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Sanitarium Weet-Bix Original

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Better than most cereals

I've recently started eating Weet-Bix again and although they taste the same as always, they seem to be much smaller and more crumbly than they used to be. The price of them has also come down though and I bought the large pack for just $4.50. They are still much better for you than a lot of the alternatives.

my husband is a weetbix kid:-)

My husband is a real weetbix kid having had it for breakfast all his life now turning 68, and has me converted now plus it is very economical. Plus grand cildren like it as well.
Also when there are cards in the packet friends children like to collect them and swap with their friends.
I am now having it as less sugar then most cereals.
nothing glad when it is on special

Glad to be of help. MWGood to see people are responding, yes we both still include weetbix in the morning breakfast .

There are better cereal biscuits

We used to eat these until we visited the UK and discovered Weetabix which has a much crispier texture. Sold as "Whole wheat biscuits" here in Woolworths, but very expensive. Oat Brits are a little crispier than Weet Bix.
Also Weet Bix are the highest in sodium- much more important than sugar level nutritionally!
Soggy, salty


I don't like weetbix. I don't like how the cereal gets soggy almost immediately when you add milk. The cereal is also not as good for you as other cereals on the market. You can certainly do worse, but for me I choose to avoid this cereal and opt for a bowl of oatmeal.
ok as snack, no milk.
lower in fibre than others, way too soggy with milk, like eating wet toilet paper.

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dashman, i think your milk adding technique might need some work. Maybe your milk is too hot and your milk to weetbix ratio is incorrect. Perhaps you also need to add your milk at place of consumption. If you are adding milk in your kitchen and then walking 5 kilometres to a table at the park before you eat the weetbix then, yeah, there is a good chance it will get soggy.

A good food product for all the family.

It's a healthy quick and easy food for breakfast time. My grandchildren love it for a nibblle with butter and vegemite on. I use it in a lot of my cooking. They fill you so you won't snack inbetween meals. Weetbix is always one of the first things I put on my shopping list. It's a food our family can't do without. Thankyou Sanatarium
It really is a versitile product.


I have been eating weet-bix for a long time on and off. I have always been happy with the quality and taste etc with this product.
I read that Adamp has reviewed this product and is not happy as a solid object had been found in the box. This is unfortunate and I can understand his concern but I would ask the question would any other company deal with it in a different way? Probably not. And the things we buy are mass produced so sometimes unfortunately people will have a bad experience. I can certainly understand his concern and frustration.
From my experience with weet-bix I am more than happy.

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This is no light-hearted matter; there were several foreign objects which could have easily chocked & killed me. Many people, adults and children, rush through their breakfast and could have easily chocked themselves. I am very lucky to have survived, the council health inspector agreed and was horrified at find such a large hard objects in a breakfast cereal. Sanitarium, (as does anybody who deals with food) has an obligation to provide safe food. This is something that should never of happened, they acknowledged a problem occurred in their production line which I find totally unacceptable. They should have ensured their food production was 100% safe in the first place before putting their product for sale which they obviously did not do. For the record I have been eating and enjoy Weet-bix for well over 45 years and this is the first time I have had a problem. As a result of this incident I have been put off Weet-bix for the rest of my life and will think twice before buying any more Sanitarium products.

Found a foreign object in my Weetbix

I came across a hard foreign object which was the thickness of paper and and about 3cm x 1cm in my Weetbix on 29/8/11.

It was investigated by the local council health officer who recommended I contact Sanitarium direct. They identified it as "product build up" from the mill knives and basically dismissed it as "unlikely to be harmfull to my health".

I am put off Sanitarium products for life now.

Rubbish found inside the cereal

get over it it was only as thick as a paper wow big dealI found the same thing in my weetbix this morning. When I took a closer look it appeared to be paper. I will not be eating weetbix again any time soon... Well you sook, if you stopped eating foods that had foreign objects in them you would starve!

good for you

good source of fibre. good for you and fills you up so you dont snack on junk food. low in fat so its great for adults and kids. you can add fruit, yogurt, milk or just eat it plain and it still tastes fine.
healthy, filling, low fat

Trusty and well known brand - yummy!

This is a fantastic well known old favorite cereal that keeps you full and energised - a great start to the day! I always buy this cereal for myself and my family! It is really cost effecetive cereal and you can buy it in bulk packages. It is a healthy breakfast alternative with a great taste. I enjoy giving this to all members of my family even the little ones - it is also yummy mixed with fruit.
I love that this cereal is a well known brand that has been around for years and is one of the more healthy options to provide your family with.
Inexpensive and great tasting as well as healthy!

Cereal For All Ages

This is one of the few cereals that I buy. The whole grains are a healthy start to the day. The lack of additives and sugar make it a wonderful breakfast for everyone. Even my husband eats his weet bix every morning. They are filling, tasty and inexpensive plus good for you.
Healthy, inexpensive, tasty and suitable for the whole family.

Great breakfast cereal

We absolutely love weetbix. It is filling, gives you energy and lasts ages in the cupboards.

We have tried cheaper brands but they just do not taste the same or hold their shape as well. They seem to go tasteless and sloppy.

Weetbix is great because you can have it hot or cold, crispy or soft, with fruit, milk, custard, whatever you like.

It is often on special too, so makes for a cheap, filling breakfast.

It is much healthier than other cereals out there. We started our kids on weetbix when they were old enough for normal cereals. Better than sugary junk!
Great, cheap and filling

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Definately gets the dietitians tick of approval! Great source of fibre, low in salt and sugar, and a good source of wholegrains!

Great tasting and healthy!

Weet bix tastes great. It has a nice crunchy taste if eaten straight away and it is also great and tasty for young children. It can be left for a few minutes to soak and become soft enough for babies first introduction to food. My baby had this and she loved it! It can also be used in other cooking such a slices by just crushing up the weetbix.
This is a great tasting healthy breakfast that is great for all the family. It is fast to prepare and one of the cheapest cereals on the market, so if you are on a budget it is great!
They taste great!
Nothing at all.

Healthy & filling :0)

My family loves Weetbix! It's the one cereal I don't like to run out of.

It's healthy and filling and on the rare nights I can't be bothered to cook it makes a great, quick dinner alternative for the kids!

Keeps you fuller for longer and now that the price has been reduced to $5 for a 1.2kg box it's even more attractive.

One of the better cereals on the market and one that I feel good giving to my kids and eating myself. I would choose this first every time over any other cereal.
Healthy and filling


A great tasting nutritiously healthy breakfast that is fast to prepare and one of the cheapest cereals on the market. Add some fresh fruit and it will keep you going till lunch time.
Weet bix tastes great without being too sweet. It has a nice crunchy taste if eaten straight away but also great for young children. It can be left for a few minutes to soak and become soft enough for babies first introduction to food. It can also be used in other cooking such a slices by simply crushing the weetbix. I have even crushed it and used it to crumb foods.
I always get left with the crumbs in the bottom of the packet and these don't stay crunchy


My husband really enjoys his weet-bix so I am still buying it as it is a healty breakfast but I no longer eat it as it costs too much so I buy something else for my self. Overall Weet-bix has been around a long time and I know it is a great morning filler for most people. I rated it less because of the pricing.
Great healthy breakfast cereal and does not take too long to get ready especially if you are going to work.
Sanitarium Weet-bix is starting to be quite expensive. I have found that it has gone up in price by a lot lately.


Great healthy breakfast that isn't full of suger. Simple and quick to prepare if your in a hurry. Great tasting and a quailty product. My kids love this and i use it not only has a breakfast cereal but as a snack as well. My toddler loves to snack on the bicuits which creates a mess but at least it's healthy. We will always buy this breakfast cereal and usually go through 2 large boxes a week but i pefer it due to the low sugar against other flashy cereals.
Great Aussie breakfast, kid and adults both love it.
Can be more expensive then other brands but worth it.


This is a great cereal to have whenever you want something a bit healthy to eat. It is a great way to start the day and also makes a great filling snack in the afternoon too. Overall, a classic product, you can eat it straight out of the box as a snack or with milk at anytime of the day.
This is such an Aussie icon, and its a great breakfast food. I love the commercial and always see how many I can do too!
It is a little expensive, but comes on special often in the supermarket. It isnt sweet, so if I want it a bit sweeter, I just have a sliced banana on top.


This is a real true blue Aussie breakfast. I grew up with weatbix and I still have to have it with pot heated milk just like I did as a child. It never seems the same otherwise. I give this cereal to my toddler and he too loves to eat it. I think while it may not be a low GI food, it is definitely ranked as a medium GI food so it is not too back health wise. A really great way to start the day.
A good way to start the day. Tastes great with heated milk and gives you an energy boost.


I love this product. My whole family loves to eat this for breakfast (great as a snack food too) and it is the perfect start to the day.
I love to eat this every morning. I love the high fibre content - good for bowel movement ;). It is great to have with hot water, milk, fruit and yogurt. I also love it when it comes with bonus cricket cards and the such, great for the kids.
I only buy it when it is on special - it could be a little cheaper. But when on special, I buy as many as I can. And it is bland - but this in itself is great because you can add whatever flavour you want.


it is good for me, hubby and bubz we all eat it in a different way/style and all enjoy it though. Is a great start to the day and keeps me going alot longer than just toast i find i need coffee when i have just toast ...soo not as healthy of that is the case.
great for the whole family
no real downfall ...im the only one that likes sweeter food so i just add fruit sometimes sugar though.

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Are they good for you,and how many is a healthy amount? Thank you.
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Much better for you than most other cereals. 2-3 biscuits per sedentary adult would be adequate. Perhaps even 6 or 8 for an adult with very high activity.

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