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Samsonite Firelite 69cm Spinner

Samsonite Firelite 69cm Spinner

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Best suitcase I have had. Tough and light weight.

I purchased this suitcase in 2014 after 2 other branded cases I had were wrecked by incredibly gentle handling (not) in New York. Back to my Red Samsonite beauty.
We toured South America in 2015, Machu Picchu, Bolivian Salt flats, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Atacama Desert in Chile, Amazon, Galaopagos, across cobble stones, smooth airport floors, dodgy tracks and even the 8.3 magnitude earthquake in Santiago.
I also managed to get to 'Gold' level on Qantas traveling for work from Aus to New Zealand and Canberra, many many times.
Yes there are scuff marks on the case - to be expected if you watch the loading methods at airports. I have carried bottles and other delicate items - not a problem. Wheels - great but like car tyres - the rubber from the amount of wheeling around mean they will need replacing in another 4 years or so.
On my very last trip 2 weeks ago, the combination lock would not open. I called Samsonite and they could not have been more helpful. No questions asked a new lock arrived in the mail 3 days later. Thanks Syd Bell from Samsonite Aus - you are a champ.

I have now got back from a Colombia, Cuba & Mexico trip (Aug 2018) with my faithful suitcase. Cuba may be stuck in the 60's with pot holed roads and cobble stone streets, but they at least treat your case with respect, unlike LAX where we transitioned through. A number of 'impressions' in the shell of the case, but nothing broken on the inside including a bottle of Tequila....
Of the all the baggage handlers around the airports in the world that I have observed, the US seems to be the most disrespectful. Perhaps that is why so many take their oversize bags as cabin luggage in the US!

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