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Salty Dog Clippers

Salty Dog Clippers

3.7 from 90 reviews

great customer service

We had some issues with our initial clippers, partly our fault. Team Salty asked no questions, replaced the clippers and provided me with an additional blade all for free. Dog now looks like a superstar.

Purchased in January 2019.

Finally something that works as expected.

A\I dont normally write reviews for items I buy but in this situation i was that impressed I have made the effort. After using two other types of clippers and thinking this dog must have a double coat or something I took the plunge and ordered these clippers. Once they arrived I sat down to give them a whirl and what do you know they just went through the coat like a hot knife through butter.
Couldn't be happier so if you are reading this, look no further just place the order. You won't regret it.

Purchased in February 2019.

Waste of money

Besides from clippers that hardly cut dog hair(medium shepherd hair so not even thick hair), to attaching the 13 mm No. 3 metal clipper is just as useless, I used my clippers for the 3rd time since we got them and the pin that holds the clipper head in has snapped.

Great value, great clippers!

At first I was sceptical that such an affordable set of clippers would cut through the very coarse and thick coat of my Airdale terrior but I was stoked with there preformance. For the cost of just two visits to the groomer we are now able to keep our best mate looking his best all the time. Very happy with the quality and service from this great aussie company. Highly recommended

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Thanks Dan, we love getting reviews like this :) Saving $$ after just 2 clips, that is fantastic!

Excellent Value

Very happy with clippers. Used the nail clippers first time today. Really good especially with the metal guide. Having everything in the metal case just keeps everything in one place and good condition.


Excellent only used them twice and have already paid for themselves great service awesome clippers will be ordering more blades very soon.

Dream clippers

Couldn't recommend them more highly to you. Comes with everything you need and works like a dream. Both my two puppies look great now

Very disappointed

Very disappointed, looked at all the reviews and thought finally some great clippers. Won’t even cut with a blade on back to square one 200 down just can’t understand all the great reviews.

Awesome product and great value for money

Very impressed by the speed of service and quality of the product. Salty clippers made light work of my Shih Tzu's thick coat, they came with heaps of accessories and a great protective case. Highly recommend this product.

Fantastic kit, great value & easy to use

Very happy with Salty dog. So happy with value. Brushes, scissors,comb, nail clippers included. Easy to use. Great customer service, communication. Excited to save money on clipping for this summer. Highly recommend. & Happy to support a small Australian company.
Thanks Salty dog

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Thanks Marie for the great feedback :)

Don’t waste your money

Don’t waste your money buying these! They work no better than the $30 one i had previously bought and they overheat within 10 minutes making them unusable. They also don’t cut evenly and are so noisy it actually frightend my dog. They were of no assistance when I tried to discuss this with them and wanted to discuss a refund due to dissatisfaction, they were rude and dismissive.

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Reviews like this make us sad :( We would never be rude or dismissive and always go out of our way to help if a customer has any issues. We chatted over FB messenger and the issue brought up was that the #10 blade cut too short. We offered to send a free blade specific for her breed. This offer was rejected and Plj received a full refund instead.

Super easy to use, excellent results

We clipped our 4 month old schnauzer for the first time with the Salty Dog clipper kit. Although she didn’t like the experience very much (to be expected), we loved how easy the clippers were to use, and all the extras that came in the kit! The comb, brush and scissors were really handy to tidy up her face. With a bit more practice, our pup will be the best looking schnauzer in town! Thanks Salty Dog!

Wow wow wow

All I can say is Wow! My girl slept through her clip and the went through her coat smoothly. Customer service was fabulous - a very happy customer

Saving me a fortune

Love the kit. I have 2 labradoodles and were costing over $100 each grooming so this has saved me so much. I also brought some extra blades so all is working just great. thanks

Excellent product.

Love my clippers they are so easy to use,Smudge my dog think they are great a lot less stress. R

Perfect for a very hairy Collie

First time clipping my girl. I used everything in the kit. The clippers were great, I needed the two speeds for thicker double cost near her backside. I kept the blades oiled as recommended and had no trouble with noise. The guides also fitted without issue. Just saved myself $80 so after a couple of clips the kit will have paid for itself!

Great kit and service

Love my kit. Arrived just a few days after ordering. Everything works well. Bought other scissors and a metal comb elsewhere. I have a Poodle and a Bichon, they need stronger equipment. But the kit and service from the company are excellent. The price perfect. Thank you Salty Dog. A great company to do business with.

So happy with my purchase

I was sick and tired of paying $100 each time for my long haired Jack Russels to be groomed. Salty Dog clippers are AWESOME! My first clip was a bit rough around the edges because my Jack’s hair was so long, but I trimmed her again a week later and she looks perfect. I bought an extra size 4 blade which works perfect. Very very satisfied and happy customer. ❤️


Just recently purchased the clippers, very impressed with them, we have 2 Maltese cross dogs, worked wonderfully on them as they had a lot of matted fur on their legs. Clippers performed well.

Fantastic set for our two small dogs.

We bought the Salty Dog clippers after about a year of using a cheap but effective grooming kit from Aldi that simply died one day. The Salty Dog clippers by comparison feel much more solidly built and have a finish that is deserving of the somewhat premium price tag. It is very much a case of getting what you pay for.
The clippers themselves have two modes that are handy for cutting different types of dog hair. We have a toy poodle and a long-hair chihuahua cross that have very different types of hair and it is good to have a clipper that can be used for both. The set is quiet and light enough to manoeuvre around the narrow crevasses of our small dogs. My one criticism is that after prolonged use (~20min) it can get quite hot. I feel perhaps I was using it longer than I needed because it was such a breeze to use!
The rest of the kit is also good quality. The de-tangle comb that comes with the kit is by far the best I've ever used. Our toy poodle's hair tends to knot after a few days without brushing but even after a week without brushing, the de-tangle comb slices through knotted hair with ease and no discomfort at all for the dog.
The scissors are good quality and both the guide combs I use have been solid and easy to attach and detach from the clipper unit. I have not used the other combs but imagine they would be similarly good quality.
I would definitely recommend this set for anyone who does their own regular grooming and only wish I had bought them sooner.

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Questions & Answers

What blade would suit a medium length haired pomeranian? Cheers Brendan
No answers

Hi Salty Dog Did your kits previously incl #10, #7 and #5 blades in the kit? The blade boxes aren't branded but have SMART printed on the sides. I purchased my set a few years ago but can't remember the online site I bought it from. Would like to confirm if it was from you. Thank you Catherine
1 answer
Hi Catherine, Yes a long time ago we did have extra blades in our kit :) So would say it was our company you bought from :)

Hi, I just wanted to ask if your blades fit Andis clippers Thank you ? Susan Timbs
2 answers
Don’t really know what Andis clippers are Susan - maybe ask the Salty Dog people?Hi Susan, yes they will as long as the Andis clipper is an A5 type removable blade system :)

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