Same Day Tax Refunds

Same Day Tax Refunds

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I used Pinnacle this year for my tax return and the interview took all of about twenty minutes and the agent came up with a result.
So I was happy with the result and went away knowing that I would have the money in my bank in about fourteen days. Well the money arrived and it was $1300 short of what he said I would get back. As expected I rang and complained. He rang back later and said that I was not entitled to what he said because my wife was not old enough to claim her as a rebate!!
Why did he not check her age when completing the form? Why didnt he know the regulations? Isnt he the man who is supposed to know how to fill out the tax??
So I paid him to tell me that he was not up on the rules and to tell me one figure and get another back from the ATO.
Next time I will take the time and go back to filling it out on the internet myself.

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