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SAS Hair Straightener

SAS Hair Straightener

4.7 from 270 reviews

No contact or delivery

Have ordered my straightener last week, paid extra for express shipping and still no delivery. Have tried to contact you by email several times & live chat is always offline. to date still no reply & no delivery. Very disappointed, as I was needing this straightener today, hence why I paid for express shipping. Can someone PLEASE advise where my delivery is.

Purchased at Sas Hairstraightener for $129.00.

Hair Length Long
Hair Style Curly
Straightening Time 15 minutes

Love my sas straightener

What an amazing straightener. Finally something that can tame my curly hair. Heats up quickly and glides through my hair. Great price and quick delivery time. Love supporting fellow aussie companies. Keep up the great work, highly recommended

Purchased for $139.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Care
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Curly
Straightening Time 15 minutes

No delivery in time

I have ordered my straightener since 8th feb and there is no delivery update i do not know where to contact as live chat or contact does not reply toconcern

Purchased .

Hi Divya, We have been in contact and arranged a replacement dispatched to you as the courier was delayed :) Kind Regards, SAS TeamHi SAS team. Thank you very much for tge support extended. It was real good customer service and you made sure courier delays did not make me unhappy. Thank you very much. Excillent service. Appreciate the gesture of providing freebies.

Straightens and curls perfectly

Seconds to heat up, super quick to straighten, curls effortlessly. Can't recommend this straightener enough. I've only ever used GHD prior to SAS. SAS is equal to, if not better than GHD.

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Hi Beclox, Thanks for your review we are very pleased to hear you love your SAS straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team


I am extremely satisfied with this product after having an unsuccessful experience with 2 GHDS.

SO GLAD I CAME ACROSS SAS! This hair straightener has been working wonders for me. My hair is really wavy and thanks to SAS my hair can be straight in no time. I was so happy with my experience that I even bought a SAS hair straightener for my mum straight after.

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Hi Sarah, Thanks for your review we always love hearing back from more happy SAS customers! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Does what it claims

Excellent product easy to use digital display. Very even temperature control. I've had a few straighteners from different manufacturers but nothing compares to SAS.

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Hi Chris, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear you love your SAS straightener and glad you like the digital display :) Kind Regards, SAS Team

amazing,can't live without my SAS

Really impressed by the SAS hair straightener. having always been a GHD girl I decided to try SAS after reading great reviews and I'm so glad I did. Great value for money, works well, heats up quickly and love the digital display. Super fast delivery and love supporting Aussie businesses. Highly recommend this straightener

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Hi Grace, Thanks for your review! Love hearing back from more happy SAS customers! Wishing you a happy new year :) Kind Regards, SAS Team

Great straightener but delivery not good

I brought an sas straightener maybe 2 years ago & it stopped working suddenly. I jumped online & ordered a new one & paid for express shipping through couriers please. Still haven't received it & contacted both customer services. Sas handballed to couriers please & I have no idea where my package is. Bit disappointed, wanted it before I left for my holiday & annoyed I bothered to pay extra for the express shipping.

Hi Shannon, Thanks for your review and sorry to hear about the delivery. We apologise for the delay caused by the postage system during the Christmas period but unfortunately it is out of our control as its a busy time of the year & public holidays. We are happy to hear that you love your straightener :) Kind Regards, SAS TeamNow it will be delivered when I'm away, I actually will be gone for 2 weeks on holidays. so I have this extra stress & no one will be home at my home so where will the package go?? they won't hold it for 2 weeks & neither would the post office! being a repeat customer & the fact my previous straightener only last 2 years you would think you would help me out more or offer a credit or something. I was going to buy my sister a straightener but I won't while you use this delivery service & the fact it stopped working. I'm sure I'm not the first to complain about the delivery.. you should look into a more reliable one. would be so nice if you could help me more or something. I feel like I won't even get a straightener at this point! don't offer express service if you are aware that the delivery company is not reliable. imagine waiting for a holiday all year & having this happen when it was your product that stopped working! I brought it in 2016 April. I regret buying from you again.Hi Shannon, Sorry to hear this, we have offered to refund the express post charge and also a discount provided. If no one is able to collect the straightener it will be returned to us and we can have it dispatched to you again. I do apologise for the delay caused by the courier service and we will have a follow up with them as well. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Believe the 5 star reviews!

Literally bought these straighteners due to the reviews. I was reluctant at first (only ever used GHD's) but WOW these straighteners are amazing. They feel great to hold (good quality) heat up super fast, glide through my hair, and are much cheaper than other bigger brands. A massive YES.

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Hi Hannah, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear you love your SAS straightener :) Kind Regards, SAS Team


I had a very bad experience with SAS hair straighteners. After reading all the amazing reviews, I bought mine 2 years ago, and got it replaced twice under the warranty.
The first 2 straighteners worked fine, but I noticed that after using them for few months, the colour of the straightener started to fade around the heating plates. Until the colour around the plates turned to white completely (my straightener is pink originally). And I have no idea why this happened (I only use temperature between 180-220, not the highest temperature).
I sent photos to the customer service and got it replaced twice because of this issue.
The last one that they sent me had more problems, the marks on the touch screen that should turn on/off and increase/decrease the temperature aren’t in the correct spots. I realized that after spending 20 min trying to turn it on by pressing on the power mark in the touch screen, then, I found out that I have to press between the power mark and the mark for increasing the temperature. So, it’s really confusing.
Then, last week, one of the heating plates came out of the straightener.
Also, the touch screen doesn’t get locked properly. White I’m using it, I found out that the temperature changes and sometimes it turns off when I accidentally touch the screen.
I thought it could last longer compared to cheaper products, but apparently the quality of the straightener is very poor for that price.
The customer service is very good though.

Hi Sally, Please get in touch with us as we want all of customers to have a 5 star experience with us. Kind Regards, SAS TeamI would like to thank SAS team for their prompt response after my review. They replaced my straightener as It was faulty. And regarding the colour fading problem, they sent me the new one with a totally different colour that could last longer. I receiced my replacement before Christmas and it’s been working fine so far. Like I said in my review, this customer service is great. Thanks SAS team.

My wife won’t stop talking about this

My wife purchased this hair stairgner and blow dryer not to long ago and all I have to say is that she cannot stop using them or talking about them. Only negative lol is her friends now come over to use it all the time yay a house full of wemon however it also means I get some alone time to catch up on drinking.

Top product thanks for the drinking time.

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Hi Nick, Thanks for your review, glad your wife & her friends love the SAS straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Best Budget Straighteners

Having already owned one of these for the past 3 years. I have ordered 2 more for friends. My hair is not manageable when not straight so these are perfect for me. Light weight, easy to use, heats up quite quickly. Has a lot of different heat settings but I tend to use the highest setting for my hair. I am also able to curl my hair with these straighteners after watching a few you-tube videos. The face that they also have rounded blades makes the curls look free flowing and very pretty. For the price I could not expect any more.

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Hi Joe, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear your happy with your SAS straightener. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Amazing product

i decided to buy SAS after reading many great reviews and thought i'd give it a go. It arrived very quickly and I love the results I achieve with my straightener. Heats up quickly and straightens with ease, i really recommend it.

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Hi Lady K, Thanks for your review, we love hearing back from our customers! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Works Great!

I love this straighter. My old one broke. I had to replace it. And this one even has a heat setting. Works great and doesn't leave my hair feeling dry and fried.

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Hi Isabella, Thanks for your review, always love hearing back from more happy SAS customers! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Better than what I thought it would be

I was given a repliacement because the original was not working. It arrived in 3 days after my complaint. It heats up fast, is light, works fast, my hair is shiny after I use it and customer service is EXCELLENT. I was expecting a dud but surprisingly.... it does what it is said to do.

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Hi Niki, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear that our team looked after you and you love your SAS straightener :) Kind Regards, SAS Team


Great product received on time does a awesome job would recommend to anyone way better than my old ghd straightens my fuzzy hair with ease again great product couldn’t be happier thank you sas

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Hi Sam, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear your happy with your SAS straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Happy customer!

Very happy with my SAS straightener. I manage to straighten my hair easily and it stays straight for a lot longer compared to other brands I've used. Heats up quickly, glides through my hair and the price was great for such a awesome straightener. Highly recommended and great service, arrived super quickly.

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Hi Kerry, Thanks for your review, we always love hearing back from our customers! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Worst straightener I've ever used!

Heats up quickly but the plates do not glide over hair at all, and this causes damage to the hair. Very awkward to handle. I have used several brands and this is the worst by far. Sent message to the supplier via website and received absolutely no response. You get what you pay for - don't waste your money!

Hi There, Please send us a private message here, we reply to all messages. We would like to rectify the issue. We do offer a money back guarantee. Kind Regards, SAS TeamBe warned: After posting this review the supplier quickly got in touch via email telling me that I would get a refund once I removed my review. When I refused as I felt that would be dishonest they are now refusing to give me a refund. I'm sure I'm not the only one this has happened to and therefore the rating for this product, on which basis I purchased it, is biased and inaccurate. I feel I need to warn others about this. Here is the email I received:Hi Mervat,We will be processing refund for you could you kindly remove your review. Once review has been removed we will send you confirmation of payment. Sorry for any inconvience caused you may also keep the item and not have to return the straightner.

love my sas!

I've had my SAS straightener for over a year now and i can say im extremely satisfied with my straightener. Very easy to use and i love the touch display and that i can adjust the temperature to suit my hair. Straightens with ease and can also curl. I highly recommend it to anyone!


The SAS straightener heats up extremely quick and leaves a smooth finish on my hair, and I have very stubborn curls. I'm very satisfied with the results and highly recommend it!

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Questions & Answers

Hi thank you for my straightner, can you please advise the average temprature to have it set at, I'm finding it a bit drying on my hair sure to do with the temperature its set at Thank you
2 answers
Hi Nancy, Most people use the straightener at around 185 degrees. But please adjust accordingly to your hair. It's always best to use a heat protectant spray or oil to help protect your hair. Kind Regards, SAS TeamI wash my hair every day but before washing it I coat it in olive oil or coconut oil. When I use it I have it on 190 and use a heat protector before drying it and before using the straightener. My hair is as really shiny instead of being dry and brittle.

What is the measurement of the normal and wide plates please?
1 answer
Hi Dalia, The hair straightener plates are 26x90mm. The wide plate model size is 44x90mm. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Hello, just wondering if you can curl your hair with the straighter also?
1 answer
Hi Katie, You can also curl with our straighteners :) Kind Regards, SAS Team


Hair Straightener
Price (RRP) $139.95
Max Temperature232°C
Release dateOct 2008

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