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Schweppes Flavoured Mineral Water

Schweppes Flavoured Mineral Water

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stevia... allergic, and blegh!!

Bought 6 bottles of your sparkling mineral water flavoured infused...... PLEASE LIST STEVIA AS ADDED to your mineral water/flavoured infused, do not like stevia or agave, i'd NEVER buy anything with that added, i'm allergic to stevia and agave, i had a bad reaction while driving after drinking your product, no stevia or agave as listed on the bottle.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $2.00.

Vomitus rubbish faux flavours like RoundUp

I nearly threw up on strawberry essence -flavoured who had to run to the toilet immediately. What the heck chemicals taste so awful.

Lemon flavour

Why does this drink taste like cucumber, has an undertone of lemon but it is very faint. Terrible product if that is what it is supposed to taste like!!!!!!!!

What. Minerals?

What are the actual minerals which are contained in your mineral water? It is not stated on the lable, it only says Australian mineral water, but I need to know what minerals are in it, please

Love this product

All the flavours on offer are excellent. I love the fact that there is just a hint of sweetness that does not over power the flavours.

This stuff tastes foul - it says "no sugar" on label and doesn't list sweet ingredients, but it's go

To me, "Lime Infused Mineral Water", "NO SUGAR" on the front label, and no sweeteners listed in the ingredients implies unsweetened.

Um, it is not that. It has some horrid fake sweetener of some sort in it. Could be stevia. Whatever it is, NOWHERE on that bottle does it say "sweetened for child appeal". I THOUGHT I was buying an adult beverage in the same realm as Mount Franklin or even Woolies' fruit-infused sparkling waters that are for me, well, drinkable. But this is not that.

Now that I look at it, in small print it does say "energy 5kJ per serve", which would tend to indicate it's got some sort of extra junk in it. But in my world, if it's not in the ingredients list, the consumer has a realistic reason to believe it's not there. The ingredients list water, acid and natural flavours, and that's IT. A reasonable person would not conclude from that that this is a kiddie's sweet soda.

I think Schweppes has gone out of their way to hide that this is really "Lime Infused Sweetened Mineral Water". If they're going to sell a healthier SODA, they should call it a healthier SODA, which is what it is. And NOT infer that it is unsweetened to dupe consumers like me looking for an unsweetened beverage, into purchasing it.

Back to Woolworths it goes, for false advertising.

Ruined a perfectly good product!

I would love it if Schweppes could produce a product that really is 50% less sugar rather than adding other forms of sweetening. Unfortunately the flavoured mineral waters and infused mineral waters have been completely ruined for me! Now buy another brand which has turned out to be surprisingly good even though it's substantially cheaper.

Stevia ingredient perhaps not so benign

Was intrigued to read on label that there was a 50% reduction in sugar content ( from what base it doesn't say) because of the inclusion of "stevia". Googled it and found there are reservations about the claim it is "natural". in fact the word "toxic" was mentioned. Wishing to discuss further via the 1800 consumer support number I realised Schweppes doesnt really want anyone to contact them. If you call you will find there is no digit to press that actually allows one to talk to someone about their product. I did leave my name and number after I pressed 2 (not the option for consumer information because there isn't any) and haven't heard a peep now for about a week. Chances are I never will. Chances are I'll be buying Bundaberg brewed soft drink products from now on - all naturally brewed and lots of really interesting flavours. If you want to cut down on sugar intake, use soda water to water it down. Voilà - you have reduced the sugar by what ever percentage you like, and you won't have that saccharine taste, the possibility that stevia is not so wonderful after all and you will be supporting a local Queensland industry. Cheers.

I love this product

Thank you so much for using Stevia as the sweetener in your flavoured mineral waters. Please don't stop because some people don't like the taste. It is a genetic variation, lots of people love Stevia, some dislike it (just like some people can't stand coriander). If you want your product to appeal to everyone you would have to produce two varieties. That would be OK as long as I can still get my mineral water sweetened with only Stevia. It is fabulous for those who have given up sugar, or want to lose weight, or want to avoid artificial sweeteners, or want a healthy alternative to sugary flavoured drinks and acidic juices. It is also good for diabetics. The list goes on and on and the general public are unaware of the benefits of Stevia for all but the unfortunate ones who's genetic makeup make it taste somewhat unpleasant. Maybe there is another natural alternative sweetener out there for them but I'm unaware of anything as good as Stevia.

Used to buy heaps, then they ruined it!

I used to LOVE this stuff, I'd buy 4 bottles a week of the Orange & Mango... and then they ruined it with the "Natural Stevia"... at least they chose Stevia which is by far the best non-sugar sweetener (and not yucky chemicals) but why not create a NEW product? Ruined my favourite :(

Schweppes Natural Infused Mineral Water

Well done Schweppes you have really brought a product that has no sugar and artificial sweeteners which are bad for us.

When I saw the product the first time in Woolworths I went for it and brought a lot of the Schweppes Natural Infused Mineral Water.

No complaints from me as I am a diabetic great job Schweppes.

Schweppes Natural Infused Mineral Water

This stuff is awful. There are a few flavours, tangerine, peach, raspberry etc. I bought these three and all of them are terrible. It says they contain no sugar and the ingredients say: Carbonated mineral water, Food acid (citric acid) and natural flavours, but it tastes like it has saccharine in it.


Fantastic new flavoured mineral water from Schweppes. Great for the whole family in a variety of fruit flavours now with less sugar. Available in most supermarkets. Well known brand. They are good ice cold on their own or in mixers.
I love the new Schweppes flavoured mineral range. Now with less sugar and no artificial sweeteners. Great for the whole family. Available in a range of mouth watering fruit flavours including apple and pink grapefruit, lemon and lime, orange and mango, orange and passionfruit. Perfect on its own ice cold or in a mixer with vodka. Fantastic new fresh taste. Available in most good supermarkets for a reasonable price.
Would be nice if it was available in a 600ml bottle and in a diet range.

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Glad there is NO aspartame in range

Questions & Answers

What are the “natural flavours” in the infused lime mineral water please. I love it but I’m reacting to it unfortunately.
1 answer
stevia, it's revolting

Does it have stevia in it?
2 answers
Hi Anna, Its been a while since I wrote that review....from memory it did. I can't bear the taste of the stuff, hence my comment about just reducing the sugar content.it does, stevia's revolting

What are the actual minerals contained in your flavoured mineral water? The mineral content is not listed on the label.
1 answer
Calcium, magnesium & potassium.

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