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This straightener really irons out my thick, stubborn curls!

The SAS straightener heats up quickly and produces a smooth finish on my hair, and I have very stubborn curls. I'm very satisfied with the results and highly recommend it!

The worst designed hair straightener ever

This hair straightener works fine, good temperature control and it does a good job straightening and curling my fine, fly-away hair. My HUGE issue is with the design, specifically the location of the touch screen control pad. I mostly use this straightener for curling my hair and without fail every single time I use it, as I rotate the straightener in my hand the screen unlocks and the temp is either increased or decreased, or worse, the whole thing is turned off, leaving me to wonder for a second why that section didn't curl, before checking the screen to see that once again, the straightener has turned it off. I gave two stars because it functions perfectly well, but I wouldn't buy again for that incredible frustration with the touch screen.

Hi Kellie, Sorry to hear this, it sounds like there may be an issue with your touch panel as it should go into a locked mode to prevent this happening. Best to get in contact with us so we can rectify the issue. Kind Regards, SAS TeamIt does lock, the issue is that my hand moving over the panel as I twist (while curling) unlocks it.Hi Kellie, It shouldn't be unlocking while curling. Sounds like there could be a fault, please send us a message so we can get this fixed for you :) Kind Regards, SAS Team

Actually works with thick and greasy hair

My hair is so thick and this straightener works really well with my hair, it’s so quick to heat up and it’s easy to control, easy to use and my hair looks great after using it!
Not that expensive if you are aiming for a hair straightener that you use everyday

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Hi, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear you love your straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Amazing amazing amazing

Finally a straightener that is so much better than any others I’ve tried. My hair straightens so easily and it stays straight! Quick delivery and very well priced. Very good value for money, thanks SAS!

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Hi Tanya, Thanks for your review, always love hearing back from our customers :) Kind Regards, SAS Team

great straignteners!

Ive used lots of straighteners, my hair is exceptionally curly and fine, these straighteners look after my gentle hair while also giving me super slick shiney hair that lasts all day, i let my sister try them and she uses them every day now too lol, she will be getting her own ones soon, these straighteners are better than GHD. Thankyou SAS for such a great product!! :)

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Hi Serenity, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear you love your SAS straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Keeps changing temperatures!

Not happy with the KCD display it changes easily even on lock which in turn changes the temperature , very frustrating. Now looking for another straitener, only had it about 6months bought it after reading rave reviews

Hi There, Sorry to have you may have a faulty panel. Please get in touch with us as your covered under warranty so we have a replacement dispatched to you. Kind Regards, SAS TeamThank you for your quick response, we would like a replacement, what do I need to do? Cheers BarbaraHi Barbara, Please contact us through our website with your information so we can arrange this. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Great product and fantastic service

This straightener leaves my hair silky and soft. I was skeptical about an online brand but am very happy with my choice. I did have a small issue with my straightener but this was fixed and I felt very supported by SAS customer service. The straightener is quick to heat up and glides through the hair smoothly. I recommend SAS to anyone looking for a new straightener.

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Hi Anne, Thanks for your review, love hearing back from our customers! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Best straightener I’ve owned

I have waited over 12 months to review this straightener. Most don’t make it the whole year but my SAS Straightener is still working as good as the day I received it.
So easy to use, glides through my hair and leaves it smoother and shinier than any other straightener I have used. I highly recommend it!!

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Hi Maz, Thanks for your review, we think its the best straightener as well! ;) Kind Regards, SAS Team

by far the best

after owning many straighteners i have to say im extremely impressed with the sas straightener. it heats up very quickly and its so easy to use. my hair looks great and i can achieve salon results at home.

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Hi Kristina, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear you love your SAS straightener. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Not satisfied with customer service!

The hair straightener is just ok. Also, I reached out to them to return the straightener within 7 days of purchase. They sent me the address immediately however I have returned the straightener and checked with them but haven't received any reply whether they have received the straightener or processed the refund. There is no phone number to call on, just an email address. I have emailed them 3 times. Hopefully it's done soon!

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Hi Richa, Please get in touch with us, we had replied to your email and also processed a refund. You also received a SMS notification of the refund as well. Kind Regards, SAS Team

An epic hair straightener.

This is the first hair straightener that I’ve used at home and got salon quality results. Other heat tools leave my normally frizzy hair dry and dead. The SAS straightener has left my hair silky smooth and soft. I’m excited to use it. Not as expensive so I really feel like I’ve gotten value for money. Extremely happy with this product.

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Hi Kristie, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear you love your SAS straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Girlfriend very happy!

I purchased a SAS Hair Straightener for my girlfriend for her birthday, she's previously owned a GHD and was very sceptical of trying a new brand. She absolutely loves the hair straightener and was surprised to find that even after 3 days her hair (coarse) was still straight without any touch ups. She highly recommends her SAS Hair Straightener!

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Hi Zoperd, Thanks for your review, very pleased to hear your girlfriend loves her straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Best customer Service

I bought my SAS hair straightener after reading the online reviews. Replaced my GHD and my hair is in much better condition since using the SAS. I also bought my daughter a SAS, had a small issue with hers and contacted the customer support. They were so prompt in getting back to us and sorting issue. Highly recommended. A+for customer care.

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Hi Mandy, Very pleased to hear your happy with your SAS straightener. Thanks for your review. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Perfect! So happy I went with SAS

My GHD recently died so after much online research I came across SAS which had rave reviews. I had never heard of this brand before but so glad I went with this. Such a great price and great quality product. My hair is super curly but this works a treat. I love that it came with a free paddle brush too. SAS obviously really care about their customers and providing an outstanding quality product.

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Hi Samantha, Thanks for your review, pleased to see you gave SAS a go and love it! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Fantastic product and value for money

My Ghd died so I thought I would see what else was out there. I brought this straightener strickly based on the online reviews and I am happy to report that it definitely lives up to the 4-5stars!
For a third of the cost of a ghd, it leaves my hair so shiny and soft, even on the first day of straightening which my ghd was never able to do. I will recommend this straighter to everyone I know! (and those I don't!)

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Hi Kel, Thanks for your review, very pleased to see your happy with your SAS straightener & thank you for recommending us :) Kind Regards, SAS Team

This is perfect.

Other straighteners would make my hair very dry, with this one I makes my hair look and feel very soft. Better than my expensive ones. I would definitely recommend this product to others. Definitely worth the price and I would buy it again. Would recommend gifts for other ladies.

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Hi Buckleya, Thanks for your review, we are pleased to hear you love your SAS Straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team


I got the hairdryer and straightening pack. When I used my old one it left my hair dull and dry!
After using this my hair is shinny soft and not dry at all.
I did have an issue with delivery and the team at sass went over and above to help.
I would definitely recommend this product to everyone.
I was looking at a cloud 9 and am so happy I picked the sass pack and I have saved a lot of money picking this pack.

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Hi Kristy, Thanks for your review! Glad to see more happy SAS customers! Kind Regards, SAS Team


The SAS Hair Straightener is the BEST I've ever used and I've had the most expensive and best models of the most well known brands. It glides over my hair with ease instead of snagging and breaking my hair like my old one. No more little 2cm broken bits of hair on the table. It has a non slip rubber type coating body so it's easy to hold and grip; especially closer to the hot end. This is so important because I like really squeeze my ends as they are so fine. It doesn't burn my hair and leaves it as straight as when I go to the salon! It's so incredible! It has a green neon light lcd display and I can adjust the temperature to my hair needs. Never have I had smoke or steam coming off my hair with the SAS straightener like my old one did. It only takes me 15 minutes to do my hair now instead of an hour!! I'm so in love with this and I've been using it for 3 months. My hair stays poker straight for at least 5 days without having to redo it and it's super curly naturally. I LOVE the flat base so I can rest it on my heat mat when it's heating up or I'm clipping my sections. Awesome!
The quality of it is outstanding and what you'd expect in a hi-end Salon. I couldn't be happier and now I always have good hair day in a quarter of the time styling! SAS is seriously …The Best!!!

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Hi Tanya, Thanks for your review, we love hearing back from our customers and we are very pleased you love your SAS straightener! Kind Regards, SAS Team

Better than any other

Works better than a $400 straightener my sister gave me! It leaves my hair silky smooth and one huge difference is that it does not make my hair stand on end with static. I agree with the below post that it actually makes your hair look like you've had a keratin treatment. So much better than my GHD and as mentioned, it's even better than the $400 straightener I have (some expensive brand from Norway)

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Hi Kris, Thanks for your review, we think our SAS is the best as well ;) Kind Regards, SAS Team

Not my fave

Great straightener. Easy to use. Looks pretty. Great results. Try to curl my hair with it also. Gets very hot. Heats quickly. Love my new straightener not my favorite though :)

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Hi Lauren, Thanks for your review, we always love hearing back from our customers :) Kind Regards, SAS Team

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Questions & Answers

Hi thank you for my straightner, can you please advise the average temprature to have it set at, I'm finding it a bit drying on my hair sure to do with the temperature its set at Thank you
2 answers
Hi Nancy, Most people use the straightener at around 185 degrees. But please adjust accordingly to your hair. It's always best to use a heat protectant spray or oil to help protect your hair. Kind Regards, SAS TeamI wash my hair every day but before washing it I coat it in olive oil or coconut oil. When I use it I have it on 190 and use a heat protector before drying it and before using the straightener. My hair is as really shiny instead of being dry and brittle.

What is the measurement of the normal and wide plates please?
1 answer
Hi Dalia, The hair straightener plates are 26x90mm. The wide plate model size is 44x90mm. Kind Regards, SAS Team

Hello, just wondering if you can curl your hair with the straighter also?
1 answer
Hi Katie, You can also curl with our straighteners :) Kind Regards, SAS Team


Hair Straightener
Price (RRP) $139.95
Max Temperature232°C
Release dateOct 2008

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