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Samsung SRF680CDLS

Samsung SRF680CDLS

3.3 from 179 reviews

Do not buy if looking for long lasting appliance, or fair & reasonable solutions to any problems

Our fridge is 4 years old, so 2 years out of warranty. Household = 2 adults who both work full time and no kids. French flap spring broken and a seal on the left hand door ripped. I contacted customer service. Too bad, it’s out of warranty. I asked them to escalate and got the same response; repairs are on us. $165 service charge and $172 parts - $337. Technically they are within their rights. But ‘fair and reasonable’ given it has such little use? I think not. EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED with a leading brand supposedly known for quality. PS. Retailer we purchased from AND the technician said they see this a lot; it’s a common problem. We’re about to replace several white goods in our house. Guess what we WON’T be buying?

Purchased at JB Hi-Fi.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 2

Never again Samsung!!!

Problems, problems, problems!!!
After 2 years starts all the problems.
Waiting 5 days for technicians to come
One week after the problem has been fixed, again not working
Another time waiting 5 days for technicians to come.
Better to invest your money in any other company products

Purchased at The Good Guys for $3,338.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Household Size 5

Problems with ice dispenser

Purchased this fridge 3 years ago. Had the ice dispenser fixed within a year in - under warranty, only to find it now has more problems - a horrendous grinding noise as the fan ices up and sticks. Samsung are a
nightmare to deal with - fools and time wasters. The freezer space in this large fridge is poorly designed, small and awkward. Would never buy another Samsung product.

Purchased at The Good Guys for $3,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Very loud!
Internal Layout
Household Size 3

We love our new fridge!

This fridge is so stylish, love all the features like crushed & cubed ice, the alarm incase hubby or the kids have left the door open too long, it's very spacious, freezer is 2 tiered so its fits more and better for organizing, but most of all... my new platter drawer!

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Worst fridge we have ever owned!!!!!

We bought this fridge around 3 years ago and have had nothing but trouble with it since then. It started with one of the doors not staying open and it took the technician's several attempts to fix it as Samsung kept sending the incorrect parts. It is still not perfect and does not stay open as wide as it should. The next issue which seems to be a common one is the ice maker keeps freezing up and jamming. The ice is always cloudy and fizzes the drinks which makes them go flat! The water dispenser is also terrible and the water is never cold and it is has such a slow flow just trickling out. It is really hard to get the crisper draws out to clean them and no matter how hard you try there is a part of the crisper draws which you cannot reach and food is trapped in them. In the last two weeks the fridge has stopped cooling and we cannot leave any food in it as it goes off. We have been using the drawer which still works to a degree but it is now freezing everything. Yesterday I noticed that the fridge is now leaking from the water/ice dispenser. Absolutely disgraceful and we off course we are out of warranty so it will cost a fortune to get everything fixed. We are so over it we think we will have to replace it with a decent fridge which we really cannot afford. I will never ever buy Samsung again!!!

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Terrible Product

I purchased this fridge in 2014 & as many other reviews, it looks great but thats about it! The ice machine stopped working within months of purchase & has required repairs numerous times since this. A friend bought the same fridge & has had the exact same issue & was told by the repairer that Samsung were aware of the issue & they may have to replace the fridge. This was never offered though! Repairs included eventually installing a heater in the ice machine to prevent over freezing which to date seems to have worked. New issues keep arising though! The vents at the back of the fridge compartment have iced over & a loud fan noise is intermittent. Food spoiling all the time. Water leaking into the bottom of the fridge & out of the water dispenser. The water is room temperature that comes from the dispenser despite decreasing the fridge temperature. Samsung don't want to know about it! Numerous calls telling me they'll get back to me & they don't! They need to acknowledge this model is a lemon.....judging by all the reviews I've read, there should have been a recall on this particular fridge. Accept the issue & think of customer satisfaction & product quality. It's now out of warranty & I have to wear it! Not good enough Samsung! This is an expensive product & as a consumer, I expect better! I will never buy another Samsung product, ever, & I'll be telling everyone I know.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Great Fridge

I haven't had this for long in order to comment about reliability. However, could tell this much after using it for approximately 7 months.

Looks great (could be my opinion as looks depend on the beholder's eye)

The middle flexible compartment is quite good.

The freezer compartment works well... but storage is a bit of a hit and a miss. The Freeze compartment divided in the middle with a fixed divider is a bit annoying if you have to put something larger than each compartment, but smaller than the total compartment size. Secondly, the free-floating drawer looks like an aftermarket add-on.

The other problem is, it is a large fridge, but usable space is surprisingly limited. My 510 L Freezer on top, Kelvinator swallows more items than this 680L fridge. The flexible shelves are good, the lighting is good, but space is taken up by the water cooling and ice compartments. The left door shelves, therefore, are almost good for nothing.

I am unable to comment about reliability yet. All fridges I have seen since childhood worked for at least 10-15 years without any issues - so I think that is what a reliable fridge is, in my view; or perhaps we were damn lucky. However, I think it is more important how a company handles its faulty products. Warranty and extended warranty is one thing. But I think any decent company should listen to the customers, and if there is something that is a faulty part, or workmanship they should just fix it free of charge or at least at a reasonable discounted rate. Asking for warranty periods and extended warranty periods indicates their level of respect towards their own products.

Reading through the posts, I am starting to feel Samsung is not a company that has high respect towards their products, given many a time, there is no indication of fixing/ replacing for free. This kind of is starting to make me feel deterred.

Date PurchasedJun 2018


Like many of the other reviews we have had problems with our fridge, ice maker not working, fridge feeezing up, leaking, not cooling properly causing food to spoil. We have had the fridge just over 4 years and have had it services twice and are currently sitting her with the fridge making an annoying loud buzzing noise and the service guy can’t come til Wednesday. On a previous service call the technician told us that Samsung were well aware of this fault and have rectified it in later models, this isn’t good enough for me though. We’ve only had two fridges in 28 years and the first one was a Westinghouse, gee I wished I’d gone with Westinghouse again and I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops and when I go to purchase my new fridge short I will be telling anyone whose looking at Samsung not to bother.

Date PurchasedApr 2014
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Hi there, I want to thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We are always looking for ways to better our service, and your feedback is an invaluable part of that process. If you wish to discuss this further, please contact us on the link provided below. Facebook > m.me/SamsungAustralia

Disappointing product of Samsung

majority of our household items are Samsung. This freeze is causing us nightmare as the ice machine didn’t work within a first couple of years and now temperature is playing up frequently despite a couple of repairs. Goodguys is kind enough to offer a replacement and thinking to choose other brand. Suggest do not waste any money and time on this unit. If you spend this much of money, it is expected to last longer not 4 yrs.

Date PurchasedNov 2014
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We're terribly sorry to hear your dissatisfaction with this product Santosh. We are glad to hear that you have received a replacement, if you happen to have any issues moving forward, please feel free to reach out to us via our Facebook or Twitter page. Philip Samsung Australia

Issues, repairs and replacements with ice maker, fan, motor and all

Issues started soon after purchase.
First the ice maker broke down. Was all frozen, couldn’t be opened. Next, water started to come through the inside holes on the back wall of the fridge (fan/motor related). Water dripping into my fruit/veg draws and spoiling everything.
Then it started to make loud noises - multiple times on the phone to customer service, tech sent out to replace parts and eventually broke down again a few days before Xmas 2017. Fridge was now full of food ready for Xmas prep. All went off as I had someone come after Xmas to fix it. It eventually got replaced with the same model.
I was promised I would be reimbursed for the $500 value of food I lost (mind you I had food go off multiple times previously when it broke down and didn’t even complain about it). I never got the voucher. Followed up twice. Nothing happened. Months went by then phoned customer service again a month ago and they hung up on me after I explained what happened. I had spent ages waiting on the phone to speak to someone and that person had the guts to just hang up after telling me they couldn’t help me. I had sent photos of the contents of my fridge when it broke down at Xmas time and still have them in my phone which reminded me to follow up.
Shocking customer service!!!
My new fridge ice maker is starting to freeze up too. I love the appearance of this unit and the middle draw and space it provides but wish they would rectify their issues and employ customer service people that care.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hi Maria, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I have sent you a private message to discuss further. Philip Samsung Australia

Ice Maker is Terrible and Water is barely cold

The size of the fridge and options to change shelves is good.

Like Andrew and Batman the icemaker is forever an issue and water is not really cold.

The ice box continually stops workingandin fact hasn't worked for probably the last 6 months. Dry Ice forms or water for the ice causes irregular freezing and then locks the draw in place.you practically have to defrost (a frost free appliance) and or chisel bits of ice away so you can get the draw out...

I also have extended warranty, but know they are just going to make me go through a number of "attempted fixes" even though it seems the company seem to be clearly aware of this issue.

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Hi Kristian, we're sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with the ice maker, it would be best to get a technician out there to repair your unit, if you cannot organise this through your extended warranty , please reach out to us via Facebook or Twitter, alternatively reach out to us via this review. Philip Samsung Australia

Samsung Ice & Water systems are useless.

Same as Andrew. Our ice maker was repaired 5 times and finally thanks to our extended warranty through the Good Guys at Robina they replaced the whole Fridge with the brand new 4 french door model. It was delivered on Saturday 10/11/2018 and guess what?, the ice maker and the water dispenser doesn't work. A brand new fridge delivered that does not work and the rh lower freezer wasn't working.either after we found out meat defrosted. We are waiting on a replacement part to repair our brand new fridge we have had for 5 days. Our Samsung TV is a ripper but Samsung can't build a reliable fridge!

Date PurchasedNov 2018
I'm really sorry to hear you're having issues again, we hope this gets resolved for you as soon possible. If you require any further assistance please get back to us. Philip Samsung AustraliaNew fridge had to be replaced with another new fridge.

Samsung 680l 4 door fridge

We purchased one of these fridges from Good Guys at Helensvale 3 and a bit years back, ice maker has failed and we got Samsung’s Authorised tech out and the ice maker has failed and he told us this has happened a lot and the ice maker has been redesigned in later models and he told us (after looking at our receipt that they will replace the ice maker part under warranty but will try to Wessel out of it.
Sure enough it is within the 4 year parts warranty but apparently Samsung’s excuse is we didn’t pay enough for the fridge so the warranty is void. I was worried about North Korea but if this is the South Koreans carry on ....... just plain dishonesty.
OK Samsung lets go .......... it will cost you more in the end and won’t do much for your product name.

Date PurchasedApr 2014
Hi Andrew, we are really sorry to hear what's happened. We've sent you a private message requesting for more information, when you do get the chance can you please send that through, so we can look into this for you? Jazz Samsung AustraliaYour so called private message says ‘Thank you for contributing’ is that what you call requesting more information. South Koreans - lacking honesty again!Hi Andrew, I have sent you another private message requesting for the relevant info. If you have not received it or unable to open this PM, please reach out to us via Facebook private message and we can take a look into this for you. Jazz Samsung Australia

Terrible fridge don’t waste money on it and bad customer service

I purchased this fridge around 2017 it is just about a year and six months old already having problem with fan ,heating and couple more contacted Samsung asked for a replacement as I had spent $2800 on it and is still under warranty but they disagreed and offer only repair I tried explaining to them I wanted a new one as theses problems may continue but no vain they won’t replace very bad customer service I was a Samsung customer and had was purchasing only Samsung but not anymore very disappointed with their response and definitely will not recommend anyone too

Date PurchasedJan 2017
Hi Kavs, we are really sorry to hear what's happened, we've sent you a PM requesting for more information. When you do get the chance can you please send those details through, so we can assist you? Jazz Samsung AustraliaHi I have given the details hope you have received them will wait for your callHI Kavs, I have replied back to your PM. :) Jazz Samsung Australia


Very disappointed in the quality of this fridge. I bought this fridge around 5 years ago (if that). Was fantastic for about 18 months. Now the ice maker doesn’t work, the water leaks causing rust, the shelving on the door is cracking. I have had a Fisher and Paykell fridge/freezer since 1997 which still works perfectly but is too small for my family. As a single parent I can’t afford to race out and get a new fridge so I have persevered with this one.. it is a relief to read these are common problems ... I just thought I had bought a dud. I have a Samsung TV and washing machine also which have been fine so disappointed with this product.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
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Hi Vic, we are sorry to hear that you are facing some issues with your Samsung fridge. We can understand this would be very frustrating for you and we would like to be able to assist you. This seems like something our Support Team can assist you with, you are able to contact them at your own convenience on 1300 362 603 to further discuss. Alternatively, if you can reach out to us on Facebook private message with the below details, we'd be happy to look into this for you. - Full contact details - Residential Address - Picture of the compliance plate - Proof of purchase - Pictures of the damages Jazz Samsung Australia

Just look good and that's about it ☹

We purchased this fridge end of December 2013 from Good Guys but they had in their storage till Jun 2014 till we built our home. So it was good for about a little less then 4 years and started having problems with it making noises and not cooling. We didn't extend our warranty because we have two fridges for 15 years and never had any problems at all ( Westinghouse and Bosh ) .We called Samsung and they sent a technician to fix it.They fixed it and lasted only for about 4-5 months and then started to have same problems again, so I called again, they fixed it again. Lasted only for a month. Called again, this time they sent a technician to take a photos because they couldn't fix it.We didn't have a fridge for about 10 days, no phone call or email at all .When I called and ask what's happening, they told me sorry it's not under warranty Samsung is not ready to pay out but we can help you to send our technician to fix if you decide to do for a good price.I mean seriously, you tried to fix it twice and didn't fix it at all.
What a great customer service, I was a Samsung's customer for a very long time but you definitely lost me .
Not to sure if you are really interested in customer feedback, just wanted to let you know so you can learn and improve .
I always buy good, quality products not cheap products with extended warranty.
Regards Obrenka

Date PurchasedDec 2013
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We're truly sorry about your experience Obrenka, we will definitely pass this onto management so that we can further improve our products and services. We would like to extend our deepest apologies for any inconvenience that has been caused. Philip Samsung Australia

Not happy, don't waste your time or money.

We bought this fridge(Samsung SRF680CDLS) 5 years ago and have had someone out to fix it at least three times. The same issue every time... No Ice and problems with the water- either leaking or making a horrible noise.
In between the call outs we ended having to turn off the ice altogether and have therefore had no ice for the majority of time we have had the fridge. It will work for a day or two, sometimes up to a week and then all the ice melts to becomes a solid mass and becomes stuck in the ice maker.
We have also had problems with the water as it consistently makes a loud vibrating noise when using and often leaks. We have tried different water pressures to no avail and now we have had to turn it off also. No Ice and no water.
We paid just under $3000 for a fridge that doesn't produce ice or water which is one of the reasons we bought it (we live in a hot climate).
The last time we called Samsung to get someone out to fix it, they referred it on to one of their associates but we never heard from anyone.
We ended up giving up on trying to get assistance from Samsung and calling a local fridge repairer who told us that it is a common problem. He recommended re contacting Samsung and asking them to pay for the repairs as it is a known fault. I did as he suggested but as its now out of warranty and apparently due to the fact we apparently got it for a good price, they will not cover the cost.
I wonder how many other people have done the same? They are just putting up with it and getting it fixed themselves.
Very poor Samsung!. I wont ever be recommending or buying any of your products again.

Date PurchasedOct 2013
We’re sorry to hear of the troubles you have been facing with your fridge. As I can imagine you must be so disappointed. I have sent you a message requesting for further information, once I receive this I will be able to look further into this for you. Sara Samsung AustraliaThe quote to get it fixed is $400. Samsung have been in touch after i posted this review and requested my phone and reference number. I provided my phone number but not the reference number but received no call. Samsung have let me know that they have looked into it and are unable to assist. Not sure how they look into it without a reference number or making contact. Thinking it is just an automated response. Thank you for sending that through. I have looked into this and unfortunately, Samsung is not prepared to offer you a free of charge remedy at this time. We can refer you to a Service Representative who can assist you, however charges may apply. If you'd like to arrange for repairs, please provide me with your suburb and postcode so I can locate your nearest service centre. Sara Samsung Australia

Always get the extended warranty!

The fridge looks great! It was and maybe still is the best looking french door fridge on the market.

I brought it cause of the ice maker - who doesn't like crushed ice on hot summer days and all that fridge space. I had no issues with my ice maker over the years and I used it almost daily.

But after 4 years, the fridge has started making random humming sounds, at first it was bearable but now after 2 months it gets loud so that you can hear it throughout the house. An extended warranty technician came out to inspect and the cost to repair is more than the fridge cost and apparently, Samsung no longer makes the part the fridge needs - go figure, only after 4 years and parts are made redundant and repairs cost more than the actual fridge!

Lucky for me I had purchased an extended warranty for $200 from appliances online and I was paid out in full for what I paid for the fridge. I consider getting another but don't want the same issue, I considered getting a Fisher and Paykel but even their reviews on here are just as bad, if not worse... I think I'll pick up a second-hand single door fridge to save myself the drama.

In summary - always purchase the extended warranty with fancy fridges!

Date PurchasedApr 2014
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We're sorry to hear about your experience with this product Mino, your feedback will be passed on internally so we can better improve our products and services. We're glad to hear you managed to get a full refund, we hope to see you again in the near future with better Samsung technology. Philip Samsung Australia

Terrible, what a waste of money and trust Samsung!

We bought this fridge 4 years ago and had problems straight away: water leaking, door not closing as it should (fixed by a technician), the water filter was faulty and had to be replaced within a few months and after replacement it continued to show a red light, problems with the ice maker: blocked frequently, noises. Now, the ice is melting on the back middle of the fridge leaking in the veggie tray (we now have small towels to absorb the leak), rust inside the fridge,
AND the worst of all, the ice blocks the cooling inside, not cooling the fridge. Not what our family needs in this hot QLD weather at the moment. Same as others, not happy with the fridge not happy with Samsung. Very dissapointed !

Date PurchasedAug 2014
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We're sorry to hear about your experience Kim, I have sent you a private message to discuss further. Philip Samsung Australia

Worst Fridge that I have purchased

We purchased this Samsung fridge from Harvey Norman in February 2014. We loved the French doors, the sliding middle deli draw and the water/ice dispenser. We had never owned a fridge with those features. The fridge worked well for around 18 months however since mid to late 2016 we've continued to put up with:

1. the ice maker continually freezing making it impossible to get ice;
2. the sliding door deli section freezind the food, drinks and deli products that we keep in there;
3. the sliding deli draw also jams and won't slide; and
4. with water leaking onto the floor from either the deli section or the freezer.

What a terrible purchase. The Kelvinator fridge in our garage has only had one issue since 1996 (a new thermostat was installed 10 years ago) and it's still going strong.

I've heard of stories re poor after care by Samsung in relation to this fridge (per the reviews on here) and friends have had similar after care issues with Tv's they've purchased from Samsung.

I've left a message for someone to call me (about 4 months ago) but not a peep. No doubt I will be told it's out of warranty and they can't help me.

Never again will I buy a Samsung product.

November 23rd 2018 Update: Worst Fridge that I have purchased and pathetic service

I posted a review below as Magilla. Despite providing Samsung employees (who's names appear below) with my phone number none of them had the courage pr conviction to call to discuss. They originally said they couldn't locate my details despite the provision of the serial number and ID. A check of records would have shown that the fridge was allocated to Harvey Norman. Long story short. In obtaining the purchase receipt, as a means pf proving I didn't steal it, I discovered that I signed up for Product Care. I reported the matter to them on Thursday and they came out 5 days later to fix the fridge. Tradesman said they aren't worth the pricetag. He fixed the ice maker by installing an upgraded version and found a blockage effecting the middle draw. Well done to the Product Care company who put Samsung to shame. Never again will I buy a Samsung product in protest for their pathetic service snd pathetic attitude.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014
Hi Magilla, thank you for your review. I'm sorry to hear that you are having some issue with your Samsung fridge, I've sent you a PM requesting for more information. When you do get the chance, please send those details through so we can pull up your account. Jazz Samsung AustraliaHi Jazz. You sent me a private message on 5 November. I responded on the 5th and provided you with my phone number, serial number of fridge etc. It's now the 8th. When can I expect a phone call or an acknowledgement that you have actually received my private emails x 3? MagillaHi Magilla, I wanted to apologise for the delays in getting back to you. I also wanted to let you know that I've replied back to your PM. Tyra Samsung Austrralia

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Hi we have a Samsung srf680cdls water leaking from ice machine we have embed ice maker turned ice off and reset etc making ice again but still leaking water is their a fault with ice machine?
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Hi, purchased this fridge about 1 year ago. Fridge and freezer will not hold temp. Also Icemaker keeps freezing. Any ideas?
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My ice maker keeps running out of ice with minimal use Is there a reset button as with other models?
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Price (RRP) $3999
Energy Rating2.5Stars
Fridge Capacity387L
Freezer Capacity206L
Drawer Capacity87

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