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Wish I found it sooner!!!!

I found that I had come to a standstill while on my weight loss journey I thought I was doing everything right,counting my calories and going to the gym 5days a week doing classes and sometimes two classes straight after the other. I came across SculptU and have never looked back since! I feel healthier, I'm NOT starving myself and I'm eating so much food I can't comprehend! You pay $69 for a round which lasts for 6weeks. Yasmin gives us our plan and recipes and I love how they're very easy and quick yet still taste amazing. You have great support not only from Yas but from everyone else in the group. If you have any questions regarding the menu or what food can be replaced she will advise you. I have joined for second round and can't wait. It's good that the menu has changed this round too so you won't get bored. I have lost 3.5kgs but have lost 19cm all over. I feel great and sleep better at night and wake up refreshed not groggy like I used to. I've even noticed my moods have changed for the better too! Best part you don't think your on a diet it's a change of way of eating. You will soon notice how much better you feel and that alone will keep you coming back for more!!! Try it out I promise you won't regret it!
Lots of support, great food, inexpensive and you will get results
Only accessible through Facebook

Excellent value

I have been a member of this forum for 3 months. In that time I have learnt what I thought was a healthy choice for my family, intact was not.

I now fill them with nutritious meals that are not processed foods, contain the proper fats they need and are also gluten free!

Everyone supports eachother and we are seeing amazing results.
Inexpensive and i can do all the food shopping in coles

Kick it Program

SculptU is such an amazing Program. Its a 6 week weight loss challenge, the food is yum and you hardly ever feel hungry. The owner is so wonderful and has really really helped me, she answers questions in a flash and nothing ever goes unanswered. While being on this program i have learnt to eat better food, Real good, no low fat sugar free junk.. I have lost weight and feel much better about myself. If you are looking at losing weight - Chose this program!!!!! The price you pay is well worth it at only $69! Thats amazing!!!!
Yummy food, easy food, Easy to follow, Great advice, Owner is so amazing, i always know my questions will be answered. Never feel like she is ignoring me, The SUPPORT is so so great. Little price to pay, very worth it!

SculptU diet plans amazing

I recently joined SculptU it's a Facebook page with forums and they sell diet plans and do 6 weeks challenges. I recently did the first challenge and in six weeks I lost almost 10 kilos, the food is easy and yum and I don't feel like I'm on a diet, the woman running it is compassionate and knows her stuff, she helped me with every single question and gave recipes on meals that I wanted to eat but made them much healthier. I feel supported and for $69 for the whole 6 weeks its well worth more then that.

I still have a lot of weight to lose but I know I can do it with the guidance and support from SculptU.
Easy food, step by step meal plan, no guessing what to eat, full support, worth more then what I paid.
Only on Facebook at the moment, not everyone has Facebook

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