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Yakuza 6 Collectors Edition PS4

Thanks for the excellent communication/ customer service. I ordered knowingly the item was out of stock but more was coming.

Each time I had a web chat they were honest. If it’s next week that’s fine and guess what; they delivered on that ETA

Using AfterPay was flawless.

Product was packed well and I’m a VERY happy customer.

I always find what I'm after.

The only thing i can fault is they're probably a little over-priced compared to other companies, but the service is always good and I always find whatever movie I am looking for, every single time. The stores are always neat and tidy. And I saw last week that they've starting selling brand new vinyl albums which I think is amazing. Love Sanity.

Natalie King review

I am happy for sanity Stafford as sanity they do a great job and that I am glad that I am able to buy and get great online service from sanity. Well done to Dee and other workers at Stafford thank you for your hard work :)

Could not care

I ordered a cd on the 15 January. I have rang 4 times first time they told me it was put on the shelf and they would post it that day i left it for a week. Rang again still didn't post it. The girl just laughed at it. Rang again the boy said it hadn't been post. My last phone call was on the 14 February. They said the have just posted it. I'm not happy at all. My dad on is death bed and friend got cancer. I was waiting it to play softly beside my dad bed as he loves Jimmy buffet.

filthy d.v.d's

Purchased a number of NEW D.V.D's a few days ago from Morayfield store.One was that 'filthy' it would play the last 10 minutes remaining.A number of others dirty too.Surely one can expect that if you purchase a NEW D.V.D that it be clean as well as playable.Will now shop elsewhere for my entertainment!

wrong disc

They put the wrong disc in the case, which I did not enjoy, I could not return it as it was a gift, not happy

Order not delivered, ignored by Sanity

Ordered the DVD "Doctor Doctor Series 2 " in first week of December. Christmas gift. Guess what, not received. Queried Sanity Online. Guess what, no response. I think they are SCAMMERS.. Suggest you avoid them like the plague. Bring on Amazon.

Sanity Online

Do not buy from Sanity online. I ordered over 2 weeks before Christmas. Spent nearly $500 and with only one day left to ship have only recieved one of my items. There is still 2 in transit with no hope of them being here before Christmas and another 12 items I cancelled. now I have to go and try and re buy the items somewhere else. I was never told it would take this long for items to get to me, or I would not have ordered through them. Not impressed!

Customer service

I would like to say a very BIG thank you to Jenny at Sanity Rosebud.
She searched for a box set for me in every state and found what I asked for........ and nothing was too much trouble and I believe she should be given some sort of recognition for her excellent and professional customer service !
From one very happy customer !
Thank you Gale

Sanity online awful

Really not happy with the online store. Put in an order in November, never heard anything for a week and then I get email saying one of the items is not available so they gave me a refund. Two weeks later and order turns up and it’s only a partial order. Had to ring customer service to find out what is going on with the rest of the order and apparently some of it is in transit but a couple of the other items they are still waiting for. These are supposed to be Xmas presents and I could have actually bought one of the items elsewhere while I was out shopping. Why sell stuff online if it’s not actually available. Plus postage is expensive compared to JB Hi-Fi. Not even that they use afterpay will make me want to use them again.

No reply from website

I sent a message to ask them an important question and it said to wait 24 to 48hrs for a reply and now 4 days later and still no reply, so brought the item on Amazon.

DVDs for the hubby

Awesome range and choice ,fast shipping and good communication,afterpay offered and reasonable shipping costs
Will order again for sure as the prices are great with good deals

Poor Customer Service.

I saw a particular dvd in-store that I wanted to purchase so I gave the case to the young female sales assistant to go fetch the disc from behind the counter so as I could purchase it. Unfortunately she was unable to find it so she ended up ringing another store in another town to see if they had a copy. She told me that I would receive a phone call to let me know that the dvd was in & ready to pick up. She asked for my mobile number so I gave it to her.

The other store did have the dvd I was after in stock but it took a few days for the other sales person from the other store to bring it over.

A week went by & I didn't receive a phone call from my local store, so I ended up having to go in-store in person & chase up what was going on.
The sales assistant apologised that no-one bothered to ring & let me know that the dvd had arrived.

However, from my point of view this is not good enough!

In this day & age of technological advancements in communications (mobile, email, voicemail), why is it so hard for a sales assistant to make a simple phone call or use another method of contact to let a customer know that their order has arrived in-store?

I'm appalled that no one even attempted to phone me, so that was the first & last time I will ever shop at my local Sanity Store. Another issue I don't like is the way the staff handle cds/dvd, as they scratch easily when they get them in & out of plastic sleeves. There are invisible particles of dust & dirt floating around in the air (this combined with careless handling) & doesn't take much to scratch a cd/dvd surface. You wouldn't buy a new car with scratches all over it, so why pay out big money for a brand-new cd/dvd covered in scratches? (especially if it's a collector's item). I wouldn't! Staff need to be taught the basics on how to handle their cds/dvds properly so that the customer doesn't have to waste time taking the item home, finding out that it won't play on their equipment (due to damage) & having to take it back for either replacement or refund.

It will be JB Hi-Fi for my cd/dvd shopping from now on!!!

Wrong disc's put in twice in a row!

Brought a season from sanity 3 months ago, and they put the wrong disc in..
Then yesterday I brought another season and the same thing happened!! How hard is it to look at the disc's before putting them in the case?

Great service!

I placed my order at 1am on Monday morning, the parcel was at my door by lunch time on Tuesday! Incredibly fast service, great price ($20 cheaper than competitors) and their customer service is great too. One of the DVD cases were broken and a quick email had a replacement DVD case in the mail and on my door step by Thursday. Will be back for more sales!

Very Slow Order Processing!

Very Slow Order Processing. Starting to think my order will never be processed or sent out. Scam. Not recommended. A generous one star ratting.


I brought a box set of mako mermaids for my daughter for Xmas,she's just gone to watch them and there isn't any DVDs in the boxes !!
Yet this had been shrink wrapped etc

Genuinely Rubbish.

Sanity is so overpriced, plain and simple, and their range is pretty bad. I understand if they can't compete with bigger shops like JBHIFI but honestly, Pet Sounds (normal, plain old CD form with no extras or anything) by The Beach Boys is $39.95, who are you kidding.

large variety, and willing to help

Any time I'm looking for an old movie and they don't have it they're always very helpful and willing to order it in. Staff are always friendly and know their products. Online shopping also is excellent and fast. Never had a problem and am very happy with service

Sanity Stuff Up Yet Again

I went into sanity store in Whyalla to pick up my pre-order of Batman v Superman after I got the phone call telling me it was in. When I arrived they handed me the Blu-ray, I paid for it and walked out. Got home and found out it was the normal 2D copy and not the 3D one I had pre-ordered. I went back to the shop and said "I think there has been a mistake" explained what had happened and then was rudely told "oh yeah we don't have the 3D ones yet". Why was I called and told it was in if it wasn't. Now being told it might arrive at the store this week. The movie (all versions) was meant to be released today. Mostly not happy with the attitude the lady at sanity had, she wouldn't even ring head office to find out what had happened. Put your head in Sanity. I for one am going for online shopping else where.

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Questions & Answers

How long does a replacement blu ray take i took my blu ray into store a month ago was told 10 days getting pissed off with the waiting.
1 answer
Hi Simmsy, are you able to send our team an email at feedback@sanity.com.au? We'd love to hear about this situation and find out what is happening with the blu-ray order.

How long does it take from ordering in store to arriving in-store?
1 answer
I didn’t order in store I ordered online and it took 4 business days

How long does it take to get your item if you have ordered a item online ??
1 answer
I ordered on a Sat & received it the following Wed (4 days later). But I'd expect unlike alot of douche reviewers that xmas may be slow going so you'd probably need to order a month or two ahead if you need it for xmas.

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