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Misleading /Deceiving hold stock sales FROM SANITY

I bought 1 on pre-order and other on stock item to be ship straight away
the first pre-order they cancel on me after over 1 month
The most upsetting is the iron man mark 50 hot toys says has stock its ship the next day i wrote to them asking them to confirm when they ship out they told me will send out during afternoon they even their invoice says its been shipped.
i still have not have a tracking i wrote to them they says they made mistake now says no stock but i have already confirm in invoice and the sanity staff check confirm the order-
They did not even send me a invoice suddenly cancel my order after 3 days of my order supposedly ship
They deceive you they have stocks and i believe in my case they have my stock but they decided choose not to send to me maybe because i used a discount code.... or they sold to someone that pay more or kept for themself
i would report this to the consumers .. i have proofs of invoices and chats from staff telling me they have send it out...this misleading /deceiving sales
All they can says just sorry not going to make everthing right-they want me to talk to them after i posted this review unless you can do something about it Dont bother talking to me i dont need counseling from sanity
i still got pre-order but they will still cancel anytime they want or even when its already send? 0 for trust when buy from them
I would write my next review if i not getting my next cancellation
They should be investigate so they can get away this manner

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Sanity Rocks

Sanity's online shopping is a wonderful way to get all of your entertainment & merchandise. Sanity's easy to use website allows for fast & simple navigation, several amazing payment options and delivery options that are worth every cent.
Sanity's online support team are always helpful and the customer service team has to be one of the friendliest in the country. I've had payment issues, out of stock items, or lost items, and the team always goes above and beyond to help me as best they can.
And we can't forget the great loyalty plan and bonus'!

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No complaints

Never ordered from them before but they were one of the few stores that had stock of a limited edition console I was after and at a good price. Was a little worried reading the reviews here but they offered AfterPay and stated shipping the same or next business day. They did ship the same day and it arrived safely packaged. All went well with my order.

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Stock missing

I purchased few items from sanity online, when the delivery came an item was missing. When I emailed them to let them know, their reply was “we have checked our stock and all is in order, we cannot help you at this time, apologise for the inconvenience”. So now I have paid for an item I will never receive asnd is not worth the headache to fight it for $20. Will never ever purchase from sanity again.

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Great service, managed to buy a rare find from them!

I'll be honest, I purchased my vinyl from this store and THEN checked reviews. And I freaked out, as it seems to be a lot of negative reviews with people losing their money due to their order not being in stock or never arrived.

My experience with Sanity was totally different. I was looking for the vinyl that was stopped being in production, meaning that you can't it anywhere - physical or online stores anywhere in Australia (or worldwide, judging by Google search). How lucky I was to find that this exact vinyl is in Sanity store and it was "In stock" online! I've ordered it straight away, and, as I mentioned before, I read all reviews here and went back to the website to check if it still says that it's "in-stock". To my horror, it was set as "sold out". "That's it!", I through, "I lost the vinyl and I lost my money". But pretty much next day and I'm receiving the email from Sanity/Australia Post that my order is on its way.
It came super quickly (<1week), so it was indeed in Australian warehouse and indeed in stock.
Great quality, to scratches, vinyl came in well-protected envelope.

I would definitely recommend Sanity, as long as you check that your items are in stock (or, better, you can pick them up from the physical store) I think you should be pretty safe with your order.

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I recently made an order with Sanity online, as usual, not every item is available & needs to be ordered directly from the supplier which is understandable, so I chose to have the items that were available picked up on a particular day, so I had to organise it around my working schedule.
On the day I was heading out (after work) to pick up the order I also knew beforehand that their warehouse was open until "6 pm" which was clearly displayed on google & has been for as long as I can remember. When I arrived at the warehouse (5:30 pm) I had to ring a buzzer, which rang for a few minutes before anyone had answered & when they did so, I was told that they were closed & open until "5 pm" but nevertheless they invited me into their reception area. I then proceeded to give them an order number & they asked me to wait until they went to check on it. Now, if they were truly closed I should have been told to come in the next day (Saturday) straight away, without hesitation & without having to go inside the building & having to waste my time waiting while they attempt to assess the situation, otherwise according to all the emails I received, the order was ready to be collected, therefore I should have had my order already sorted without them having to search for it, which was pretty clear to me that after I had dealt with one of the staff members that they were not going to be bothered looking for my order & so the next best thing was to tell me to come the next day, so somebody else could go to all the trouble that would literally take 5-10 minutes at most to organise, especially given the fact that I was already there & had spent 1.5 hours travelling from work to the warehouse & then back home again in all the Sydney traffic on a Friday night. That angered me the most & also that I was not able to come in the next day & really needed particular items that were available for that weekend. I strongly urge that, whoever is in charge of Sanity music to pull their heads out of their butts & improve on their face to face customer service skills & also their online behaviour which is unprofessional & in no way did they make an attempt to go above & beyond and organise my order after the unexpected set of circumstances. I chose to cancel the order because they were useless the next day due to the fact that I wasn't able to come in & that part of the order was a gift & that I took time out to make a trip to the warehouse to collect an order that was clearly ready. It would also be wise to change your online details (I have provided a photo just in case they think I'm making it up!) so that people that do make arrangements to pick up orders actually arrive on time & don't end up being sent away & an apology is unsatisfactory in these circumstances. I also hope that online ratings give people an opportunity to not just select "NO STARS" for companies in-competencies but also the option to go "MINUS" so that they can invest more time & energy into reviving their once passions for business & if they're only in it for the money then at least, please, try to make customers feel important so that they can return & not have to waste more time writing reviews & taking their business elsewhere!

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Two weeks since I ordered DVDs and still waiting

I ordered DVDs two weeks ago online and I am still waiting on them to arrive. Not happy at all. Will be making a formal complaint in regards to this matter.

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If there was a lower rating I would pick it

Will never shop with this company again .
Ordered pop vinyls that said will be in stock on this date waited weeks later not sent out check website says different date. Message customer service no apologies they couldn't care less. Horrible customer service. Update your website and put the right information on it .

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Fast delivery

One item I had to wait for stock so they sent out what they could while they wait for the other item. It arrived quickly and with accurate and frequent tracking updates. Thanks sanity!

Love using them

They ship in stock items fast but out of stock take awhile depending on what you order but even out of stock items can be fast always gave good prices love to use zip pay with them.

I ordered a bunch of blu rays still waiting for 2 but should not be much longer.

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It been one month since i went to the store to have a blu ray replacement they sent for a replacement yet still no phone call about my replacement blu ray.

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