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Schick Silk Effects+

Schick Silk Effects+

3.5 from 4 reviews

My first razor

I've found this to be a pretty good razor. I learnt to shave using Schick Silk Effects, and used it all throughout my teenage years. I think I replaced the razor itself 4 or 5 times. It has a good handle and I've found the blades to last a decent amount of time. It's an affordable first razor and has lots of pretty designs. I think it's a good choice to teach girls to shave with.

Pretty to look at, but utterly useless.

I purchased this razor because it was reasonably cheap, and had removable heads. Also the design on the handle persuaded me as it is very pretty. BUT this razor is constantly cutting my skin up and giving me shaving rash, no matter how slow I shave or how much shaving gel I apply. I used to dred shaving my legs and would put it off for weeks because I knew the pain the razor would cause I now use disposable razors as I am searching for a better razor and the cheap $4.00 packet of disposables does a far better job than my Schick silk effects ever did!
cuts up skin, gives bad shaving rash everytime!!


Schick Silk Effects+ razor is an excellent addition to any ladies bathroom. Great handle. Blades last a long time an never cut into your skin. Beautiful designs are on all the handles of Schick Silk Effects+ Razors.
Schick Silk Effects+ is an excellent razor for anyone. The Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip helps to slide over your skin. The tiny bars that go over the blade stop the risk of cutting yourself while shaving. The curved handle fits perfectly in any hand. Very beautifully designs on the handle. The Razor and Blades are cheaper than most others and are excellent. A suction cup shower holder is also included to hang your beautiful razor.


good overall shave doesnt cut you if you go to fast or if blunt. fits nicely in my hand and i cant take it anywhere. iv kept the handle for nearly 3 yrs and just kept replacing the heads on it which ends up being alot cheaper. just when u change the head give the handle a clean. easy
blades have tiny wires on them to prevent cuts and nicks, good over all shave, blades are easy to get and cheaper that any other razor heads.

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