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Scanpan Spectrum Mouse

Scanpan Spectrum Mouse

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It just doesn’t work

I bought this product due to the reputation of Scanpan. It’s not very expensive, but it just doesn’t work at all. If anything it actually made my knives more blunt than they’ve ever been.
I’ll be taking it back for a refund.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Not Interested At All

i am not the least bit interested in this product or any other product from Global Shop Direct. I have been bitten 3 times with their gear. One would think I would have learned after the the first time. But after reading these reviews on this item I am not the least bit tempted. The only way I would consider it if it was sent to me free to try and no postage charges and no charges to send it back. Many Thanks to those who bothered to send in a review.

Does exactly what it promises with very little effort.

The instructions say not to use any pressure when sharpening, and it works!
Couldn't be happier.
Small and compact.
I've used other knife sharpeners in the past and this is the easiest to use and to store.

Rubbish. Wrecks knives.

Wanted a quick and easy sharpener to use in between proper wet-stone sharpening. The tungsten edge tore huge shreds of metal off my Mundial and the ceramic section did nothing to put a final edge on the knife. 5 light quick swipes took off great shards of steel.
It finally took about 20 swipes to get any kind of edge on it, but that was easily a year or more of steel off the blade.
If you sharpen your knives to a single fine edge this restores it to a broad double. A well handled wet stone does a much better job.

Wouldn't be so worried if it simply didn't work (it was an experiment) but it also took lots of precious metal off my edge with one sharpening.

If you want a proper sharpen, use a proper tool, not this toy. Rubbish.
Easy to hold while you ruin your knives.
It doesn't work. not even a bit.

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Spectrum Mouse
Release dateApr 2013
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