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Our Beautiful Farm Home

Our entire experience with Sarah homes was excellent. From the initial design and modifications, their assistance with council variations through to the finished product. Site supervisor was excellent and any problems were quickly addressed and fixed. We were quoted a 20 week build and it was achieved in 17. Some of the things we love about the house is open plan, skillion roof, large family lounge, dining kitchen and independant kids area. We feel we have achieved an architecturally designed home from a spec builder. We now have the home we always wanted which utilises the views across the hills and blends in with the surrounding environment. Its like being on holidays everyday.

Construction End DateSep 2017

Delighted with our new Sarah Home

This is the 4th home we have built, and the first one with Sarah Homes. Very pleased with the look of the house which we designed along with our sales person. We took one of their plans and tweaked it to suit our needs, and we were happy with everything, particularly our supervisor and the workmanship. All the tradies were very good, polite, and tidy. The building process took a little longer than expected due to the area encumbrances as well as dealing with council. Only thing to suggest is to make sure you go over every detail on your plans, including the location of the electric meter box on the outside of your home, as well as the size of your bathrooms and showers, and the size of your garage if you add one. We highly recommend Sarah Homes to build your new home as they truly offer value for money as well as friendly and helpful staff.

Construction End DateMar 2018

Living the dream

The build manager was excellent to deal with. He was realistic with time frames and got back to us in a timely manner with queries. We needed to make a few alterations to roof design etc to cope with the weight of solar panels, and increase wind and insulation ratings as we live off the grid and efficient energy is important.

The quality of the build met our expectations and the workers were tidy on site.

The after sales service was good. We experienced a gas leak due to incorrectly plumbed pipes, but this was promptly dealt with and repairs are not noticeable.

Construction End DateMay 2015

Second house with Sarah homes and another great experience

Overall the whole experience was very good, the initial design/selection process (we made some changes to standard design without issues and at no additional costs) was efficient and timely.
The whole build was systematically managed so that there was minimum gaps between trades, from start to hand over was only 4 months.
Finishes and quality were excellent, a few little minor issues but all were fixed quickly and with no arguments.
We have now been in the house for 10 months and no post build problems, so very happy.

Construction End DateJun 2016

Vision to reality

We built a terrific functional holiday home that met all expectations. The process was relatively easy with committed people who kept their promises and communicated well without too much "selling". The price does increase from base, but well worth the extra ceiling height, big deck and some of the smaller touches that make the property present better in the holiday rental market we are in. One thing I would do better next time is get some more advice about the plan and layout - ours is almost straight off the plan which is great - but a couple of things could have been tweaked to make it even better. The end product is what was planned, the build time and quality (so far) was great. We had some council challenges and got a lot of support throughout. The house is now renting very strongly and dealing with the numerous short stays - so far so good. The building manager was excellent (Jim), they have a lot on at once but keep up the communications are best they can. Very happy.

Construction End DateJan 2016

Our almost perfect house

Our first up contact, concept and plan set up was excellent, although there was some confusion over how the costings were set out, due to deletions and additions, but this was quickly resolved by our sales person, Mark.

After that, we suffered at start up, due to Council requirements not being met within plans submitted. This caused a significant delay, and was an issue that we feel should not have arisen, however once this matter was sorted, all proceeded smoothly.

Initially our building supervisor was a bit offside, but this was overcome and the build proceeded almost a quickly as it could. There were delays in the first fix, due to one or two missing pieces of build material and the usual process of keeping more than one customer happy by way of building a bit here and there, but we have built before and these things happened then too.

Again we reiterate that once our relationship with the Supervisor was settled, our dealings with him were excellent and we could not hope for better.

All other stages went extremely well, and I must mention that the 1st fix builder, plumber, tiler, plasterer, electrician, garage door installer and painter were all extremely helpful and they installed a number of our own fittings.

There was an accounts issue that arose during the build, in that we received two accounts for progress payments, when the work had not been done, in one case some 2 weeks early. This was resolved with photos and emails sent to the person concerned, but it did seem somewhat that one or two internal departments were not talking to each other.

Hand over was a breeze and we have enjoyed the wine.

We are very happy with the result, with one exception and that is, we have put in the maintenance list and to date Sarah have been rather slow to fix. The list is not big, and in fact the independent building inspector, who did our review, commented that the build was of a high standard. Yes, the building supervisor has been in touch, but the actual fix has still not happened some 3 months since submission. (Since writing this review, all maintenance issues have been attended to in a timely manner)

We would be happy to rebuild with Sarah.

Happy in my new home.

My experience with planning my new build with the consultant was exceptional. Suggestions were offered and discussed with no pressure and I am very pleased with all the decisions made. The building supervisor was attentive to my requests for updates on the building progress. I was happy with the quality of the workmanship by all trades and after handover, the couple of small fixes were attended to promptly by the company.

Fantastic House

The service that we received from Sarah Homes was fantastic and the finished product (our home) was built to our standard. The house is fantastic and is everything we wanted. The tradies who worked on the house were excellent and they allowed us access to the house whenever we wanted. We moved in ahead of time into a house that was complete in every way. I would certainly recommend Sarah Homes and if I was to build another home I would use them.

Great hassle free building experience

Everyone gets a bit nervous about building a house but we had no issues at all, it was a well managed process from beginning to end and was completed ontime. The trades all did an excellent job and there was no big gaps between trades. The one area where I was initially worried about was the painting but at handover I felt like I had failed as I couldn't find one thing wrong, its was a very good job! The supervisor was always available, or if not, would return calls promptly and the tradies themselves were very friendly and didn't mind us wondering through occasionally. Would recommend Sarah Homes for their efficiency and build quality.

Beach house without the hassle!

we have recently completed our beach house that Sarah Homes have built.
Very easy process, agree what you want and lots of homes to review to help influence best option for you. We went with a Whiteley but there are lots of design options and great VFM. You can also personalise the style with different additions, we went with a really large balcony facing the ocean and none at the front, since we didnt want front balcony the design team contacted us and suggested how to improve the front appearance.
No hidden costs and once agreed they go and build. I would use them again.

First home buyers !!

Excellent sales representative made the initial process easy, accurate and enjoyable. About to spend our first xmas in our home and are overall extremely happy with the design, quality and service. - We experienced some minor problems that were rectified appropriately

Fantastic riverside home

Sarah homes overall delivered exactly what I wanted and to a very high standard. I absolutely recommend them and would use them if I were to build again. Despite a custom design, I found the whole process ran smooth and in a timely manner which was pleasing after experiencing small delays with council and major issues with nab in regard to financial approval it was nice to know sarah homes knew their own products and obligations to their client.
site manager gave great access above and beyond what was expected.
There was a minor issue between sarah homes and NAB with regard to final payment. nab did not want to give the money until sarah homes issued certificate of compliance and sarah homes did not want to give certificate of compliance until final payment was received. fortuneatly after offering to pay the final installment myself sarah homes budged first and aided me in getting into my new home quicker. national australia bank displayed complete incompetence, lack of knowledge in regard to their own policy, were untrustworthy and unprofessional throughout the entire process and thankfully sarah homes were always ready to go with the next stage of construction when this pathetic excuse for an organisation( did I mention NAB suck?) finally sorted their mistakes out.

Home Sweet Home

We loved the Haybrough 3 design nine years ago, and after looking around again we still came back to the same design when we were finally ready to build. It has the perfect proportions to the living space compared to the sleeping areas (which are good). The team were happy to move things around to make things even better for us. A lovely house with no regrets.
Price was an important factor in our choice of builders as we were keeping to a tight budget. Nothing was impossible for them. Regular contact.
Only hiccup was that we are a stand alone solar household and when we checked the gas stove and oven, it had an electric grill not a gas one.

Very happy customer!

Sarah Homes were very professional throughout the entire building process. I had excellent communication with the site manager, and he was always willing to answer any questions that I had. I was also kept up to date constantly on the build process. I would definitely build with Sarah Homes again if the opportunity arose.
Great quality, open communication, reliable.

Wright Decision - overlooking Wright Island

Our build with Sarah Homes was recently completed & handed over.
Very happy from start to finish.
Design & quality of build exceeded our expectations.
Price came in on budget and no hidden surprises, the whole process was transparent and the end result with design and colour schemes came up very well.
Colour consultant was very helpful and thorough & she assisted with some important tips & advice.
We would recommend Sarah Homes to family & friends for any future build, trades were great and site supervisor was helpful and explained each process well.
No hidden surprises, came in on budget and quality exceeded our expectations.
Several items required additional attention through the build, but our site supervisor quickly rectified the problem.

What a Pleasure

I would like to say a big thank you to all the staff involved in helping us build our dream home. The process was very easy from start to finish with nothing too hard for the staff. We have finally moved in and had our first Christmas on the balconies overlooking the river and hills. I would like to make a special thank you to [name removed] and [name removed] for their patience and understanding.

Again Thank you to every one in making our dream home beside the beach a reality.

We have built with numerous builders within our lifetime but from now on will only be building with Sarah Homes


Great service from start to finish

After buying land for a holiday home a year ago we approached Sarah Homes and were impressed by the great range of designs and the friendly, efficient service from our sales consultant. No alteration to the design seemed too difficult, the building process went smoothly and we're delighted with the finished product
Affordable, attractive house designs, well-suited to Australian conditions

Very good design and affordable

The sales consultant was very helpful with my house design, and with the changes that were needed to be made to accommodate the house on my block of land. She was so friendly, and easy to talk to, as I had not dealt with any home builders before, because I was building my first home. While my house was being constructed, the Building Site Supervisor, the Tradesmen, and Labourers were all very pleasant and helpful to talk to.
Any issues that arose during building were quickly resolved.

We can't fault the overall building at all, BUT at handover, you do need to go over the whole house with a fine tooth comb, and also record times and dates, and take photos of any faults that you see, as we have faults with the outside painting that we only verbally reported to the site supervisor at handover, and they are still outstanding, as we have multiple places at the joins of the external cladding where it has been missed being painted. Looks like we have to repaint it ourselves now! When painting, Sarah Homes DO NOT use sealer undercoat first, and we wish that they told us beforehand though, as the paint finish would have looked a lot better if sealer undercoat was used first. On our third pest inspection, the pest inspector picked up a major fault on a gyprock wall in the third bedroom that wasn't visible to the naked eye on handover. We've advised Sarah Homes recently, and they say that it's over the two year time period. GREAT!!!!! When the fault was only able to be detected when a torch light is shone up and down the wall surface to ensure that all the walls are straight and flush. AND WHO WOULD THINK TO DO THIS AT HANDOVER? Only a Pest Inspector does this to see if there's any pests inside the wall, as a bulge in the wall could mean that you may have some termite damage inside the wall. It looks like we are going to have to foot the bill for it's replacement too! As we are still waiting for a reply from Sarah Homes.After sending Sarah Homes several emails, we're still waiting for a reply from them, seems like they don't care about you after the house is completed, they don't even give you any advise about your complaint or comments!

Delightful process and a wonderful home

We began our search for a reasonably priced and well-designed holiday house about a year ago and were looking for something that did not look like a ‘transportable’ or ‘kit’ home. There were a couple of contenders but we loved the McCubbin and were very impressed with the sales representative at Mile End. She was very efficient, had excellent product knowledge and knew the area in which we were building. However, we were most impressed with her understanding of our budget restraints and the fact that she worked with us to get what we wanted within budget. All of the costs were clearly explained and potential extras or variations (such as rock breaking) were allowed for in our budget.
The building supervisor was fantastic. He made contact with us early on and explained the building process and gave us useful tips on what we could do as the building progressed. We were astounded at the speed of the build and at the quality of the craftsmanship. Each stage was clearly very well organised like a military operation. All the trades used sourced were highly skilled and friendly to us whenever we visited.
More often than not we hear horror stories of clients and builders in the media, and so it was with some trepidation that we embarked on this process. However, our experience with Sarah Homes has been delightful, enjoyable and we got exactly what we wanted.
Design and construction - took just over 7 weeks!!

We have been in for a year now and still love the place. Great design and costs a minimal amount to run ..I wish our Adelaide house had all the energy saving additions that we had on this house. Well worth the time and effort.It has now been 4 years later and the house is still as beautiful as the day it was build. I haven't had a single problem. Friends and family who come to stay and love the design and homely but open and spacious feel. I've been doing holiday lets for the past couple of years and get excellent reviews about the house. I will be building another small house in the future and will still give them a go. Hopefully they are still as good as when I built 4 years ago.

Excellence, thank you Sarah Homes

We were extremely happy with Sarah Homes. We built the Emily 2 Storey at Encounter Bay and we found the company to be very professional at all times. The sales team was very helpful, professional and friendly and made us feel like we were in good hands. The Building supervisor was also very professional and we were extremely happy with the end result. My only suggestion to Sarah Homes, is that potential client's should be aware of possible extra costs for site preparation and costly changes required to meet the 6 star energy rating which you don't always find out until later on. I would also have liked to receive more regular contact from the Building Supervisor as to what stage things are at, rather than having to ring him up and feel like a nuisance. There were a few things that needed attention on completion however the Building Supervisor took care of them and was very diligent in having hand over ready on the date we agreed on. Overall though, we were very happy with the build and would use Sarah Homes again in the future. Thank you!
Modern home design, affordable, professional, reputable company
More regular contact from Building supervisor with updates

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Questions & Answers

How much difference is there typically from listed price and what people select? Is it possible to reduce the cost further from listed price? Interested in comments.
1 answer
Hi Andrew. There listed price is just a guide. Increase your final price buy 25% and you'll be close to your final costing. Council energy requirements and there listed prices for a very basic low speck home.

What was the difference between quote price and actual contract price?
2 answers
In the subdivision that I purchased my block of land, the Local Council would only allow Sarah Homes to built onsite, also they wanted me to install another window, before approving the plans for my home. Therefore, I incurred extra costs of $2,400.00 to build onsite and $450.00 for a window to be installed, due to Local Council regulations. I received two quotes for my home to be built, one without concrete piers, and one with bored concrete foundation piers, subject to the soil report. With my soil report showing that I had to build my home with bored concrete foundation piers. The difference between quote price, and actual contract price was $000.00.The only difference in costing was what we asked for to be changed, however these were even out as we received a refund from the foundation cost.

How much did the final price at completion vary from the price when the contract was signed?
2 answers
Pat, Sarah Homes were on target with the final price. There were a few post-contract variations of our own choosing that we added ourselves. F HarrisSarah Homes quoted me a price to build a home without concrete piers, and with concrete piers (subject to the soil report). But my block of land, had to have concrete piers installed, and Sarah Homes final price was exactly what they had quoted me. Every owner deciding to build a new home, has to have their block cleared, and leveled, and these costs can vary. I was very fortunate that my block of land was very level, and I only had to have the vegitation (Weeds, etc.) removed prior to the concrete piers being installed, and the building work commencing. The only extra costs depend on your LOCAL COUNCIL PLANNING APPROVALS, and REGULATIONS, as I had decided to purchase a Transportable Sarah Home, but my Local Council would only allow dwellings to be built onsite, which added $2,500.00 to my final price, and The Local Council also wanted me to put in another window, which was a post-contract variation costing me another $350.00. Amanda

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