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Schweigen UM1170-6S / UM1170-6S1 / UM1170-6SP / UM1170-9S / UM1170-9S1

Schweigen UM1170-6S / UM1170-6S1 / UM1170-6SP / UM1170-9S / UM1170-9S1

UM1170-6S, UM1170-9S, UM1170-9S1, UM1170-6S1
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8 reviews


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As Good As It Gets


We have had our Schweigen for 2 years now and have no regrets about paying a little more. It fulfils everything they claim . It`s super silent and extraordinarily efficient . We opted for the S2 motor at 900M3/hr as the roof outlet is not directly overhead . Fantastic appliance .

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


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Powerful and quiet


This rangehood meets the key criterion for our purchase - it is very quiet. So quiet that you need to make sure you do not accidentally leave it on. We got the SP motor as we do a lot of Asian cooking, and it has enough grunt to whip out all the steam and smells. We were slightly concerned as we mounted the unit at a height lower than recommended (60cm rather than the 70cm suggested for an induction cooktop) but so far there is no problem with condensation (which the height apparently helps dissipate). It is very expensive though.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

bongoAdelaide, SA

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When I was looking at appliances for our new home the sales bloke took me on a tour of rangehoods, extractor fans etc stopping last of all at the Schweigen. It's super quiet, the motor is on the outside of the house, 5 speed settings, pulls apart easy for cleaning and very bright lights so you can see what you're doing while cooking. The whole time we were chatting I didn't realise the thing was even turned on to the highest setting. It is so quiet that I sometimes forget to switch it off. The price tag is pretty hefty but our house has a raked ceiling open plan living/kitchen/dining area which can get noisy. I'm glad we spent the extra coin on getting this as anything else would have driven us around the bend.

Date PurchasedMar 2016
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Quiet and effective


We bought the schweigen undermount rangehood for our 600mm gas cooktop. We are very happy its performance. The rangehood makes very little noise even at the highest setting and prevents any build up even though we do heavy cooking including frying and indian naans etc.- We have the 1600m3 fan on the rooftop. No complaints so far.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


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Problem with condensation!

Haley K.Schweigen

MickChifley 2606, ACT

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For the first time, a range hood that WORKS and is SILENT


I have remodelled a few kitchens over the years and have never been happy with the range hoods so this time I decided to seek advice about the most effective type to install. Overriding advice was that I needed at least 900cfm airflow and a remote motor/fan to keep the noise down. I bought the Schweigen unit with the motor mounted on the roof. It is so silent we sometimes forget that it is working but it extracts smoke, steam and odours in a most satisfying manner. Can't speak highly enough of it but if I did it again, I would get the higher airflow twin-motor unit. Noise is not a consideration as the motors are on the roof at least 5 metres way from the kitchen. The silence is BLISS.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

big-mHunter Region, NSW

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Commercial grade rangehood for home use!



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so quiet


I love this rangehood, the power without the noise. Having the motor on the roof is an unbelievable idea. When we first turned it on, it sucked the packaging off the cooktop!! The light is powerful, and love that the fan has a timer to switch it off after finishing cooking.
High power, low noise - perfect for our open plan kitchen/dining/living
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Questions & Answers





I am considering installing the UN1170-9 with the 1600 SP Isodrive motor over a 900 induction cook top. There will be about 7m length in ductwork from rangehood to motor. I looked at this make about 6 months ago and I was 100% sure I was purchasing it. I am now at that time (we are building our house) when I have to choose but after reading A LOT of current negative reports about Schweigen customer service as well as how inefficient and loud these "silent" rangehoods are I am suddenly not so sure. Worth mentioning that this is the only website where the reviews were positive .... the majority have been negative on other sites. Not sure why when it is the same product but it would help if you can provide more feedback. Thanks

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Hi Jenny , our Schweigen has about 5m of ducting . Its performance is really excellent and extremely quiet . The secret to minimal noise is to ensure the motor is on the roof . My daughter also installed one, but the builder put the motor on the side of the house resulting in noticeable noise coming through the walls . However she is quite satisfied with its performance . I had an initial query after installation and found Customer Service very helpful !


I've never had a problem so I've no idea what their customer service is like. Don't let a few negative reviews put you off, people are more likely to complain about stuff than be happy. Even when I have the exhaust on 5 it's pretty quiet.

Haley K.Schweigen

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your lovely comments.

Jenny, to address your concerns. Please keep in mind these reviews only show one side of the story. It will not tell you whether we have fixed that persons rangehood, or if it was an installation fault that caused the problem in the first place.

We provide a lot of support material and installation examples with our products and whether the customers installer actually follow these guides cannot be controlled. This is why we prefer our customers to use our experienced installers so they can rest assured that their rangehood is installed properly and efficiently.

Unfortunately, people are always more likely to take the time to leave negative reviews rather than the positive.

I hope that clears some doubts for you but always feel free to call us on 1300 881 693 (M-F 9am -5pm AEST) if you would like to chat about it or even speak to one of our guys in technical.

Thank you, Haley @ Schweigen Home Appliances




One of the two light globes has blown and I need to replace it. Please advise process for removing blown globe.

2 answers

You should be able to twist the light frame anti clockwise to unlock it .


Done - thanks for your help

Meggie N

Meggie Nasked

UM1170-6S / UM1170-6S1 / UM1170-6SP / UM1170-9S / UM1170-9S1

I'm wondering about the noise level of the 1600/hr extraction motor compared with the 900 with the motor external? Is the 1600 noisier overall and how does the lowest setting fan extraction rate per hour of the 1600 compare with the 900? Also what are the different extraction rates for each of the 5 fan settings for each motor? Thanks a lot, Meggie

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Meggie N
Meggie N

Specifically the 600mm range hood


I couldn't tell you to be honest. All I know is that it is super quiet and sucks. The lowest setting is fine for things you might have simmering and the highest setting (5) will suck like, I dunno, something that is good at sucking... It's particularly good when cooking curries etc as the smell doesn't end up right though your house.

Haley K.Schweigen

Hi Meggie,

The Isodrive 1600 motor is louder overall as it is a larger size motor and is made from slightly different components than the Isodrive 900. The extraction rate intervals depend on the rangehood it is paired with. i.e. 4 or 5 speed rangehoods are set at different intervals due to the computer board. If you can please send us a message at servicerequest@schweigen.com.au with the rangehood model/s, we can help further!

Thank you
Haley, Marketing Co-ordinator @ Schweigen Home appliances

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