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Samsung Powerbot VR9200 (SR20J9250U)

Samsung Powerbot VR9200 (SR20J9250U)

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4.2 from 20 reviews

Fabulous vacuuming power, terrible software interface

I bought the Powerbot 9200 because I have shoulder problems, and using a manual vacuum cleaner is very painful. I chose this model because it was highly rated by Choice for its vacuuming power on carpets and rugs as well as hard floors, and couldn't be more satisfied with its vacuuming power. It cleans my carpets better than my old Miele Cat and Dog vacuum, which was a very good vacuum, and is particularly good at getting rid of all traces of animal hair. It also copes well with moving from the floor to the thick rug, rarely gets stuck, and has a wide vacuuming "mouth" at the front. Even when the floors look clean, if I run the Powerbot again, it always picks up more dust and debris in its vacuum chamber, so I know it's a powerful vacuum. This does also mean that if your floors are very dirty, the vacuum chamber fills up quite quickly and needs emptying, but once your house is clean, as long as you run the vacuum regularly, this isn't an issue.

The main downside of this vacuum is that the software that runs the vacuum is TERRIBLE. The app crashes frequently, the vacuum loses connection with the internet regularly, it's not easy to reconnect, and really all you can do with the app is make the vacuum stop and start, which you might as well just use the remote to do. The documentation that comes with the vacuum is poor, but seems to suggest that some models should be able to show you a map of the rooms, and perhaps even direct it to certain rooms, but I've never been able to work out how to do this. The vacuum sometimes only cleans a portion of my house and then thinks it's finished, and the only way I can get it do other rums is to run it again, and hope that next time it covers the areas it missed previously, and block off the areas it's done before. This solution works, but it means that you can't just run the vacuum without supervision and come home to a very clean house, it needs some supervision, and might end up cleaning some areas more than once, to get the whole place vacuumed.

Overall, I still love this vacuum, because it is such a powerful vacuum, and when it actually does its job properly, it's brilliant, 5 stars for cleaning. It's transformed my life, in not needing to do manual vacuuming. However, it does have its frustrations in using it, which means the overall cleaning experience can only be rated as four stars.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

God help you if you un into Samsung repair service

I purchased the Samsung 9250 PowerBot in Sept 2017 to add to my smart home controlled by Smartthings. In April 2018 the machine stop working and took it to Samsung’s nominated repair centre. The machine spent 2 months there and after chasing it up every second day Samsung finally agreed to refund my money back. They promised they will send me a form to complete within the day, after 3 days I had to escalate the issue as no form was sent. Got finally the form 4 days later, filled out straight away and send it back. They told me the refund will be 14 days after collecting my old unit, I wrote on the form very clearly the unit was ready for pick up from their Service people. 2 weeks later I checked and the unit was still not picked, screamed at Samsung Customer Service and they arranged pick up next day. I was still told I had to wait 14 days feom that date even though they stuffed up. It is today 15 business days since they picked up and still no money back. Case has been referred to NSW Fair Trading. Stay away from Samsung!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Works well but..

I am very happy with the product. It is too high though to go under lower furniture which is a nuisance. It works on polished concrete and does a great job. The computer went. Not sure if this is a common issue but it is now being fixed under warranty which is great. If I had a choice I would go with a flatter Samsung. Very happy with Harvey Norman service.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Better than it’s predecessors

The section on this bot is probably the best of any robotic vacuum cleaner and unlike its predecessor, returns to its charging station around 95% of the time.

Having a flat front means that it cleans up to the edge well. I like the fact that it increases suction when it gets to the wall, meaning that all of the dust is collected, even at the lowest suction (there are three settings).

The wifi function is a waste of time with very limited functionality.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Needs some improvement

This machine is not too bad on flat surfaces however please don't purchase if you are looking to have carpet cleaned. Can become stuck on certain pieces of furniture, so pick up all chairs or you may find the battery is flat and only a small area cleaned. Not a product that I would purchase again.

Date PurchasedSep 2015

My new maid!

The suction is fantastic and cleans the carpet so well .Even the dog fur is sucked up with no problem on both the carpet and the tiles.Not a huge area to vaccum but takes two lots of charging to complete the house, as there is a lot of navigating around too much stuff, as we are waiting to move into our new house. Has a bit of trouble maneuvering around due to too many boxes and furniture in a small space. The bot is fairly quiet and not so heavy that you have trouble picking it up. Easy to empty the bin which fills up quickly with dog fur. It is nice to have a maid to do the work so I can get on with something I would prefer to do. I vaccum the hard- to- get- to corners every now and then.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


A b s o u l u t l e y a m a z i n g ! !
Defiantly the best product I've ever bought!
Works will in all surfaces and defiantly advertised to perfection! Everything you see advertised is exactly how it works! Fantastic product! Recommend to all

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Great Machine

This device has saved us a daily chore of having to vacuum up after two shedding hair dogs!
We are amazed at how much dog hair it accumulates in its bagless catcher as well as how easily it is to clean when emptying. Great price on a superceded model. Great product wouldn't be without it again.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Powerful vacuum and hassle free usage

I have a dog that sheds a lot of fur all year round. The Powerbot VR9200 does a great job of removing all fur and dirt that the dog may leave behind. This vacuum has amazing suction power and the dust collector is transparent (no bag) so you can see when it is full. The dust collector is very easy to unclip and empty. The powerbot takes a very logical and uniform path while vacuuming and always leaves my floor sparkling. The reason I have given it 4 out of 5 stars; 95% of the time the powerbot can navigate without any problems, but occasionally it will get stuck. It's can't climb onto my fluffy rug, nor can it climb from my hardwood floors over the lip of a carpeted section. I have it scheduled to clean my hardwood floors every day at the same time and when I am cooking dinner I will place it in the bedrooms and shut the door and it tells me when it's finished by sending an alert to my mobile phone via the Smart Home Samsung app. All in all I am very pleased with this vacuum.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Powerful and Really Smart and has Become an Important Member of our Family!

This is a vacuum & not a sweeper like most other robot vacs. It is therefore powerful like a traditional vacuum and works really well on carpet and hard floors. It will clean your carpets like an upright cleaner. Really impressive. I love that if it runs out of charge before finishing the whole area, it will complete the job when charged again from its memory. Genius! It will also map your room so it doesn't randomly cover the area and miss bits. The dust bowl is quite big but if you have pet hair, it will fill up quick as the suction is so powerful and you may need to empty it more regularly than you think. It is quieter than a lot of upright cleaners and robot sweepers but my children still complain they can't hear the TV when Chloe the Cleaner is working. There are lots of functions including turning it on from your mobile on the free app you can download. For me, the best functions are the mapping (doesn't miss areas) and memory (so will complete a clean if previously ran out of charge). I find it doesn't always get in the corners in our kitchen, so I have to use a broom to sweep the edges first, bit of a pain sometimes when I'm time poor, but it is only the kitchen where this happens. It is expensive but you do get what you pay for and a worthwhile investment in my opinion.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

I wish i bought it earlier

With 3 kids and 2 dogs that shed fur, i can never keep up with vacuuming my house. This vaccum is amazing, saves me so much time and energy and it actually does a fantastic job. It works well on tiles and carpet. It's important to pick up small toys and socks as these things can get caught.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Powerful Powerbot

Excellent robot performance and very quiet. Love being able to power on using my tablet or mobile even when not at home. Cleans carpet, wood and tiles efficiently especially under stove and around furniture. Very large house - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, seperate dining room, lounge, rumpus room and kitchen. Returns to base to recharge if doing a full clean otherwise we close bedroom doors and cleans on one charge. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

An Amazing Vacuum

I set my vacuum to clean everyday automatically in my tiled areas when i am at work i have never had a issue with it getting stuck its always back at it dock and i get a message on my phone to let me know its finished. it cleans the tiled area very well i thought i would have to still vacuum but i don't. I have tested it on my carpets and it picked up a lot of dust/dirt. I've noticed it only bumps into anything that is black or my dark wooden coffee table (its a little off the ground so I'm guessing the senors doesn't pick it up as its doesn't hit the legs), when you read the manual it does mention the machine does not like black items.
I would recommend this machine to anyone as i love mine and I am so glad i spent the extra on the current model.

Works great, gets stuck every now and then... and just broke down with 2 months of purchase

Pros :)
we have a double story house with tiled floor below and carpeted upper floor. We move the powerbot up and down on both surfaces to clean. it does a a commendable and very noticeable job on both surfaces.
I love it as it is great to clean floors very well.
The best outcome of buying this powerbot is that we dont have to vacuum the floors any more. However, You still need a normal vacuum cleaner to clean some corners or edges. overall we are very happy with what it does!!
We have put it on timer so it cleans the ground floor at night when we are asleep. yes, the noise is barely noticeable especially at 3 am.
Yes, we get it to cleans the floors every day !!! it runs for about 20-30 mins to complete.

Cons :(
Expensive - Yes it is!!!
Sometimes gets stuck with the threads on the edge of rugs (e.g Persian, Afghani rugs)
phone app - I had a spend a lot of time with my technical background to configure it on my iPhone. even then, the app is useless on a apple phone.

Issue ;-(
It recently broke down (in service centre) We bought the powerBot on January 3,2016. it broke down last week on Feb 23,2016 (less than 2 month). The left drive wheels burned out and started displaying a C2 error on the screen. I contacted the Samsung service centre and have dropped it to the service centre in Sydney's west. Funnily enough, a mate of mine who bought it on my recommendation had the same problem with in 2 weeks of using it.

The robot was repaired in 2 weeks. Glad to have it back.So it worked fine for a couple of months and died again for the same reasons(one of the wheels got locked and the robot shuts down). I sent it for repair. After initial review, the Samsung centre offered a refund or a new powerbot(VR9200) but latest series. I opted for a new powerbot. It got delivered in may17. This series was an upgrade on the previous one. No issues since firing this thing up. Happy days! :)

Best robot vacuum cleaner EVER!

Purchased the Powerbot approx. 2 months ago and I don't think I could live without it as we have white porcelain tiles and a chocolate Labrador who is inside most of the time.
We have quite a large 4 bedroom house and use the Powerbot every day on all of our tiled areas (kitchen, dining, living, entrance and hallways). It can be used on carpet also but I prefer to give the carpet a good vacuum once a week with our Dyson.
The Powerbot does an amazing job at cleaning the tiles every day and it is surprising how much dust & dog hair it collects every vacuum.
We have a rug in our living room and the Powerbot is able to mount the rug and vacuum this also.
The first few times you use the machine it will seem like it isn't doing a good job but it's actually mapping the layout of your house so that it knows exactly where to go in future.

Very good device! Love it!

Very happy with our Samsung VR9200 robotic vacuum. Very quiet and works pretty good. I have mixture of hardwood floors and carpets in my apartment and vacuum does amazing job of navigating on all the different surfaces and around things. It takes one visit to the charging dock to vacuum approx. 120m2 of space.

Poor Navigation, Poor Programming, Good in Cleaning

I bought the unit on January 6,2016. Broke down today on Feb 4,2016 (less than a month). One of the drive wheels burned out. It's actually good in cleaning if it can find the docking station. 70% of the time it cannot find it. One problem with it is it gives up trying to find the docking station after 20minutes of looking even if the battery is still halfway. Very poor navigation specially if dark. Cleans half a room and goes to another room to clean half of it. Samsung app is useless (freezing) if you don't have a Samsung phone or tablet making the WIFI feature pointless. Gets stuck 50% of the time while cleaning. Buy elsewhere...

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

It does everything it says it can do and even a bit more. It even cleans over 'black' areas realising it is NOT a cliff edge. Being sonar means it finds it's way around a lot better and even back to the 'home' station for charging. It has a quiet mode and lasts for 45 minutes after and hours charge. We even bought one for the parents. We have named it but not saying what? Good luck!!

Wow - Awesome!

We've had 'Sammy' our Samsung VR9200 Powerbot for a week now and she's brilliant! First of all understand that ANY robotic vacuum cleaner is not a substitute for a conventional vacuum cleaner as they can't clean stairs, behind the narrow gap of wide open doors (ie. behind the toilet door) nor very difficult/small nooks and crannies - it's simply an everyday vacuum cleaner which makes life a little easier and cleaner! Unfortunately we have a split level house so we have Sammy located on our main floor which is our main living areas - entry, kitchen, dining, lounge, 2xhallways, TV room and laundry/toilet area. We've just had new French Oak timber floors laid throughout the house and when I first suggested to the wife a few weeks ago (prior to floor completion) about a robotic vacuum cleaner she was totally against it - odd since I'M the one that always sweeps and vacuums - so I bought it as a Christmas present for myself instead! Now that my wife has witnessed Sammy in action for a week she too just loves the Powerbot VR9200 and realises it was a great buy! The first couple of times - Sammy was still 'learning' our house layout - she couldn't return to the docking station on battery exhaustion - but from the 3rd go onwards she was just fine. During my research I've heard of many reviewers complaining about the noise of robotic vacuum cleaners (in general) but gee the 180Watt VR9200 is half as noisy as our regular Dyson vacuum cleaner - what do people expect - completely silent vacuum cleaners - perhaps they should stick to a quiet broom instead.. Sammy does a great job on our timber floors - only struggles on a line of tassels at either end of a large rug - which our regular Dyson dislikes too. (That awful rug is going anyways) We don't have any carpets so I can't give an opinion on the effectiveness of the VR9200 on carpets - but on that large rug (3.5mx2.5m) it cleans it does very well including the dog hair. It's really interesting to watch Sammy approach a difficult obstacle to clean - when she can't clean it from a simplistic angle she stops, momentarily thinks, then cleverly revises her angle/s of attack and method then adjusts and angles in repeatedly and deftly from another - very clever! As Sammy has so many sensors she doesn't rudely 'bump' into obstacles but gently approaches within mm of them and skirts around them - including the dog sleeping on the floor! Haven't used the included Virtual Guard unit yet. We've programmed Sammy to switch on at 6:00am everyday and she generally takes about 45mins to clean (medium power) however she can last up to 70mins on medium power (medium power is quite ample for cleaning the timber floors) - before automatically retiring to her dock when the battery becomes low. If at any time you've 'had enough' of her cleaning you can just push the 'home' button on the remote and she will power down and quietly return to the dock. In doing my pre-purchase research the main selling point for me was the huge 180Watts of power of the VR9200 compared to the power of other robotic cleaners. The VR9200 can also be started/controlled remotely (remotely being away from home) through your mobile phone - after installing the free SmartHome app - a really cool feature! We bought Sammy (VR9200 PowerBot) from Harvey Norman for $1499.00 which is $300 cheaper than it was a month ago - we also took up the offer of the extended warranty for additional cost. GREAT little unit - although this is the only robotic vacuum cleaner we've ever bought so we've got nothing to compare it with :)

Update: Okay - well I was up at Westfield today and looked at the power output of all the other robotic vacuum cleaners on display at Harvey Norman, JB HiFi, Myer etc. (The rated power is on a sticker on the base of each unit) The Samsung VR9200 is a massive 180Watts - all the other brands that I looked at (I looked at 12 of various brands/models) were significantly lower in power, in fact the next closest of all those I saw was only 70Watts - with some others rated at a measly 30Watts! So the 180Watts rated power of the Samsung VR9200 is some significant sucking 'grunt' while most of the others are mearly toys! Note: Stores seem to have it on the shelf as the VR9200 but the precise model number in all cases on the base of the unit is actually the VR9250 (180Watts). Also there are other similar looking model Samsungs but with the number starting as VR90xx - - note that these are the lower powered 70Watt units.Update: Have now had this awesome little unit for 6months. No problems of any kind yet. I have kept the sensors clean and occasionally cleaned the brush spindle of hair - as I do on our regular vacuum cleaner. My one gripe is this - we no longer need to vacuum everyday as it does such a great job. I think the unit should also have a timer option to delay start to every 48hours or 72hours - not just every 24hours as is the case now.Update: We've had this awesome Samsung VR9200 now for 12months. Still no problems of any kind - works just was well as the day we bought it. Occasionally I have to give it a wipe down and clean the spindle of hair - but I do that on my regular vacuum cleaner as well. Still reckon it should have a 'multiday' timer - not a daily timer. (We only need it to auto start every 2 or 3 days - not everyday) Still one of the best appliances we've ever bought for the house. You won't realise you need one until you get one!

Love It! Very Surprised At Just How Good And How Quiet It Is. Expensive But Worth It.

We previously had one of the early model Roomba machines and while it was ok, it was very dumb and VERY loud. It would do the same spot 30 times and other spots not at all. We debated spending this much on a robot vacuum cleaner (especially as there were no reviews of this brand new model) but as we both work full-time and we have 2 inside dogs, we generally need to vacuum every day.

So we took a chance and very pleased to say we love it. It is so quiet especially so on the quiet mode, can still watch tv with it on the quiet mode. Powerful mode is of course much louder but not ear piercingly so.

It is much cleverer than our Roomba. It logically moves about the room and knows when it is finished and then moves on to the next area. It does better than we thought it would with the dog hair on the carpet. Of course it's nowhere near as good as properly vacuuming with our Dyson but on a day to day basis it is perfect.

Love being able to control it from our mobile phones, definitely a worthwhile feature and it just seems to be learning more and more as time goes on about the layout of our house. It also doesn't bash into walls like our Roomba did. That would crash into things and that was how it worked out there was something there. This can see it and stops before the object, even when our dog is lying in its path.

Overall very happy with our purchase and it's only been a week!

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have the Samsung 9000 series (SR20J9250U) and for the past 2 months it will turn itself off when vacuuming and also when charging. I have to reboot it but sometimes will not turn back on for hours. I had it on charge the other night and did not charge at all. I cannot use it and have to use my Dyson. Will this be covered under warranty?
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Hi there Kim, it sounds like you may have a fault with your Powerbot. I suggest you head into your nearest Samsung service centre with the Powerbot and get one of our technicians to assess your unit. Here are a few links which can help you get to where you need to go: Store locator: https://www.samsung.com/au/support/service-centre/ Studio bookings: https://www.samsung.com/au/samsungstore/bookings/#/ Self Service AusPost: http://samsungcare2.samsungcsportal.com:81/samsungcare/au/index_m Customer care line: 1300 362 603 Philip Samsung Australia

Hey, i have the Samsung Powerbot VR9200 VR20J9250UK/SA - i put it on the base and it says "FULL" but then once i click the start button for it to clean it will dismount off the charging station, turn around and then turn itself off and the screen goes black - i then have to turn the emergency switch off underneath the unit and back on and the screen will come back on and do its count down from 5 then go back to the normal screen, once i click start again it does the same and will not work. I have tried cleaning all sensors best i can but due to the fact it doesn't come up with a sensor error message i gather its losing signal or battery. After charging battery for hours i removed and tested with a multi meter and was reading 23.2V and the battery is a 21.6V so i gather the battery is good condition and holding charge.. is there any other tips or things to try? Thanks in advance for your help
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I'm having the exact same issue. Did you get any answers?Same here! I am about to return it.

Where can I download the user manual please?
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Powerbot VR9200 (SR20J9250U)
Running Time60minutes
Bin Capacity0.7L
HEPA Filter No
Release dateSep 2015
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