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Samsung SRS768DSS

Samsung SRS768DSS

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Best Fridge/Freezer we've ever had! Soo much space, Buy it (if you can find somebody willing to part with it?!)

Weve owned it for over 7yrs now, never had a single problem, silent operation, Super efficient too. Love it, love it, love it! We bought 3 more Samsung Fridge freezers since (all side by sides fridges) for furnished rental properties & Airbnb holiday house. Very happy, they are the best most reliable, silent, and we've never had any service issues or faults. In 10 years since we bought the previous fridge, Samsung's Service is second to none, They really wowed us! We had another Samsung Model originally which had problem with the fan frosting up & making a loud noise (still under warranty), which turned out was a fault with that model, we emailed them, they rang us back few days later & Samsung offered us a refund or an upgrade to this fridge ($4500 RRP at the time, we took the new fridge!).
Until we got the new one delivered, we moved our food into the drinks fridge, defrosted the fridge with doors open, my clever husband adjusted the front feet so the doors closed properly (kids!) It was icing up when it wasnt doors sealed closed. It was the warm air frosting over the fan making a loud noise. A low tech solution which prevented the fan frosting up again until new fridge was delivered. We accepted the replacement and have not had this issue with the new fridge, nor anything else faulty or noisy or any other problem in almost 8 years.
This model Samsung is the upgrade replacment fridge. It was delivered not just to the door, but the Samsung guy unpacked it & assembled it, did the Set up for us, showed us how to use it, & took away the old one (& even the boxes/rubbish too) no cost to us at all. That's the kind of after sales service is rare these days, its stood the test of time, our daughter would only drink 'fridge water' as she could taste the difference.
Samsung truly value their customers, and have demonstrated with their efforts & actions that they value their brand's reputation as a very good one.
We've had this 768L (whopper with the lot), but its the extra depth that gives you so much space, loads of door shelves - 4 + dairy in fridge, 4 in freezer, even with the ice maker (crushed & cubed) Glass shelves so you can see thru to find things easily.
We needed to take the doors off the fridge/freezer when we moved house, as its was deeper/bigger than standard width doorway. The designers thought of that, to make it easy to remove fridge & freezer doors. 'how to guide' was in the manual and easy to do.
If you're looking for New - Buy Samsung, if you're buying a 2nd hand one, Buy this model (If you can find anyone willing to part with it) water filters are the only thing you'll need, easily available at Appliance parts shops with model number!! Its likely your kitchen will need to be updated before this fridge needs to be replaced!!

Purchased in January 2011 at Samsung Online store for $4,499.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Internal Layout
Household Size 3 person(s)

Best fridge ever owned

Best fridge ever , we bought this fridge in 2007 we have never had trouble with it I am just on the net looking because the ice light is an orange colour and trying to find out what it means , this fridge is older than my kids I wish all products would last that long.

Date PurchasedJun 2007

Avoid Samsung Fridges

Just a terrible product. As everyone here, first one died with known fault of freezer fan noisy (after many repairs Samsung finally replaced with a new model). Replaced with a SRS768DSS. Worked for a while, then circuit board fried. Serious junk.
I note that the failures are all the same problem, so they know they are making junk, but persist in supplying inferior products.

Date PurchasedJan 2012

Cheap material

I bought this model about 3 years back. in all bottle holding trays have cracks. if i have to replace them, each will cost around $ 50.00.

Unbelievable rubbish!

Our first model was repaired after 3 months then replaced after 2 years due to the noise everyone else seems to have experienced of the fan hitting ice build up, it took over 3 months of calling every week, mind you, begging for a replacement. With floor boards the noise was like a train and at the time we had a 15 month old.
The guy who delivered the replacement told me he had delivered heaps in
Perth and that Samsung had a massive backlog still to replace.
I kind of feel lucky, our replacement lasted 5 yeas and 3 months before that dreaded noise started again, this time the fridge stopped cooling all together, Samsung said it would take 4 days to get a technician out, seriously?!?!
I called around and spoke to a fridge sales and repair place and was advised they no longer repaired Samsung fridges due to the serious, fundamental design problems they have and they couldn't guarantee it would actually be an effective repair, he suggested leaving it outside for a day to heat up in the sun and that if I was lucky it would temporarily rectify the problem.
I can't believe these companies can get away with making such rubbish!

Samsung Icing Over

On our 2nd Fridge, First one constantly iced over, it was replaced after 5 repair attempts. This fridge has ran well for 3 years but just over the last 3 weeks started to Ice over again with internal fan making a hell of a noise as it hits ice. Also External Doors started rusting about 12 months of having the unit.

Same Problem

On my second samsung fridge , first fridge was replaced just after one year
now 2nd fridge is iceing up like the first one and temp was set on 4c , ice builds up and hits fan inside fridge it is very loud and annoying ,warranty is rubbish as it covered me from when i purchased my first fridge not when fridge was replaced. Do not buy samsung fridge .

Keeps icing up

It's Terrible!

I have had nothing but trouble with Samsung. After buying a lemon it took about 5hours of telephone heated discussions and 6 repairs before It was replaced.

When the new fridge was delivered I was not surprised to find out that they were delivering 70 replacements here in Perth alone.
My replacement is now 2 years old and broken. we were forced to sign of on callout payment before the samsung technician would come. I did have a bad feeling about that and sure enough the problem was not covered under the warranty.

I recommend staying well clear of Samsung products.
it fitted the hole in our kitchen
Poor product and poor service even to the extent of being dishonest when they knew there were major issues with this fridge.


overall i paid over 1700! all up exactly was $1859. if looks could are deserving then this fridge takes the cake for deceiving looks! very cheap made motors! i am starting to think they bought the motors of the back of a truck! they cut cost for there bottom line and we paid the price! fair no, we are consumers we keep them alive.. do we need a company that will cut corners for the sake of $ when at the end of the day we are paying? i am not happy and i have been treated appalling by samsung! so have you people from what i have read. i wont deal with a samsung product again! and if you have a recall issue as i do ask for the
Samsung SRF752DSS Stainless Steel (26.56 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator! its the least they can do since the mistake and cheap parts was there mistake and not ours!
i liked the style of the fridge over all it suited my needs as i am the main cook in the house. the design was nice. i loved the putar finish. finger print free. the depth was good in the fridge and freezer. the wire trays in the freezer meant more storage. looked perfect for my needs!
the ice maker was not working from time of delivery! it took 3 months for it to be replaced. then 6 months later i had the same issue again ans was replaced again! then loud noise like a chain saw gone wrong! 24/7 a day this noise got worse an louder! then the ice build up started! frost free! NOT! then the service guy came out told me to turn the fridge off for 2 days in every week! i told him all the problems he didn't even bother to look at the fridge! he just said there meant to have ice in the freezer! i said frost free? he said no such thing these days! so then i called back again and got another service company out. who was fantastic sydney appliance centre. they spent time looking at the problems hearing my concerns. they even opened it and temperately fixed it! they said its a recall. also Samsung should e in touch with me over the next month! well march is here and i contacted them today. as 2 months went by and no call. the service gut did the right thing. how ever the problem came in at samsungs end. when i spoke to the girl at samsung she ask me to do her job for her! by calling the other services and asking me to give them her email and her phone number and getting me to convince them to call her. i simply told her i dont do your job. you get paid for it you do it. i paid a lot for that fridge it was over 1,700$ which is a lot of money very expensive. i told her she has the numbers. she can make the calls her self. thats what shes paid to do.so she agree hesitantly! then said it might take longer i sad 1 day couldn't hurt since i this problem over a year. i asked her what was the swap model she told me it was the 768 now after reading your guys reviews frankly i am quite scared! and havening such bad issues with this fridge. also i want a puter finish not dam stainless steal . forever cleaning it! i don t think so!


Would never buy or recommend a Samsung as long as I breath.
Service hopeless, Fridge hopeless.
Will be asking for money back and choosing another brand as Samsung have a real problem they need to deal with.
I don't have one (that is a good thing)
This would have to be Samsung with many promises without delivery.
Promised replacement fridge in December for expected delivery in March. Now in June and still no fridge. What a load of crock. Legal action to be taken


Originally had srs757 repaired 4 times refused 4 them to repair it again was replaced 8 months ago with the srs768dss model now the exterior doors have startrd to rust what next wont be ever buying another Samsung product again

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Samsung SRS768DSS
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