want to be in the pram much anyway so its ready for the new baby.
It adapts to the maxi cosi capsule however I have found it difficult to find where I can purchase the adaptors.

Overall really happy with this pram and would recommend it for sure.

Fantastic 3 wheeler!

It is so easy to maneuver around tight corners, within small spaces and easy to push one handed. It is a little heavy to lift for those with lower back problems, but overall it is a fantastic 3 wheeler pram that has failed to tip. The grey colouring is also stylish for either sex ready to be customized.

Excellent stroller, very easy to use.

The Safety 1st Wanderer X is a fantastic everyday stroller that you can tackle any terrain with ease!
It's easy to fold and to get into the boot of the car because it separates into 2 pieces meaning I don't have to lift the whole pram at once. This is excellent for me because I struggle with my back.
We've taken it to the park and it easily pushes over grass and hills. The ride wasn't bumpy and harsh for my son as the Wanderer X has superior suspension while I had no troubles steering even in longer grass.
The mesh in the canopy was great for protecting my son from the elements while also allowing me to have a peek to make sure everything was ok.. And he also liked using the extra large canopy for a game of peekaboo!
For everyday use, it carries everything I need for a day out with ease. The large shopping basket also means I don't have the problem of worrying about the stroller tipping backwards like when I've had to hang things from handles.. Even heavier items are ok in this stroller because it has a sturdy frame.
Overall, a very user friendly, versatile stroller that can handle any terrain!

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Questions & Answers

Interested in buying this pram.i have the safety 1st wanderer 3 wheels now and wanting to know if the capsule and adapters from this is compatible with the new safety 1st wanderer x.thanks.
No answers

Can the pram be put down with the normal seat facing you as I am having issues with this? There seems to be an issue with one of the bars hitting the footrest and it won't click in.
1 answer
I don't think it can be. Personally, I have a small car so I always detach the seat from the body before packing it in the car, so I have only tried once or twice and it didn't seem to work.

Hey, I'm interested in purchasing this pram and I was curious how it changes front rearward to frontward facing, and is it easy? I've tried YouTube and had no luck Thanks
1 answer
The top seat part detaches from the main carrige, you do this when you fold it too. It's pretty simple; using a button on each side (I do one at a time, because one side requires you to push a button down and in, for secure locking) and you just face the seat forwards or backwards and click it back into place.


Wanderer X
Price (RRP) $549.00
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 17 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels, Suspension and Under-seat Storage
Wheel MaterialSolid
Weight13 kg
Folded Dimensions119 x 43 x 66 cm

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