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Schweigen UM1170-6S / UM1170-6S1 / UM1170-6SP / UM1170-9S / UM1170-9S1

Schweigen UM1170-6S / UM1170-6S1 / UM1170-6SP / UM1170-9S / UM1170-9S1

UM1170-6S, UM1170-6S1, UM1170-9S and UM1170-9S1
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As Good As It Gets

We have had our Schweigen for 2 years now and have no regrets about paying a little more. It fulfils everything they claim . It`s super silent and extraordinarily efficient . We opted for the S2 motor at 900M3/hr as the roof outlet is not directly overhead . Fantastic appliance .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Powerful and quiet

This rangehood meets the key criterion for our purchase - it is very quiet. So quiet that you need to make sure you do not accidentally leave it on. We got the SP motor as we do a lot of Asian cooking, and it has enough grunt to whip out all the steam and smells. We were slightly concerned as we mounted the unit at a height lower than recommended (60cm rather than the 70cm suggested for an induction cooktop) but so far there is no problem with condensation (which the height apparently helps dissipate). It is very expensive though.

Date PurchasedApr 2017


When I was looking at appliances for our new home the sales bloke took me on a tour of rangehoods, extractor fans etc stopping last of all at the Schweigen. It's super quiet, the motor is on the outside of the house, 5 speed settings, pulls apart easy for cleaning and very bright lights so you can see what you're doing while cooking. The whole time we were chatting I didn't realise the thing was even turned on to the highest setting. It is so quiet that I sometimes forget to switch it off. The price tag is pretty hefty but our house has a raked ceiling open plan living/kitchen/dining area which can get noisy. I'm glad we spent the extra coin on getting this as anything else would have driven us around the bend.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Quiet and effective

We bought the schweigen undermount rangehood for our 600mm gas cooktop. We are very happy its performance. The rangehood makes very little noise even at the highest setting and prevents any build up even though we do heavy cooking including frying and indian naans etc.- We have the 1600m3 fan on the rooftop. No complaints so far.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Is this thing even on?

So I've been cooking with an old/near non-existent exhaust fan. Every time I cook, the kitchen windows are open and the ceiling fan is on!

Just installed this beauty and let's just say, the first night I burnt my 'sauteed' garlic twice! I couldn't smell a thing!

And every night since, I keep forgetting to turn it off because it's so quiet! Now I am going to have to remember to use the timer feature.

So if you don't want a quiet and powerful rangehood, stay well clear from this one!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

For the first time, a range hood that WORKS and is SILENT

I have remodelled a few kitchens over the years and have never been happy with the range hoods so this time I decided to seek advice about the most effective type to install. Overriding advice was that I needed at least 900cfm airflow and a remote motor/fan to keep the noise down. I bought the Schweigen unit with the motor mounted on the roof. It is so silent we sometimes forget that it is working but it extracts smoke, steam and odours in a most satisfying manner. Can't speak highly enough of it but if I did it again, I would get the higher airflow twin-motor unit. Noise is not a consideration as the motors are on the roof at least 5 metres way from the kitchen. The silence is BLISS.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Commercial grade rangehood for home use!

When we bought our house there was cooking fat on nearly every surface in the kitchen/dining area. We installed the Undermount rangehood with an external Isodrive 1600 fan. It was easy enough to install myself in a split level house. Ducting goes through a wardrobe behind the kitchen then through an external wall. I contacted Schweigen Australia regarding the appropriateness of this installation, and received a quick response.

The unit is quiet inside, although there is the sound of air flowing through the unit, which is to be expected. The external motor is fairly loud on the highest setting, but, the middle setting is all you ever need, even for wok cooking, etc. There are three aluminium filters which are designed to sit in the plate rack of a dishwasher. The only thing I altered was replacing the halogen lights with leds.

Overall my wife and I are very happy with the unit. The only problem was my procrastination with the installation!

so quiet

I love this rangehood, the power without the noise. Having the motor on the roof is an unbelievable idea. When we first turned it on, it sucked the packaging off the cooktop!! The light is powerful, and love that the fan has a timer to switch it off after finishing cooking.
High power, low noise - perfect for our open plan kitchen/dining/living
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Questions & Answers

What is the ISO 1600 dB? At low and max use?
2 answers
Don't know db but external motor extremely quiet . We are very happy with it . I'm sure Schweigen would be bale to give you details of actual db .I don't know either. You can hardly hear the outside motor. It's worth every cent.

Can anyone tell me the DB on their silent schweigen range hood? Probably looking at the external motor for the 1600m3
No answers

We are thinking of purchasing UM1170-6ST single external motor, 900m3/h. We will need to wall mount it but are worried about noise of motor (as it will be near bedrooms) How many decibels is the motor?
1 answer
Hi Sue, I wouldn't have a clue. Probably best to phone schweigen. Cheers


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