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We have a 14week kitten, I think he may have eaten some. has this happen to anyone else?

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Hi, yes, kittens are curious and they do that as a part of their exploration of life. In my opinion it shouldn’t cause much trouble although I’m not a vet but keep an eye on the kitten just in case. Also, if you notice him doing it again it’s important to intervene by gently (but firmly) saying NO, it’s not for eating, this is where you go to toilet, OK! I think they understand and learn things when we explain it just like you would to a child :) All the best.

Cheeky BooBoo

Cheeky BooBooasked

Hi, I've been using "breeders choice" litter pet pellets ( recycled paper litter ). How would the Aldi product compare? I don't think the product I'm using does anything to hide the smell. Also how often should I be changing the litter tray? I'm finding I'm doing it every 4 days as I can't deal with the smell & the cost of litter goes up as it's being changed so often.

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We use the aldi brand. Absolutely love it. Works well and is value for money.
We use the Litter Robot Open Air which cleans itself. It ends up using less as it just removes the wee/poo.
I feel you in regards with the smell. Definitely give the aldi one a go, don’t think you will be disappointed.


Depending on how many cats you have I would say it's good if you have one or two cats.
I have three and with all three using this litter it lasts three days before being thrown away and a new bag being opened and placed in the litter box.
This is also with the cats only using it in indoor time which is usually evening and overnight, so not often.
It's cheap, it works, but it definitely does not last the amount of time it says on the baggage.
Good Luck :)



I have bought from aldis cat litter brand name San I per clumping cat litter. They don't appear to be able to have it anymore. Where can I find it as it is by far the most outstanding cat litter?

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unhappy jan
unhappy jan

Hi Barbara, I have just found out that they will no longer be stocking this product. It is being replaced by "Healthi" which I am now using and it is as good as the other. Thanks for the enquiry. Regards Mike "Unhappy Jan"



As the owner of a breeding cattery, we have been using OZ Pet Cat Litter for a number of years and have to admit it has been an excellent product for us during that time. We have been purchasing 15 kg bags and usually a pallet (45 bags) at a time The cost factor is about $0.80 per kg. Based on the Aldi Crystle cat litter that I have been asked to try the cost factor is .80c a kg against $3.00 a kg. My question is. Can I get larger bags of crystal litter, e.g. 15 kg at a much cheaper price?

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unhappy jan
unhappy jan

Hi Gary. Aldi no longer stock the litter to which you are referring! They now are stocking "Healthi" which is extremely good but only in a 10KG bag and I think it was only approx $6. Hope this answers your query. Regards Michael "Unhappy Jan" Just noticed your query was Octy.16 Hope i'm not too late ??

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