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Brought Feb 2012 thought it was a great dishwasher and had no problems until now. Put a full load on as usual the other night and it died half way through...no beeps or messages on screen. Water was still on the bottom so we unplugged and tried to see if the drain pipe clogged - nope. then we connected power cord to another power point and there was our problem..dead! Probably can't get it fixed so now we look for another model.

E2 message. Not looking good for me....

Purchased 2.5 years ago and I have been very happy with it re all aspects. We now have the dreaded E2 error message and after reading all the comments, not too excited about my prospects. Am about to replace my kitchen so maybe I'll buy smeg to match other appliances.
Efficient, quiet, fast wash options, reasonably priced.
E2 message

My second E2 message!!

My first E2 message was in about 1 year time, quick fixed by Samsung without a cost (within warranty). yesterday, I have my second E2 message and stop working, in about 2.5 years time. Apart from this proble, every thing is fine. I still did not ring Samsung yet, hope this time they treat me as good as my first time.

Another e2 error, seems a common fault

Machine worked fine for 3 years then got the dreaded e2 error message, manual says its water supply problem, what it doesn't say is it relates to their inlet hose and valve and is apparently a common problem based on the reviews of this product. It will cost you about $140.00 to buy new hose and valve and then have to remove covers and instal, or pay for a service. Do yourself a favour and buy another brand

No stars for this one! Lemon

A dishwasher is supposed to last longer than 1.5-2 years! Replacement unit has just fused the house power 3 times and is now sitting idle! On to Samsung live chat now but no-one is responding. I have been reading other reviews and finding that this model should never have been put on the market! No way, would I purchase another Samsung product!
Washed really well up until it took out all the power in my house!
Doesn't work anymore.

DMS500TRW - poor quality

I got the E2 error after 24 month ... did some research and found I needed to replace the inlet hose complete with solenoid valve ... got the repair instructions from a helpful appliance repair man on line (Samsung is no help)
removed the side panels and found them rusting from the inside, Samsung had put some foam across the water air level compartment, foam holds moisture causing rust on unpainted metal.
The cantilever wire for the door runs around a fixed plastic part and over time this wire is cutting into and eventually through the plastic.
When it is going it works fine
This appliance is designed for a good life not a long life.

DMS500TRW - Poor Decision

Initially thought this was a great dishwasher but at 12 months the E2 error occured which is where the pain began. The dishwasher has since been "repaired" on two other occasions due to the E2 error. Avoid this dishwasher at all costs as it has a low life span and by looking at other comments, 12 months is when you can expect it to fail. Very dissapointed in Samsung for manufacturing such rubbish.

After 12 months it is only useful as a boat anchor


18 moths ago, I checked reviews and found Samsung had a good reputation for it's price. We bought a DMS500TRW which we were really happy with. unfortunately after 18 months it gave an E3 message. which normally means pump problems,,, but the pump was working fine. as they couldn't get replacement parts to try to find the fault..(gone are the days when you fix things..) . we were offered a new one. (a big thumbs up to Samsung NZ for going out of their way to replace our first machine)
so after comparing features we chose the above.
I am sure we'll get used to the utensil tray, but like others have mentioned, I don't believe they get as well washed as the basket.
the soap more often than not stays sitting soggily in it's drawer, and I do not want to resort $$$ tablets. so now I place tin foil under the powder and out it comes :)
I've only tried the Storm Wash once.. and didn't find it any better than our last machine.
The tune at the end... well after doing dishes for over two hours I'd make a song and dance about it too... and it gives us time to remember to put the door ajar to dry better.
lot's of space quiet
not as good a result as their previous model in washing or drying. the utensil tray is not user friendly.

I have since cut a piece of plastic that sits inside dispenser, which stops the powder damply sticking to the inside of it. problem solved. But I don't think I would recommend this dishwasher to others.2 weeks before warranty expired it breaks down. So new pump , new shelf!! And new arm installed, goes better than we first bought it new shelf a much better design than original. Only use utensil shelf for large utensils now.

Not a good model.

Reasonable unit as it is quiet and water efficient. Not good unit as it keeps coming up with an E2 error. I clean it out and do an empty wash cycle which fixes it for a few months, then it plays up agian. A lemon model as it seems to be a common problem that samsung don't want to know about.
Quiet, water efficient, spacoius and hasna good variety of washes.
unreliable, breaks down on a regular basis. Go for a different brand.

Cleans well but broke down just out of warranty period

I purchased this dishwasher just over two years ago but only used it for about 18 months I should have got extended warranty with Good Guys.

The machine gives an E2 error and will not pump water out. I have to manually cup it out. I have called Samsung and they agreed to provide service free of charge despite being outside of warranty.

I would expect a machine to last longer than this... I have samsung fridge and phone... Hopefully they last longer than this did..
cleans dishes well, quiet, energy efficiency
these seem prone to break down

F3 Error

Purchased dishwasher in Jan 2012. First broke down I think in June 2012 with F3 error. Service came and fixed it and replaced the front circuit board. Broke down second time in Jan 2013. Took a month to resolve and they gave me a new machine. Same model. This one broke down in September 2013 with F3 error again. Service came and took it to workshop for 3 days. Returned it and said it was ok. Broke down again 2 weeks later with F3 error. Have asked for a completely new model this time. This is obviously not designed to last too long.
Samsung service line is very frustrating as no action happens unless you demand it.
Constantly broke down with the same error.

not even 2.5 years old...and its DEAD !!!!!

we have had this dishwasher only 2 and a half years and it has died.. no power... wont go...its full of water which we will have to scoop out...you would think in this day and age an item would last more than 2.5 years...wont be buying another samsung that's for sure,......
good guys

E2 error demon strikes again

Purchased this model brand new and straight out of the box it didn't work. I'd heard rumors about the dreaded E2 'water flow' error message this machine suffers from and the one I purchased was no different.

Repair technician couldn't find the fault and just labelled the machine a dud! Now I have to spend my time returning the Samsung lemon for a replacement that I hope will at least get past the first wash!

I was a big Samsung supporter across all it's products but lately they've been missing the mark by a mile.
Very good price, after sales service was reasonably prompt
Cheap workmanship resulting in poor reliability


This is a great dishwasher as fas as I'm concerned , cleans well, versatile for loading, love the top shelf adjustment and the bits and pieces you can either leave in or take out. I use finish tablets and have a clean wash every time. I also use the cutlery spacers on one side only so as spoons etc don't fall through .
Top or bottom wash circle ..
Though I use the top shelf, a special section for long utilities eg. Egg flipper etc would be good

Not a bad dishwasher

Purchased this from Good Guys on the White Door samsung dishwasher got it for a great price. Had it installed and gave it a test cycle. The machine is so quiet you don't have to shout to and you can also be in the same room while its working away. I did notice a few things when I started to load dishes and chop sticks into the fork and spoon basket. The holes are so big they kept falling straight through it and it wedges it self when you want to pull the lower basket out to unpack it. The door opening action isn't so smooth as in it has too much friction at any angle so you really have to put some muscles into it when you want to open the door fully to 90 deg. Not keen on the location of the big program button right in the middle of where you put your hands and thumb to open the door as you will keep pressing it. The program doesn't function untill the door closes but still more times you press a button more quickly it will wear down over time untill it becomes unresponsive if only they offset it a bit to the left or to the right would have been great. Not so bad does its job and all the people who complain about the time it takes thats why there is a delay feature, you can set it to run when your off at work during off peak time to save on electricity bills and those say 3hrs come on @ 20c /kwhr tariffs rates you really counting it and they must be running pots and pans mode to get it that long mine only runs for 120mins for 65deg daily cycle? Not sure about the half clean feature I thought about it the other day while you can cut down 1/2 amount of energy and water the difference is only about 20mins running time from half load to full load and the dishwashing tablets you still have to use 1 whole tablet everytime regardless if its half load or full and that cost more than saving 20mins of running time. Its best to buy lots of plates and load up during the week and do a full cycle at the end of the week run. Dishes dry up pretty well but you have to use a cap of rinse aid to get that spotless water but 1 or 2 drops of water on the plate won't hurt you plus if you try and unload it as soon as it finishes its pretty hot to touch the plates best to leave a gap in the door for 30mins to cool down and moisture to evaporate away. For a cracking price you can't ask this to be a SMEG. Its a great dishwasher that does its job and does it well.
inexpensive 4 star water and 3 star energy, quiet
spoon and fork basket holes are way too big it will fall through if you place it fork upside. Big program button location at door handle position.

Dont do it

This is by far the worse dishwasher I have ever owned. The price was right at the time, which influenced my descission, but I have probably spent my savings in more dishwashing powder having to rewash load after load ! The cutlery basket is a bad design, with the holes in the bottom too big and things fall through, or you can use the rack that goes on the top of it , which means all the cutlery has to be man handled to un pack it. I over came the bottom rack issue that others have spoken about . Dishes alway wet at the end, drying cycle inefficient. I have had this machine for 18 months and really have tried to give it a fair go . The serviceman says it is a great machine ....perhaps that is because it is keeping him in work !!
Adjustable racks is the best feature of this machine
Poor performance , bad design on many features

Great product when working

I have only had my dishwasher or should i say 2 dishwashers 5 mths. and i am now thinking its one of the worst mistakes i could have ever made.

1st dishwasher the welds popped off the front and after waiting for 2 weeks for techs to come out they replaced it with a new one.and 1/2 of one on the no never worked.

my 2nd one started stopping towards the end of cycle no error message- only reason i knew it had stopped is when i went to use it again there was time on the display when i turned it back on.
now it wont even turn on. now waiting 3 weeks for service man. i am not happy. and i was a very big samsung purchaser. maybe not anymore
When it is working it works and cleans well
Customer service is something that needs to be worked on.

Takes almost 3 hours for a wash!

So I purchased this from a good guys store for $649. I was conned into thinking it was a good product and washed well ans fast. It washes ok BUT IT TAKES 3 HOURS TO WASH A LIGHT CYCLE. Yes 3 hours - and that is on a low temperature, this means it doesn't kill germs and bacteria. You need to put it into sterilisation to do that which takes longer again. If you wash in the heavy cycle it takes 140 minutes to wash. It's annoying cause I don't believe you can save energy by washing for over two hours at a time!
Washing is ok
Takes three hours for a wash!

Best and most quiet dishwasher ever

We bought this dishwasher when we moved house 2 years ago. I have to say I am happy we did it cleans so well and dries the dishes really well unlike our old fisher and paykel and dishlex. It works so well I even use the homebrand dishwasher powder/rinse aid from coles and the dishes come out sparkling. I definitely recommend this to anyone on a budget.
It dries the dishes so well, better than the previous brands of dishwashers I have owned. It is also really quiet apart from the water being emptied and washes very well.
The door always comes open occasionally during the cycle and I have to close it all the time which is a pain.

Takes too long to wash

Unfortunately this dishwasher has been like hell since day one. The door doesn't open to the full 90 degrees so the basket always rolls back which is annoying. The terrible thing is the wash cycle. How can an economy wash be 170 minutes without even using the sterilizer? That takes even longer! But every time I want to wash it says 167 minutes, this uses so much power compared to other brands where a 120 minute wash is the INTENSIVE CYCLE. This wash doesn't do pots or pans so you need a more powerful wash.
Looks nice
Takes almost 3 hours to wash.

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Questions & Answers

showing F3? what is the problem and how to fix.
2 answers
I’ve just looked through the manual and there’s no F3 code. All the codes begin with an E.Hi Violeta, we'd be more than happy to look into this for you. Would you be able to send us a photo of the error code to our Facebook via the link below? Please ensure to copy and paste your enquiry in a private message to us. > m.me/SamsungAustralia Jo Samsung AU

How to remove the kickplate?
No answers

E2 error what does it mean?
1 answer
Hi Clint, as per the User Manual, E2 means there is a water supply error. Make sure the water supply is on. Make sure the water supply hose is not twisted. Make sure the water pressure is not too low. Sara Samsung Australia


Samsung DMS500TRW
CategoryFreestanding Dishwashers
Price (RRP) $899
Water Rating4stars
Energy Rating3.5stars
Max Noise Level46 dB
Release dateJul 2010

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