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Samsung Powerbot VR9200 (SR20J9250U)

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How does it work Were to put spare parts?
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Hi Sahar, the POWERbot VR9200 picks up dust and dirt on multi-surface including carpet, hardwood, and tiles etc. with high suction generated from a powerful motor. I have provided a link below with further information. If you would like to replace spare parts, we would be happy to guide you in the right direction by contacting our Customer Care team on 1300 362 603. For more info > https://www.samsung.com/au/vacuum-cleaners/robot-sr20j9250u/ Jo Samsung AU

Hi, I have the Samsung 9000 series (SR20J9250U) and for the past 2 months it will turn itself off when vacuuming and also when charging. I have to reboot it but sometimes will not turn back on for hours. I had it on charge the other night and did not charge at all. I cannot use it and have to use my Dyson. Will this be covered under warranty?
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Hi there Kim, it sounds like you may have a fault with your Powerbot. I suggest you head into your nearest Samsung service centre with the Powerbot and get one of our technicians to assess your unit. Here are a few links which can help you get to where you need to go: Store locator: https://www.samsung.com/au/support/service-centre/ Studio bookings: https://www.samsung.com/au/samsungstore/bookings/#/ Self Service AusPost: http://samsungcare2.samsungcsportal.com:81/samsungcare/au/index_m Customer care line: 1300 362 603 Philip Samsung Australia

Hey, i have the Samsung Powerbot VR9200 VR20J9250UK/SA - i put it on the base and it says "FULL" but then once i click the start button for it to clean it will dismount off the charging station, turn around and then turn itself off and the screen goes black - i then have to turn the emergency switch off underneath the unit and back on and the screen will come back on and do its count down from 5 then go back to the normal screen, once i click start again it does the same and will not work. I have tried cleaning all sensors best i can but due to the fact it doesn't come up with a sensor error message i gather its losing signal or battery. After charging battery for hours i removed and tested with a multi meter and was reading 23.2V and the battery is a 21.6V so i gather the battery is good condition and holding charge.. is there any other tips or things to try? Thanks in advance for your help
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I'm having the exact same issue. Did you get any answers?Same here! I am about to return it.

Where can I download the user manual please?
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My robot won’t work at all. It is fully charged and only has two lights on- the mute and the problem sign. Have cleaned it al etc, new batteries in remote and still not working. Hardly used it. Any ideas?
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I have no idea why it will not work. You will have to take it back to the store you bought it from or ring the manufacturer and see what they say.

I am trying to get my VR9000 to spot clean. Only does a small area, not the 1.5mtres as advertised. Any suggestions
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I think the 1.5m is diameter. So it's really a small spot. We could use the pointer for designated area if spot clean can't cover that far.

I read that in auto mode it will clean until the battery is depleted, but we took ours upstairs away from its dock, and after vacuuming 3 of the 4 rooms it said "end" on the display and stopped. Is this normal?
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Well its hard to say without seeing it doing it. But my suggestion would be if you move different level in your house make sure you take the charging dock as well and start from the charging dock. It will make sure that if the charge is running low it will go back to dock and get charged. It will solve the confusion :)I think it is the setting MAX is where its cleans until it have depleated it's battery ?

We have just purchased this item which was a demo model being used in store. Just wondering if we need to do anything to "re map" our house or will it automatically notice things have changed?
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It should automatically map the house. Just ensure you set the home base(charging unit) as per instructions.Don't think too much of the mapping, it is not a GPS guided device. It has a camera that will look at the ceiling for guiding. If I am not mistaken, the manual talks about how to reset the mapping, but anyway it learns to adapt to new circumstances. You may not always have c hairs in the same place, so it will walk around that and not do that the next time. When we had a bedroom open, it learned the new room, but if the door is open, he is happy too.Thank you. So far it will only clean the same 2 areas and has not ventured down one end of our house at all. I will try to direct it down that way with the pointer to see if that makes any difference in its cleaning process.

I have 2 levels in my house. Is there any problem manually moving the VR9200 to the other level and setting it off to work there?
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We have a split level household. I find the best way to do both levels is to set it off around one and then once it returns to the dock pick it up and take it down the stairs to do the second level. It does seem to get confused if you move it during it's cycle and will try to start the whole thing again.

If you pick it up and move it around, does that destroy its "learned" map of your home?
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I have found only if you press "stop" on the remote. Pressing "pause" doesn't seem to hamper it's progress at all. I hope this helps.Does that mean that everything it learns is relearned the next time it vacuums?Yes, I believe so.

Why can't I get my new VR9200 Powerbot to start charging? Have read the manual, done everything it says but including switching the emergency switch underneath to on but nothing happens.
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I never had this problem, I just turned the base station on, turned powerbot on underneath and on top, and placed it on the charging dock.It finally worked. It took much longer than I thought for the display lights on the machine to show that something was happening. All good now

In your opinion, does this do corners well without the corner sweepers of other brands?
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I've had brands with the corner sweepers which are a waste of time. The Powerbot negates the need for these with wider than standard brushes as well as much better suction. Also being that it is square at the front helps with this a lot. Hope that helps?Samsung powerBot is an actual robot vac, unlike others, which are just sweepers.. powerBot doesn't need a sweeper, as it's suction is much more powerful.I agree..the reason I chose this model is the square design snuggles right into the corners and the suction does the rest. My first robovac, was not what the name implies, it was actually just a sweeper, used to leave bits of fluff around the house and the sweepers became damaged on the carpet quite quickly. Because the Samsung is literally a vacuum anything near by gets sucked up. You will be amazed at just how much dust it picks up on its first trip around the house. Happy cleaning, or should I say Relaxing :)

Does it empty itself like the previous Samsung model or do you need to empty it?
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G'day Busy Mum! No, this one doesn't empty itself. I have seen the ones you're talking about and I love the idea. But you still have to empty the large container, regularly, that it empties itself into. I believe the other difference between these two vacuums is that this one provides quite strong suction whereas all the others (that I looked at, anyway) have fairly weak suction and a really more of a sweeper, with a little suction, rather than genuine vacuum cleaners. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to sell you one; just letting you know what I found out during my research. All the best. (P.S. I just saw some typos in this but haven't been able to correct them. Getting old......)As above... yep it doesn't empty itself. I do find though it can do my whole house on one run without needing to be emptied... that includes 2 carpeted rooms and 2 permanently inside dogs so a heap of dog hair. Geoff57 is right... all the others have 'sweepers' whereas the new Samsung one (not sure about the previous model that has the white bits on it - this new one is all black and has wifi) has suction as well...so it does a pretty good job on carpet whereas my previous roomba was useless on carpet with dog hair.

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