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Just noticed this morning this lot have been helping themselves to my credit card at $30 a month for the last four months. I logged on to their site and was able to cancel their ripoff so called premium crap. Do not go anywhere near this mob !!!

Complete scamming crooks. Zero stars!

I ordered a "Wallet Ninja" for $4.94 off Scootprice and was automatically joined up as a so called "premium member". I was then charged unbeknownst to me a $99 joining fee and my credit card debited more than $30/ month membership. It took me almost a year to realise I was being charged this monthly fee and by this time I had had my credit card debited almost $350! These type of shonky scammers are the reason doing business online gets a bad reputation.

Scoot Thru scam add on

Add on is a choice. It is not a mandatory fee. Scoot is cheating by inducing this scoot thru add on to every flight that goes through Singapore e.g. Hong Kong to Australia flight via Singapore (transit). I don't need Scoot thru as I have no luggage. I dont need Scoot through if I wish to takr my luggage and go out to see my family/friends. I don't need this service at all.

They have huge system glitch in place and imagine 100 passengers get stuck with this add on and not being able to remove it from their booking and finalize the booking???
Scoot earns 22 $ from each of this scoot thru useless service.


rosegal what a discrace you should b ashamed of yourselves yous send the wrong size on purpose so we cant get return address or a refund

Needs to be less than 1 star options - fraudsters

Purchased small item and was by default charged $99 for a premium membership subscription that I didn't ask for. Crooks.


Just rang my bank to let them know that a regular payment of $29.90 had been taken out over the last 3 months. Bank knew of this SCOOTPRICE.. I have now had my card cancelled and will have to redirect all of my direct debits... CREEEEEEEEEEPS...


Returned my goods registered post as they were the wrong size - didn't really expect a refund however they have been taking money out of my account which was unauthorised - I am currently dealing with the bank to try and sort it out as scoot price are uncontactable -don't deal with them under any circumstances- SCAM

I have attempted to contact them 4 times so far...

Scam don't buy and don't give them you credit card details

Same as everyone else, ordered a pair of slippers cost $10. Happened to read an email they sent me only to realise they were taking $29.90 a month from me for a Premium membership, get this, because I was a valued member.... I made one purchase. Have blocked them directly with my credit card company as even when you go into cancel the premium membership it has a review date on it, which I'm assuming they will then reactivate it.


Purchased an $11 product only to be slapped with $86 extra with their deceiving sign up! They get you by not showing this in your total at the end of the purchase but slamming you with the extra later. :(


My wife bought 4 x $5.20 items then was charged $99. Three months later, she was charged another $82.50 from a Canadian website. We've now disputed the charges and cancelled her credit card. Very unhappy! :-(


After purchasing $25 item I read their confirmation email and promptly cancelled subscription to their premium service (which I wasn't aware of). As soon as I did this a website in Thailand tried to withdraw money from my account. Fortunately my credit union noticed the illegal transaction and stopped payment. Now I have the inconvenience of a cancelled credit card. In future paypal only!

Credit Card Scammers

This company sells rubbish online in order to obtain your credit card details, then posts fraudulent transactions to your card.
Hidden in their 8 page 'Terms and Conditions that you must accept to make a purchase, is a clause that states: "By providing us with a payment method you (b) authorise us to charge you for the subscription program using your payment method."

I had no knowledge that a subscription plan existed, until I noticed the $99 charge on my subsequent credit card statement and investigated the charge.

Scam - buyer beware

Do not buy from this site, charged an outrageous quarterly fee snuck in when checking out. My $8 Peeler cost me $114 after fee, item and currency conversion on them buying product from Canada website. Buyer beware.

Only 2 people found my review relevent

2077 people must have money to burn, only 2 people found my review helpful, Australians are perhaps naive suckers or I am. !! Paying more than necessary! !!!!


I just want to say thank you for everyone's reviews on Scootprice. I started getting emails from this company (I didn't subscribe to them) but I thought the items seemed really cheap and I was a bit suspicious so I looked up reviews so glade I did. Of course I have unsubscribed from there emails. I hope everyone gets their money back.

Absolute fraud

I also had this happen to me, they sold me crap that didn't work and used my card without permission.

Fraud Company

Same has happened with me, i have also done dispute...Please do not use them, please avoid your card to be used fraudulent .

Scam Site !!

Never buy anything from this site. There is a massive scam involved. After you purchase your cheap product a few days later, an addition $80 -$100 gets withdrawn from your account as an automatic subscription to their membership. I am now in the middle of making complaints to both Australian and Us Authorities to try and get my money back.

Another victim

Have just been scammed as well, I am going to do my best to get a refund and will post on FB. Totally agree with all your comments. Am so angry they can do this.

Total Scam ...

Total scam ,
It happened with me also , they have charged two times 99$ from my account .and haven't got back my money .

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Questions & Answers

I've just been scammed by this crappy company. Has anyone been successful in getting their cash back?
6 answers
Still trying...and i still havent received my goods yet after 2 weeksYes got onto my credit card provider they recovered all my moneyYes I got onto my creditcard provider who then got my money back they didn't. Muck around with scootprice

Has anyone been successful in getting their bank to refund this? Scoot say $99 but mine is $101.97...what is that about?
1 answer
exchange rates that is what the difference is. and charges mine was the same. Westpac deducted it unti Scootprice sent them supposed proof Ihad agreed and the bank then put it against my credit card. In future will only deal with those that use PayPal.

I want my $99 put back into my account , how do I go about doing this? SO ANGRY
3 answers
hi have u had any luck getting your money back im in the same boat?After many messages back and forth I gave up!I didn't get my money back . They gave me scoot dollars for the amount of $99 . Never again will I deal with them, even when I spent the scoot dollars some items were faulty and they were not helpful even after sending pictures and jumping through hoops like they wanted me to. Sorry to hear you are in that situation I feel your pain.

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