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Great Mobile Phone!!!

Got this phone in April this year, 4 years after my contract on my contract with my old Galaxy Note 3 finished. It was time to upgrade. It is a very good decision because this phone is way much better - its excellent. The camera is excellent - very satisfied with the photo and video quality. The battery lasts 4x longer than my old one and charged 10× faster I think. My apps run smoothly as well.
Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great phone - Doesn't self immolate this year!

Great low light camera.
Good screen. I miss the flat screen of the Note 4 but the curved does look good and make it more pocketable.
Battery last me all day under normal use.
Great tech specs, SD card expansion is fantastic.
I recommend Nova Launcher over the Stock Sammy UI though.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


Samsung galaxy note 8 is so Awesome.
Just everything about the phone, from the huge crystal clear High Definition screen, to the super awesome camera/ video resolution. 64 GB built in memory. I highly recommend getting the Tech 21 Brand case, which is very strong and durable case.
Love it.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Perfect mobile

The samsung note 8 is the best, there no need to own a tablet when you own this , I it's a great size it's clear oled screen with expandable storage, the pen comes in handy when you need to take notes over the call just place the call on loud speaker and pull put your pen and start taking notes and save it. And there is another feature which is amazing when your battery start getting very low and your out,there is a power saving button just tap that and it will give your many more hours to use your mobile I not sure if apple has that feature but it worth a million dollars when your stuck with a low battery.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Great looking Phone with exceptional battery and performance

Fantastic phone with a battery that lasts me 2 days without charging. Like other comments say, a great camera for photos and video in daylight but not so great at night even with the flash. I seem to get a lot of red eye's in my night photos. Super fast responsiveness and superb screen display. The display is 6.3 inches, but its a tall thin phone which will make most videos stretch wider than usual even if the video is 16.9 resolution..

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Love it

I love it... Best screen and functionality. Very smooth and can be run with one finger unlike previous Note versions. Highly recommended. I am happt with battery life. Color limitation could have been increased as recently only 2 available with most of providers. Fast charging is useful as if running late it is handy

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Galaxy Note 8

The camera function of this phone is quite satisfied, the effect of daytime photography is better than the night effect, in the night photo shoot out of the effect a little blurred.
This cell phone display a bit of a problem, the use of the process of black screen once, brightness is quite satisfactory.
In addition to the use of SMS and phone functions I also use mobile phone playing games, but in the course of the game is not smooth phenomenon, other entertainment is Good.
applications run on the phone is still smooth, not too much problem, no impact on the Use.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

My note 8 is a lemon!

My Samsung note 8 is a dud and continues to get worse, my phone has crashed 5 times in the year that I've had it where I can't turn it off on two occasions the alarm has continued to go off and I can't turn it off my phone wont respond, the keyboard has a mind of it's own at times and randomly types by itself. The screen is so delicate that when pushing down on it trying to get it to respond the screen cracked, the sound at times sounds echoey especially when Google or Bixby talks. Customer support are useless often they can't even understand a simple conversation, as usual in another country where English is their second language yet it's called Samsung Australia. This will be my last Samsung phone which is disappointing as I like Samsung phones, this is my 5th note phone. I've asked for my phone to be replaced but all support do is run through their stupid troubleshooting again and again time after time with the same results. Then insist I must give my phone to their technicians to access while I'm inconvenienced some more being without a phone for weeks while I continue to have to pay off my 1k phone. Absolutely disgusting customer service. Samsung you just lost another customer!

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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We're really sorry to hear that you are having some issues with your Note8, Tina. In this case, we recommend heading into your nearest service centre and have our techs look into this for you. If you click on the below links, you can locate your nearest service centre: > http://www.samsung.com/au/support/service-centre/ Bookings: > https://www.samsung.com/au/samsungstore/bookings/ Jazz Samsung Australia

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Pixel is still a little bit different from the camera, but I have to say that pixels are good. At least I used to shoot out of the pixels of self-feeling is pretty good

display rejects the S-series of the Classic Oval button This I am still very satisfied or is the display resolution is also very good monitor this aspect I am very satisfied with the

I will see the movie play games and so on

this phone paired with the Dragon 835 Of the processor is still very smooth performance is very high

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Night photo effect is very good at night can also be photographed very detailed and good-looking picture pixel This is really very powerful
display is a big highlight borderless border design is engaging and very durable
in addition to SMS and telephone I will also listen to music to see the video of course there are playing games
I now have a lot of app phone is also quite smooth The CPU is still quite powerful in this respect

Date PurchasedOct 2017

The Perfect Phone

At last I have found a phone that does exactly what you want !
It's the right size and has so much more to offer in the way of apps and information .
I would certainly recommend this brand as initially I wanted a Samsung Galaxy tab but I mistakenly pressed the wrong item. BUT I'm not disappointed in the least !
I would offer anyone this phone in a second if I was not the customer but the manager in a retail store !

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Oleophobic coating poor quality and Samsung just try to refuse to repair it

I would never use Samsung again. Why on earth everybody else in other country can get a replacement screen while their oleophobic coating worn off but not in Australia? They should have responsibility for their bad quality coating. I even print out a lot of proof but they don't even have a look. Worst customer service ever. Always try to avoid warranty. I was moved from ip to SS note7,8,9 now they make me think I should go back to Iphone.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Sorry to hear this Jason! I have sent you a private message, so that we assist and discuss further regarding this issue. Philip Samsung Australia

Great product

Camara is amazing we took it oversea amazing photos. The phone is probably the best iv had. Can brightness can be turned down to suit my own needs at different times. Emailing so easy. Yes apps are great no problem although I would rather choose my own apps to install it come with it's own apps and updates all the time can be frustrating

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Excellent phone in many aspects and fantastic for people who are vision or hearing impaired

Samsung note 8 has many impressive functions such as user friendliness, high functioning phone camera with great lenses, storage capacity etc. Etc. But a feature which is rarely mentioned is that it has features to help users who are hearing or visually impaired. I'll focus my review on hearing enhancement since that's my experience. The phone has a hearing test function which allows it to calibrate a better hearing experience for you (e.g. when having a phone conversation, listening to audios or videos, with or without earphones). So if you go through the hearing test, it will then automatically enhance the output sound of your phone (based on your hearing test) making it easier and clearer for you to hear. I've found it much clearer in sound afterwards, and way better in comparison to my old phone (note4), it's much easier to hear. Additionally it also has a 'doorbell' and 'baby crying' alert. So when you turn on the function, it'll listen out for the sounds of the two, depending on what you've choosen. I've found it to be effective for both and I use it when I'm upstairs at home and cannot hear the doorbell from the distance or when I'm downstairs and may not hear the baby cry. The phone will pick up the sound and send me a red vibrating alert on the screen. This phone has many excellent functions which I love but as mentioned, for this review I wanted to mention these enhancement functions which is rarely ever mentioned. I hope it can help those who may be hard at hearing and wished for a device that can cater to their needs.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Great Mobile

Bought this mobile when first came out and been very happy with it since than. even though it has been nearly a year still in mint condition and works perfectly. It has a very bright screen and Cristal clear. Very helpful for navigation while travelling around Australia. Apps always been running very smooth.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best phones

Samsung galaxy note 8 is one of the best Hd phone cameras ever considering i recently had a iPhone 7. The brightness and durability my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is pretty awesome because of the dual cameras. It also has boatload of stylus tricks which is in fact of of its best features. I only use this phone for messaging and calling. The apps such as, Facebook, Instagram and etc are smooth

Date PurchasedMay 2018

A Fabulous Fone with Picture Perfect Quality Control

I simple can't fault this phone. Once you understand the logic of the phone's organisational structures, the apps, the settings, the layout, the controls, the themes, the wireless connectivity, the display and every conceivable function you want to achieve, this phone has it covered. The pen is excellent when you need to jot down a quick list or number and the Bixby Command Centre is an aspect of the phone I am just beginning to explore and appreciate. The battery does me easily for a day out and about but will need to be wirelessly recharged when I get home by placing it into its holder. If I need to use it heavily I just take my powerbank. Not a problem. I don't think there is any need to upgrade unless something unique and revolutionary comes out in the phone market. This is high quality. The camera also is awesome and also requires some experimentation to get it right for my personal circumstances in any given context. I have 128 gb sd card and 128 usb which connects easily to transfer files whilst the phone itself has 64 gb built in. I never have to worry about storage. All of my music and some video clips are easily stored and accessed. It's like having a mini computer. I love it.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

A case of good and ordinary

I need a phone to work all over Australia, so I use Australia's largest network. I need a phone with a good antenna, Samsung seems ok.
Phone calls, sms texts, emails, facebook and photos, that are my needs.
The Samsung almost completely FAILS when it comes to text messaging, which is very frustrating. I had a Note 3 which was brilliant in this regard and I am considering starting that phone up again.
The Samsung Note 8 is completely frustrating when it comes to swipe messaging. Once you have used this feature, you never want to go back to typing, and the Note 8 is bloody useless in this regard.
Photos, fine.
Emails, fine.
Sorry Samsung, you have really dropped the ball on the messaging.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
Hi Gordo, thank you for being such a loyal customer! We appreciate the time you took to share this with us. In regards to swipe messaging, your Note8 will adapt to the way you type your messages and will pick up on your most used words. In time this feature should get better. Sara Samsung AustraliaHi Sara. My old note 3 which I still have was better from the beginning. At least you could have given us the ability to vary the screen sensitivity. Maybe include this in one of your many updates? Regards.Hi Gordo, this is definitely something we can provide to the product innovation team as feedback! I'll be sure to pass this on and I hope we can release bigger and better technology as we progress forward. Philip Samsung Australia

Samsung Note 8 Wonderful Smartphone-I only wish I had bought it sooner!

Pros: Fast processor*very nice to hold *Fingerprint reader very responsive & accurate.
I find it easy to swipe with my finger, not a problem at all. Don't know what the fuss was about.
Nice & slim for pocket & not too wide tall though.
Features galore & lot's of options to change it.
Too much to say except Samsung Note 8 is fantastic
& I'd thoroughly recommend anyone to buy it!

Cons: Can't think of anything but Samsung needs to fit removable battery

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Absolutely Love Ths Device

This is one big step up from the old (but still excellent) Huawei for me. The screen is frankly jaw dropping in terms of clarity and the combination with the new camera is something else! Liquid silky smooth transitions from the powerful processor make for a seamless experience. This is actually better than the 'communicators" in the science fiction shows I watched as a kid. Ilove it

Date PurchasedApr 2018

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Galaxy Note 8
Price (RRP) $1,099.00
Features3.5mm Headphone Jack, Expandable Storage, Waterproof and Wireless Charging
Operating SystemAndroid
Charging Port USB-C
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Screen Resolution1440 x 2960 pixels
Display TechnologyAMOLED
Pixel Density521 ppi
Screen Size 6.3"
Max Video Resolution 2160p (Ultra HD, 4K)
Front Camera(s)8MP Wide
Rear Camera(s)12MP Wide, 12MP Telephoto
ProcessorOcta-core 4x2.3 GHz & 4x1.7 GHz
Internal Storage64 GB
Battery Size3,300 mAh
Memory (RAM)6 GB
Colour / Finish Midnight Black, Maple Gold
Dimensions 162.5 x 74.8 x 8.6 mm
Body MaterialGlass
Weight195 g
Release dateSep 2017

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  • MPN: 1091003764
  • GTIN13: 8806088930237

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