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Sanli LazerCut LCS400

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3.6 from 45 reviews

10 years. Not a problem!

That's how long I have had my Sanli LazerCut and it has never caused any problems. The service is very good and the mechanic always does a good job, fuel is no problem, all the functions work and it doesn't stop at all.
The last service it had the mechanic set me up with a hard plastic catcher even though the net catcher type was still o.k.


Great Mower bought it because of the price but cant believe how good it is, much better than the Briigs and Stratten Victa I had. Starts so easy very quite and cuts well. Great value.

Excellent Mower

Purchased my Sanli mower in 2004 from Kmart for $189. Mowed both my city house and 1700 sqm block in the Blue Mountains. Always started first, unlike previous brand name mowers. Moved to the mountains in Dec 2012 and used it till the mower died 3 months ago with clanging in the engine. $199 for 10 years with a couple of oil changes and blade changes. Was walking through Home Hardware looking for a replacement when I saw the exact same Sanli for $199. Bought it on the spot. This one still starts first time as the other one, and with a 2 year warranty I can't go wrong!!

Great Mower.

Have had a 400Lazercut for 6 years. I lived in the Pibara for 5 years and never had a problem. Starts first pull every time.
Serviced once in that time and washed off after every use.
Great for $199.

Absolute crap, leave the sanlii where it is, customer service..what service

Purchased sanlii lazercut mower, absolute crap. Sanlii will not honor warranty yet mower use limited. The design in these mowers is utter crap and if I had of known prior to purchase what I know now I would have left it where it was. No matter what you pay, items have a shelf life, this mower is still under warranty, and it's not my fault that the design of these mowers makes the seal wear sooner than later. I can count on my hand how many times this mower has been used.
I would NOT RECOMMEND A SANLII TO ANYONE! Nor Sanlii customer service, if you call it that. Said they would be in contact with me........that was over a week and a half ago...rubbish, leave the sanlii where it is.

I got what I payed for. Rubbish.

Bought from Harvey Norman less than 3 years ago. I have a small lawn which takes less than 30 minutes to cut. So 3 cuts ago the Lazercut started with one pull. The last time I tried to use it ,it coughed and miss fired and would not start. A servive will cost $120 with the lawn mower centre saying the carbi gaskets usually perish. So ordered the gaskets and correctly replaced them and checked everything else like the quality of fuel and flow,plug, etc. So after it was put back together it did start after many pulls .I let it idle and put it away.Tried to start it yesterday and no go no matter what I tried.
So I guess I got what I paid for, cheap mower, short life.
I won't recommend this brand unless you are willing to take changes with it's reliability. I should have just bought the more expensive and durable brands for a long life.

As good as any mower

I bought a Sanli Lazer cut and it lasted as long as a Victa, Pope and Masport at a fraction of the cost

Great for distributing grass cuttings

Most reviews here reflect my sentiments. A reliable starter and has the HPs to do the job BUT what it gains in those aspects it loses in its inability to catch grass. One has to be feorever running around picking up the cuttings. Someone should have spent one more year in mower design school (or, only redsign the wheel if its a more circular wheel).


Great to start first go every go but it's pointless because I don't get a full bag each time almost as if the chute is too small and gets a build up of grass blocking the catcher I've tried everything like even waiting till the hottest part of the day and grass is really dry but without fail builds up... All in all worst mower I've ever owned..... Spose you get what u pay for!!!!

Warranty issues

My sanli lazercut engine of one and a half years blew up due to an oil leak. Oil fine when I started mowing. Apparently the issue was vegetative material wrapped around the shaft that causes the cutting system to rotate. Apparently this material damaged the washer above which caused the oil to leak hence the engine blowing up. I have previously mowed my lawn for more than ten years with an old masport without any incidences. Obviously the sanli can't handle normal mowing conditions. If the engine leaks oil on a simple residential grassed area then this to me is a weakness in the design of the mower and is in fact a warranty issue. But no according to sanli passed on by their warranty repairer in Officer this is my fault. My new mower won't be a sanli.

Warranty not worth the paper it was written on.

Robust, reliable mower

Have used a 400 Laser Cut for two years on a hilly block. I do not use full throttle because there is no need to apply full force to the engine so it can do its job it is on par with Honda and puts B & S to shame.
This is a robust, inexpensive, reliable mower. By comparison is the best value for money in Australia
The rear grass catcher is hard to fit.

Great mower, reliable and heaps of power

Had my Sanli LazerCut for around 7 years now. Hasn't missed a beat. Plenty of power due to the OHV CHonda motor, and as reliable as my Corolla. Changed the oil every 12 months and changed the blades, air filter and spark plug every other year. Starts within 3 pulls every time.

Great value for the $199 I paid for it. Didn't expect this kind of bang for buck with a mower of this price. Plenty of mower shops stock spares for this mower as well.
Reliable, powerful, spares available.

Good value for a cheap mower

I am 50yr old women and don't want to wear myself out mowing. This mower was easy to start-first pull. Easy to push and empty the grass catcher. I have a large hilly block so the big wheels help too.
It cost $200 so time will tell it it's worth that. One other thing it is very quite-70Db most mowers at 90Db
much safer on your hearing long term.
Very Quite and easy to use.
Abit heavy when loading into the car. [I'll have to get a man.]

great mower i have worked as a horticultralist and have used hondas and victas but my opinion is tha

The ohv (over head valve) engine is great they d useont chew through oil and fuel like briggs and stratton motors do. at first when there new the first few tanks of fuel you put through it will go fast but dont be alarmed. its only because the motor is wearing in after about 4 tanks it drinks a little slower. suggestion use only a good brand (ohv) motor oil it will give it a long healthy serice life. service oil,sparkplug,blades and fuel filter at the same time usaully once a year for oil and 2 years for everything else.
i like the sanli because its fun to use strong ,reliable and easy to keep clean i have had mine and keeped it clean and i still looks and runs like it did out of the box.
the only thing i can pick at is the soft catcher. im worried if i hit a piece of metal or a decent rock if it will blow through the back of the catcher. so far so good. also i cant strain enough to people always shut the fuel tap off and let the mower run out of fuel. otherwise the carbys are known to flood and also leaving fuel in the carby for long periods of time can do damage because there not honda carbies that are flood proof. there only cheap production made ones.

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I also think the plastic of the catcher wont be up to it if something hard is picked up and fired it into it. I had to assemble the catcher and found it near impossible to get the clips to engage properly. Now I know why the shop had never assembled it. In doing so I had to use a fair amount of. of pressure and put a slight crack in the side of upper catcher.I dont think I was being too heavy handed either. Havent used the mower yet . Will see how it goes soon and see how well the catcher holds up

Sanli 400 4 stroke

Bought this for my dad 3+ years ago and must say it has performed exceptionally well. OHC engine starts first pull every time and the lazer cut blade system cuts well and is fuel efficient. The only downside is the handle connectors - the old flip style that loosens over time and the catcher is takes a bit of getting used to. Cant be beat for price.
Easy to start, reliable, fuel efficient,
Handle connector requires regular tightening.


Purchased one for our church. No problems with either. Good value for money. Has lasted longer than the Victa and Masport which it has replaced, and the motor has performed better than the Briggs that they had.
Had it for now 3 years. Bought at K-Mart and because of the price regarded it as a disposable item. Continues to start first pull. Have over an acre of lawn, and a wife addicted to lawn-mowing. Original spark plug and filter.
Local warranty/service agents have no stocks of blades. If grass is damp neck blocks very easily so catcher does not fill. Catcher can be fiddly to place on mower.

Good cheap and fairly reliable

Starts easily, mowes ok. I have rough lawn with rocks etc. Broken a few blades - they are more expensive than other brands. The shoot blocks so I never use the catcher - I half raise the flap to allow the clippings to come out.(blades are often blunt due to mowing conditions) Value for money, takes the knocks, reliable. Parts are becoming easier as now there are more Quality) outlets.
cheap, relaible and easy to use
grass shoot

Sanli Cuts the Mustard

People take notice products made in the orient by orientals have a superior build quality than Iconic brands made in Australia and just as as likely assembled here by new arrival orientals. So whats the difference.
2. QUALITY control and workmanship.
3. WARRANTY IMHO Sanli would be offering 2yrs if they werent confident that their product was reliable.

I was in the shop and the sales guy said "oh my family has always bought Victas" as a way of justifying the higher price. I looked over at the SANLI and the utilitarian simplicity and quality kept catching my eye. The handle had 4 bolts attaching it to the cutterdeck, the elbow joint had a quick cam lock whereas the Victa had those painfull knurled plastic wheels that have given me the willies for years in fact I ended up welding my last mower handle joint up! The Sanli has a steel cutterdeck that can be repaired with a small arc welder as opposed to the thin casting on the more exy brands. Fuel filter and stop cock both a bonus, thanyou. started 1st go, quiet as no need for hearing protection at 75db at say a metre away. carby and airfilter readily servicable. Nice large fuel and oil/dipstick entry allows easy top up. To thoroughly clean with a damp rag takes about 5 mins. Real ballbearing wheels adds to easy pushing. Enough grunt for a 16" blade as has same motor HP as many 18" jobs and its a OHV (over head valve) similar to a HONDA inc a postie!

I really dig my Sanli and am pleased I dont have to mow my lawns with some Starwars looking mothership made from crappy plastic moulded panels. KISS.!. Im happy I saved easy $150 that I can now spend on another Sanli eg chainsaw or hedgetrimmer.
Win Win for Matthew!!!
Well designed solid build quality, use of steel components rather than plastic, OHV engine = quiet + smooth.
people complain about the weight of it, but for me I prefer a mower that is grounded not one that floats around just feels more robust and safe but I can understand say a teenager or elderly with poor muscle tone having astruggle.

Extremely impressed

Out of the box brand new for $199 with my dead victa 4 stroke as a trade in. Put in the oil and petrol and first pull it fired into life. I took it easy for a few mins after reading some of the negative reviews on here but I was soon aware that it could handle anything I could throw at it literally. I have a block that's 1188m2 and the ground is uneven at best. My victa died 2 months ago half way through mowing the back yard which had weeds way outta control back then so now the shorter grass and weeds were over a foot tall and the part that didn't get mowed when my victa died was in places over 6th high with thick stemmed weeds. I hammered the laser cut 4hp harder than any mower should be pushed and it was well up to the challenge. The catcher is a bit tricky at first but easy to put back on after a few goes. Definately a good buy. Very happy
Good price, looks good and goes even better.
No beer holder, lol just kidding


If it worked properly it would be a bargain but its really only a cheap mower that has a very short life span. People if you have the money buy a better brand and happy mowing.
It's cheap - but is it really when it has so many problems.
The mower does not turn of when moving the throttle to off - there is a petrol leak from the carburetta- the think won't start - the catcher comes appart way before it's full. If there is a hint of moisture in the grass the grass catches at the neck of the catcher.

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LazerCut LCS400
Price (RRP)329
Power SourcePetrol
Cutting Width420
Minimum Cutting Height15
Maximum Cutting Height75
Mulching CapabilityNo
Release dateMay 2008

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