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Greatest piece of junk ever!

Ay Tu Brutus!

Yep, believed the salesman at the Good Guys who said this was a "fantastic machine" before reading the reviews - duh!

First twelve months past and bang, out goes the control panel!

Another two years and bang, out go the door hinges!

Now, thankfully three months INSIDE the extended warranty, bang, up pops the notorious E2 error code saying there ain't no water getting in!

A quick look on Mr Google confirms this product rates an average of one star and is branded as a "don't touch" item.

No more Samsung stuff for me!

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Since the above post, this piece of garbage has broken two more door cables and when you see they are nothing but a small piece of braided cable it is obvious why they keep failing! Unbelievable that a huge company like SAMSUNG turns out rubbish like this machine. Don't touch it!

The dreaded e2 error strikes again, Samsung just lost a customer for life not to mention those who I

E2 error strikes again absolutely useless machine they've lost a customer for life and not to mention all the people I'll be telling, is it the selinoid and the hose or ...... Can I just change that or... Samsung is no help on the phone and forget about a detailed product manual, they obviously milk for repairs after the original purchase of a poor product

Stay away from Samsung!!!

Circuit board fail.
Door hinge cable fail.
Aqua stop fail.
Problems with the product after 12 months.
Unfortunately when moving into our new house we matched every appliance we have with Samsung. Big mistake! Slowly replacing items as they continue to fail.
Don't even ask me about the fridge.


Worked reasonably good for first year. After one year door springs broke off. Worked ok for another year, and the springs broke off again! Today is 3 years, machine refused to start up. It's dead. Not even one light comes on. This product was made cheaply, and barely survived 3 years. What is wrong with you, Samsung?

Not even bothering

Purchased 2012........dreaded E error appeared late 2015. After reading all these reviews I think our machine did well, considering.......we are a family of five so it got a lot of use! Estimated cost to fix machine $500+........no thanks....it cost $600!
Moving on to another machine but staying away from Samsung.......

Discontinued, wonder why????

Fix a problem just to find another, biggest piece of crap that WAS on the market, reviews were fabricated when we looked into buying, never again, Discontinued?????? wonder why?????? Problems, dr - E2 - E3 - E4 - F3 - F9 - SE - th. Nearly all available errors. Unrateable. Will not be replacing with another Samsung. Lasted, of course, just past warranty expiration. Total time used would be no more than 2 months in 5 years (60 hrs max)

Very poor quality...

I completely agree with all the opinions with regard to the poor quality of Samsung Dishwasher. It broke down twice within a year. Now it shows E2 which turns out to be very common in this brand. I truly believe that $600 for a dishwasher that lasts only over two years is way too much. If Samsung doesn't repair it, I'll stay away from this brand forever.

End of warranty problems

We purchased this appliance from a local store and have nothing but compliments to pay the sales staff. The dishwasher was easy to install and get up an running.

About 3 months after the warranty ran out we received the dreaded E2 error that is so frequently listed here in these pages. A call through to Samsung and an explanation of what happened resulted in Samsung sending out a repair tech within 24 hours and replacing the offending water feed line - All free of charge!!!

Several months pass and we go to start the dishwasher for the daily wash and we get the system operating for a few minutes and then it drops dead!!! No power, no error codes ... nothing. Yet another quick call to Samsung to explain the problem and we have a tech booked in to visit us on site less that 48 hours after the problem.

Samsung must be aware of the problems this machine has and is trying o save some face in relation to what is possible a lemon. The only thing keeping this review from being one star is the ongoing support Samsung is providing outside of the warranty period.
... TO FOLLOW UP ...

The circuit board failed. Samsung arranged for a repair man to come out and replace the board at no cost to me, and based it around a time that I was available.

Finally gave up on the Samsung dishwasher - pump has now fused. Tried to get unit repaired under ACCC requirements - repair was a no show. I have now scrapped the machine and have decided to go elsewhere.

Samsung - consistently poor quality

This dishwasher that we purchased in May 2013 (D.O.M. January 2013), died completely today (July 27, 2015). Rather than be surprised, angry, or even disappointed, I was pleased that Samsung has provided me with the valuable consumer lesson to avoid their entire range of products in the future. Two years normal household use does not fit the definition of 'fit for purpose'.
Memo to Samsung: the definition of stupidity is to keep doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result - no more Samsung products for me!

Samsung You Were good Quality at one time

Replace old washer with Samsung Dm500trw from goodguys on 19/4/2012 .Sales said it was a fair priced unit and samsung has a good name ..
I guess we were lucky as we hadnt had any problems at all until 27/6/2015 ... Yep its dead no power to the display panel ... No one out this way can fix it ... or wants to look at it unless we pay travel .
$599.00 should last more than a couple of years .. Samusung YOU RIPPED ME OFF ...
We have samsung tv fridges ...
Samsung hang up when i told them the purchase date (out of warranty) ....
Remember samsung its customers who keep you in jobs by purchasing your products , it i can persuade just 1 person NOT to purchase a samsung product ,i would be doing them a favour


Just over 2 years old and constant E3 errors. Purchased new from the Good Guys. Was good up till just past factory warranty then the E3 errors started. Thankfully I have the extended warranty. Rude repair man came out and some how got it running once but as soon as he walked out the door the E3 error started again.

Goodguys have a no lemon policy which states if they repair the same part 3 times I get a new dish washer so I am hoping I can get another model soon.

Should of bought from Harvey Norman as their warranty would of just swapped it for a new one already.

Not happy.

Unreliable, breaks down a lot, 3 year life

I have had a Samsung DMS500TRW dishwasher for just on 3 years. In the last 6 months I have spent $547 on repairs. The seals went after 2 years and 6 monhs ($145 inc labor). At the 2 year and 9 month mark the outlet hose needed replacing - E3 alert - ($145 inc labor). At the 3 year mark the inlet hose failed - E2 alert - ($250 inc labor). And now again at the 2 year and 2 month mark the outlet hose again - E2 alert.

Avoid unless...you are prepared to spend around $500 and throw the item away at the first sign of trouble. Go for it! I highly recommend an extended warranty though. Otherwise avoid altogether.

But where do we go for reliability? My last dishwasher was a Bosch. Over $1000 rrp. 3 x control panels at $200 each in 3 years I threw it away - for this new reliability branded Samsung mistake.

I have sumsung everything else that is great though. Perhaps they ousourced this line completely and avoided brand protection measures.

So if Samsung want to offer me a refund or a discount or some compensation - feel free - no, feel obliged!

Reasonable for the money

I had one problem early on. I rang Samsung who told me it was out of warranty. It was 2 months old and the manufacturing date was less than 12 months! They did eventually repair under wty but there customer service is a worry. My previous machine was an LG that worked quite well apart from a few problems over 8 years. I decided to switch brands as I did not like the service contractor LG used only to find Samsung use the same contractor! The machine is fairly noisy but works reasonably well. The dreaded E2 Error can also show when there is no water.As mine did when I changed a split drain hose with a piece of hose I bought from the hardware (as the genuine hose is ridiculously expensive) and i forgot to turn the water back on causing an E2 error.Other than that so far so good.It is coming up to 3 years old and is used about every second day on average.If it breaks down again I will not get it repaired as the service company never comes out with parts and charges you a fortune to diagnose the fault first. I think there are probably better machines for the money but it has worked satisfactorily for me so far. Next machine I buy will be from a manufacturer that do there own service. UPDATE. The machine broke down again about 1 month after writing this review. It is now at the rubbish dump.

I agree very poor quality

We bought the samsung dishwasher 2 years ago and within 6 months we were given a new one a the door kept leaking even after a new door was put on (after 6 visits). Therefore really no dishwasher for nearly three months. 12 months later the dreaded E2 error. This was due to calcium build up in the mechanism on the fill line (shown to us - reasonable). Now we get an F3 error two months after parts (fill hose) replacement. Also the drain pipe was broken so water has been leaking for some time. Think it was due to technician as it wasn't broken before then (2 months ago). My advice is stay clear of samsung dishwashers unless you get it cheap and get an extended warranty or else stack up on dish washing liquid and get you hands wet.
Very disappointing.

Very poor build quality and design - Avoid Samsung all together! Avoid Avoid

In a nutshell, very bad built and design quality. If you want to replace your dishwasher again in 2-3 years go ahead an get this one, it does the job while it works. If you want to use it for longer, just get another brand.

I had nothing but issues with this since the beginning. I had bad experiences with Samsung products before and promised never to buy Samsung again. Unfortunately I convinced myself to give them another opportunity as it was a completely different line of products and it looked nice. Big mistake!
Issues started from 2 month into ownership, from simple things as the cutlery basket falling apart (I bought a replacement from ebay that has lasted 2 years and still going - not Samsung made obviously) to the door hinge system also breaking or the shelf adjustment breaking (even when it was adjusted originally to the desired setting and never touched again. How did it break? I'm still wondering).
In a nutshell it is very poorly made and obviously the materials are not up to standards. It looks like it was designed to just outlive the warranty.
The last and final issue is an E2 error (water supply). I contacted support but there was no help there.
Many other people had complained about the dreaded E2 error so obviously it is a well documented issue with Samsung dishwashers. When I pointed this out to the support person she said that I was mistaken and that there weren't many complains about it on the official website. When I pointed her to this and other websites that were reporting the issue she just replied that these weren't Samsung official websites. Great!

So, it looks like Samsung's technique is to deny any issue that it's not mentioned on their website. And as they decide what goes into their website...
Great plan to avoid having to fix issues. Not so good to keep customers faithful to the brand.

Hopefully all my dramas will save someone else having to go through the same. Save yourself some money and headaches and stay as far away from Samsung as you can.

Rubbish - poorly made

Save your money folks, just like I found with my faulty and dangerous Samsung laundry washer, badly made, from China and even by Chinese standards... very poor build inside. The inlet hose hold back valve cracked within a few months. Did not bother with warranty as I know how bad it is, bought the part from ebay and fitted myself.

2 Months out of a two year warranty I get a E3 error, pump is stuffed. Nice timing again, just like a heap of other people here, these are engineered to fail just outside warranty. You just have to look inside them and inspect the design. It's not good. Now go look at a brand just $100 more like a Bosch, (there are better brands above Bosch too).

Leave these on the shop floor, they only reach their true value if they are 50% discounted against a decent brand like Bosch. If you are going to buy cheap whitegoods .... buy cheap brands not these wolf in sheep's clothing to boost the Samsung share price.

Buy a European built, Italian built... never, ever buy Samsung, or other "high quality brand name white goods but...they are built in China".
Country of origin is important with dishwashers you CANNOT go by brand.
Next stop...the rubbish tip, which should be where all of them should be sold from.


I have to agree with everything the disappointed customer is with his dishwasher. I have the same washer and same problems waste of my good hard earned money and my valuable time.

No error title, just stopped working!!

Was purchased new for our house when we moved in and after 2 and a half years just stopped working with no error code, rang Samsung and was told that it is a common fault and as out of warranty would have to pay for repairs ourselves. Worked out it would probably be cheaper just to buy a new dishwasher for another company/brand', You would think that such a good brand with other technology could get it right with a dishwasher.

Another E2 error here! AVOID AVOID AVOID!

Same story as many others! Lemon. Disgraceful that Samsung has not offered compensation for such a common fault that renders the appliance useless.

I actually researched dishwasher choices on this site, and after such great reviews on the DMS500, I bought one in 2011 and had it installed around November, and it has had light use (1-2 times a week) since then.

We have had no issues during this time, until suddenly having the E2 error appear recently. Apparently this is a solenoid problem, and is not worth fixing, particularly as there are no guarantees it will not happen again.

3 years of light use is not an acceptable life span for a $600 dishwasher. Very disappointing.

Absolute rubbish! Keep away!

In four years the control panel has been replaced, the door hinges broke, the cutlery basket disintegrates, we've had the element replaced and now the value has gone. These really are absolute crap. Samsung should be ashamed of itself for selling such abysmal rubbish.

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showing F3? what is the problem and how to fix.
2 answers
I’ve just looked through the manual and there’s no F3 code. All the codes begin with an E.Hi Violeta, we'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Would you be able to send us a photo of the error code to our Facebook via the link below? Please ensure to copy and paste your enquiry in a private message to us. > m.me/SamsungAustralia Jo Samsung AU

How to remove the kickplate?
No answers

E2 error what does it mean?
1 answer
Hi Clint, as per the User Manual, E2 means there is a water supply error. Make sure the water supply is on. Make sure the water supply hose is not twisted. Make sure the water pressure is not too low. Sara Samsung Australia


Samsung DMS500TRW
CategoryFreestanding Dishwashers
Price (RRP) $899
Water Rating4stars
Energy Rating3.5stars
Max Noise Level46 dB
Release dateJul 2010

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