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Samsonite Firelite

Damaged in transit

The bag didn't survive it's maiden voyage. The covering of the hinge caught and bent back. Airline denied liability. Samsonite refused to honour the warranty. Single use very expensive bag. Wouldn't buy Samsonite again.

Best suitcase I have had. Tough and light weight.

I purchased this suitcase in 2014 after 2 other branded cases I had were wrecked by incredibly gentle handling (not) in New York. Back to my Red Samsonite beauty.
We toured South America in 2015, Machu Picchu, Bolivian Salt flats, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Atacama Desert in Chile, Amazon, Galaopagos, across cobble stones, smooth airport floors, dodgy tracks and even the 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Santiago.
I also managed to get to 'Gold' level on Qantas traveling for work from Aus to New Zealand and Canberra, many many times.
Yes there are scuff marks on the case - to be expected if you watch the loading methods at airports. I have carried bottles and other delicate items - not a problem. Wheels - great but like car tyres - the rubber from the amount of wheeling around mean they will need replacing in another 4 years or so.
On my very last trip 2 weeks ago, the combination lock would not open. I called Samsonite and they could not have been more helpful. No questions asked a new lock arrived in the mail 3 days later. Thanks Syd Bell from Samsonite Aus - you are a champ.

I have now got back from a Colombia, Cuba & Mexico trip (Aug 2018) with my faithful suitcase. Cuba may be stuck in the 60's with pot holed roads and cobble stone streets, but they at least treat your case with respect, unlike LAX where we transitioned through. A number of 'impressions' in the shell of the case, but nothing broken on the inside including a bottle of Tequila....
Of the all the baggage handlers around the airports in the world that I have observed, the US seems to be the most disrespectful. Perhaps that is why so many take their oversize bags as cabin luggage in the US!

Large, light, but not very hardy

I bought this suitcase for overseas travel to replace a smaller one. My main criteria was to get the largest possible suitcase, which is also very light in weight. The Firelight was perfect, it is huge, and you can fit in it much more than in most other suitcases of the same dimensions. That is because there is no inside lining and the shell is thin. It is great, if you need to take bulky, but light items. As a result my friends in Russia received three large sheep skins, tons of tim-tams and many other gifts. It is just perfect for carrying a lot of gifts. But be careful, if filled with clothes or books, this suitcase will exceed any airline limit

It survived going to Moscow and back through Singapore without a problem. I even rolled it on ordinary pedestrian foot path for about 500 meters. The wheels got scratches all over, but did not break. The body of the suitcase also got some miner scratches, but it is inevitable, if you use your luggage. It rolls easily on any surface, even when full, almost 30 kg. The handle is comfortable and adequate to the task, it is generally very smooth and easy to handle.

I give it four, not all five stars only because for the price it is a little too delicate. I would only recommend it to people, who like me travel once ot twice a year, but need to carry a lot. If you travel often, this case will not serve you for long.

Plastic leg shaft snap, because air bubble inside when manufacturing.

Plastic leg shaft snap, because air bubble inside manufacturing defect.

Rubbish product and rubbish company, I will never buy any smasonite, overpriced junk.
Called customer service center, left message, but no reply, they just don't care, so long as marking is good there will be people buy it.

Didn't meet expectations

We purchased a large Firelite & a matching carry-on. We are happy with the carry-on, but after a recent trip we returned home to find the hard shellcase of the large firelite was covered with scuffs from other bags while being handled at the airport/plane.
More of a concern is both the protective cover over the zip, and the zip had come away from the hardshell case. One of the reasons this bag is so pricey is the secure features & weatherproofing of the zip! We would have expected this from a cheap bag.
Samsonite advertise in stores that it is a heavy duty case & invite you to jump on top of the trial model. We were only away a few days and would have expected the bag to last longer than this without any problems.
We need to take the case to an authorised repairer 5 hours away & hope they can fix the zip under warranty.

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Purchased the case through Strandbags who arranged to replace it with a new one, without any problems. Thanks Strandbags

Only 2.9 kg for a 75 cm suitcase

My wife and I, bought one of these suitcases, each. The patented CURV material is very strong and is supposed to be used for making bullet proof vests. For a hard-case suitcase with a volume capacity of 93 litres, it is very light.

We chose these instead of the Cosmolite, as we had read about the widespread problems with faulty zips in the Cosmolite range. Also, the Firelite range has a protection layer for the zip and is supposed to be water-proof if caught in the rain.

The four wheels are very good, hardy in build quality and easy to roll. We have tested both suitcases in a trip across France for a month. They passed the test.

Update June 2016. Our suitcases have been used during our holidays in Canada and USA for a month; and in China for 3 weeks; also in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore for 3 weeks. Still in very good condition. Next trip is Japan for 2 weeks.Update July 2017. Both suitcases continue to perform very well. Have been overseas twice this year for our holidays.

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Does anyone has the review for samsonite orfeo 81cm?
2 answers
I had one and gave it to my daughter for local travel in a car. Nothing wrong with it, except many airline and check in counters would put 'heavy ' stickers on it even though it was less than 20kg. A train check-in at Montreal to Ottawa refused to take it on the carriage and it had to go in the baggage wagon. Maybe the burnt orange colour attracted the attention.I had one and gave it to my daughter for local travel in a car. Nothing wrong with it, except many airline and check in counters would put 'heavy ' stickers on it even though it was less than 20kg. A train check-in at Montreal to Ottawa refused to take it on the carriage and it had to go in the baggage wagon. Maybe the burnt orange colour attracted the attention.

do you have any reviews on Samsonite Octolite 67cm
1 answer
We bought an Octolite 81 cm. Its hinge busted off on its maiden voyage! Didn't even make it intact from Australia to Norway. Now completely useless. We now have the hassle of trying to get warranty in a foreign speaking country. The zipper was intact. The hinge protrudes and must have caught on something in transit.

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