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Schick Exacta 2 Disposable

Schick Exacta 2 Disposable

2.6 from 5 reviews

Uncomfort Shave

Latest purchase half way through the pack. They are all the same seems the blades are at a different angles. Aggressive to the face. Been using the product for sometime now always very good has something changed in manufacturing.

Sneaking a few blunt ones into the 18 value pack

I've been using the green 'Exacta 2' for years (the pink ones are too blunt). Over the last year I've found a few blunt ones in the '18 Value Pack'.
I always steer away from prepacked fruit and veges because that's where they throw in a few duds and now, it seems, Schick are trying to 'dispose' of a few 'disposables' the same way!!

Finding some blunt razors amongst the sharps.

A great dependable razor.

These are great razors for women to use and to trust. I think when purchasing these sorts of products, most of them tend to be alike. And this one works just fine and I havent had any problem with it. It comes in a classic bright magenta colour and there are enough in the pack to hold you for a while. I also like the fact that they havent added some fake cream or gel to the razor because those are a waste, because they never seem to condition my legs, they just fall of the razor anyway.
A great average priced product which is easy to grip and use in the shower.
Can be a bit pricey, like all of these products are, but sometimes they do come on sale.


These are a very cheap and affordable razor and they really do work well. I have never had any problems using them and find that they do the job they are meant to. You can pick up a packet for only a few dollars and they are readily available.
A great razor to have around, you can pick up a packet of these for a relatively cheap price. Easy to use and the blades do a great job. Very comfortable to use. I love the colour that they come in as they are easy to keep to yourself that way.
There are none, they work great.


an economical razor, nice colour and design. not very kind on the skin though, you have to use HEAPS of shave foam/cream/ rich soap otherwise it nicks your leg skin badly. would only use if my usual razor was unavailable.
cheap, i like the pink colour!
tended to nick skin a lot, which lead to spots

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