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156 reviews
156 reviews
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Very unprofessional from leaders that should lead but can not.
LisaSouth East Queensland, QLD8 posts


Im over this app saying they have job vacancies to only find they are hours away and nothing to do with my skills. How does a plant nursery hand apply for a travel centre job.
Get it together seek im over this crap....
Steve Chaz
Steve Chaz Greater Melbourne (Outer), VIC10 posts

Should have read the reviews before I parted with my money

Advertised a Cleaning position, stipulated in Screening questions that they must have work rights in Australia. Also they must have car and experience. 50% of the applications are from overseas people wanting sponsorship. The other 50% are people who do not answer your calls or emails for an interview, so people are just using seek to claim they are applying for jobs so they continue getting welfare. Complete waste of time. Am now getting much better success advertising the jobs in local Facebook Groups. Will never use Seek again.
Customer Service
ThanhGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts

Pretty much a business in making money for advertisment

End up deleting my account with seek that support advertisment of Open college a course I want to do. I find jobs on other site like indeed to more useful than this crap.
Andrew G
Andrew GGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC13 posts

Allow false jobs to be advertised

After several conversations and evidence of gyms advertising fake jobs which in fact are contractors roles that involve unpaid labour and sham contracts it is evident seek are just about making money from adverts.
Customer Service
LioninzionMelbourne31 posts

Terrible email alerts

If you sign up to job alert emails it's amazing how inaccurate they are. An email promises four government lawyer jobs, and you get jobs for receptionists and software developers. Laughable. Why do they bother?
Customer Service
Recruiter - Auckland
Recruiter - Auckland

A product we need for now, but a very profit driven company

A necessary product for recruiters, for now, but don't expect them to look after you. You can't blame a company for wanting to be profit driven, but be aware that Seek will squeeze you for every penny they can get, while claiming the changes are 'helpful'.
They are reluctant to respond to feedback, and won't really care about your opinion on what they do.
GAAGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Seek company reviews are censored Company reviews are biased and are influenced by companies.
Why has 12x 1 Star reviews disappeared in the past 2 weeks?
These reviews range from 3 years ago to at present 3vmonths ago.
From 35 reviews with a 1.6 rating to now 23 reviews to a rating of 1.9. ( now a rating of 2.2). Seek is inflating the rating and censorung real employees experiences.
How shameless.
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RachyIllawarra, NSW5 posts

Applicants emails and phone numbers wrong

Every appropriate candidate that applied. All had invalid emails. And mobile numbers that were wrong.
Seek takes no ownership for this. The response I got was 'we don't go through the process for you.
So my question is what do you do? You don't check numbers and emails when they are changed? Complete waste of money and time.
I don't recommend this platform to find employees.
Seems like it's just people applying for jobs to get the government payments.
MercurySydney, NSW30 posts
Shane P.
Shane P.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC3 posts

What a joke of a company all talk no action ripping off small business trying to find employees

Ive used seek in the past to hire employees with little success, thought I would give them another go as im a small business in need of employees... well never again total waste of time and had only 1 person apply for the position who wasnt even suitable or fit the criteria, Seek are very expensive and just want more money!
As with a lot of employment companies these days all talk no action!
Peter P.
Peter P.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA

Very disappointed in such a well-known company; all talk, no action

SEEK refused to post any of my negative reviews about a similar organisation, choosing to mainly post glowing reviews written by the very people other staff were complaining about. They also never responded to my complaint
Mark2 posts

Hard work paid off

Helped with resume outline, Jobs on offer and employer contact.
Updated skills and got an interview and a job.
The hard work was me looking objectively at my skills and work knowledge and experience.
richie rich
richie rich2 posts

Going backwards

Seek has now restricted job posts to a specific location. Which means we can not advertise for remote or work from anywhere, or offshore jobs.

Clearly this a revenue raising move by Seek to try and get multiple job posts off the one job, but it will backfire with the opposite effect. Not using Seek at all going forward, will switch to LinkedIn.

To management - get out of your ivory tower and listen to your customers.

Customer Service
Johnno12 posts

Worst employer site

Advertised in Seek and attracted 5 applicants in 15 days

Rang to review performance of the add and got some rubbish feedback from their customer service.

Thier ad rates have signifcantly increased and there has been no increase in candidates.

MartyGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC
Customer Service
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Emma-Leigh S.
Emma-Leigh S.South East Queensland, QLD

Seek Employer - Terrible Service

We are a paying employer customer - our job advertisement is not working and showing in the fields it is meant to and designed to. Seek has been horrible to deal with and has failed to return emails regarding the concerns. Will be reporting to ACCC considering we’ve paid for a service not delivered.
Konepig ..
Konepig ..South East Queensland, QLD8 posts

How Hard Is It To Clarify Where A Job Is Located???

As a jobseeker, it is beyond frustrating to search for roles located in the "CBD and Inner Suburbs," only to be inundated with job ads for companies located in the outer suburbs, because Seek allows Employers to say they're located wherever they goddamn want. That's false advertising, and it takes up a lot of my time to weed out these bulls*it listings. Seek are standing by the Employers right to do this, without considering that if jobseekers look for work elsewhere, Employers will have no interest in advertising here. Classic head in sand response.
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Terrible Job finder website would not recommend

Using seek comprehensively for over 7 months and applied for over 150 jobs (all jobs are logged and dated), with a resume checked by a competent employment service officer who helped me format my resume and cover letter, yet only one employer got back to me and that was for a job I was not qualified for, I applied for by accident. Yes, one job called me back. I am a competent video editor and have been for over 6 years experience freelance. But no one is interested? I get booked by clients all the time, but not good enough for full time employment? I think Seek is a big joke!
Customer Service
ViewSouth East Queensland, QLD14 posts

Certified trash website

After putting in my e-mail and resume on this website for work prospects, I now just keep getting spammed with scam e-mails. Blocking and reporting these e-mails won't work because they'll just keep making e-mails until you slip and click on their link. Seek is selling YOUR information to scammers!
arthur w.
arthur w.

Horrible website!

My account suddenly got deactivated and customer service said they can not recover it and I need to create a new one! I need to spend lots time to fill in the info and I can not follow up with my existing applications anymore. Such horrible service!
DaveHobart4 posts


Have got work through seek befire,but recently updated resume with suburb and phone number,within 24hrs scam emails and phone messages,in the emails,they say my name plus the suburb im from, i dont think it was a coincidence.
gg134 posts

Great effort! NOT!

Why does Seek allow job ads without an employer displayed, are you that money focused only? Gets worse with non-existent candidate support for dodgy job ads. nothing short of a joke!
AnonSydney, NSW12 posts

No privacy option

You cannot apply to jobs without entering past employment. This information would already be listed in the resume you need to upload.
Employers are obviously sifting through an outline of your experience without looking at your CV.
I always check for the same job on indeed and apply through there instead
Lorraine26 posts

Do these jobs actually exhist?

I applied for many cleaning jobs, for which I am highly experienced in, only to either hear nothing back or there seems to be a need to fill in more forms. I also applied for voluntary positions. Nothing. Anyway, I have started my own cleaning business now, and it's flourishing, but very dissapointed with the way seek seems to run things. Good luck with anyone applying for jobs, since im not convinced they exhist on this platform.
NealSydney, NSW2 posts

Waste of Money as an employer

Better off advertising on Indeed or gumtree or Facebook even.
Candidates are all rubbish and to ring their support centre is hopeless.
Avoid as there are much better options out there.
No Eployer credits given either

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SteveSouth East Queensland, QLD

Costly service that ended up with getting nothing

Our advertisement on Seek was unsuccessful in getting the right candidate so we requested an extension on our ad. Thanks "[Name Removed]" for declining my reasonable request. Thanks Seek for charging us over $300 which ended up with no result. '[Name Removed]' did say we could still contact other candidates that applied, but this ad went up a month ago. I don't think contacting candidates a month after they applied is very professional even if Seek think its a fine to do so.
We're using another company now that is free service and performs just as good as Seek. Save yourself some money and shop around.
Bishara H.
Bishara H.Sydney, NSW2 posts

Did not reactivate my post despite my explanation

I have used seek many times to hire. I hired someone so i deactivated the job, before the person started she withdrew her employment opportunity.

the customer service staff member refused to understand my situation and rather than reward a returning customer for loyalty, he advised i would have to pay AGAIN to repost it.

not a great way to treat a customer - snarky remarks on the phone as well when he said "yeh you already explained that".. pretty much telling me i dont care.

Mr. Yes
Mr. YesQueensland5 posts

Seems to allow companies to manipulate reviews

A company where I previously worked suddenly went from below 2.5 star rating to 3.7 star rating. My review from a few years ago has been deleted, along with many others having a low rating. This is obviously no coincidence and suggests that Seek allows companies significant latitude to manipulate what reviews get published.
jasdeep singh s.
jasdeep singh s.Metropolitan Adelaide, SA3 posts

Lot of Opportunities

Seek is always very handy and helpful . Lot of genuine opportunities for job. The seek app is great and easy . Apply jobs from your phone easy.
Thanks for supporting and posting job roles for everyone in need.
BenjaminHunter Region, NSW
SamAdelaide14 posts

Publish reviews!

Don't publish all reasonable company reviews, that's a bad sign in my book. Should be able to trust the review process. Had some bad experiences with unprofessional recruiters, employers in the application process.
Allister W
Allister WGippsland, VIC22 posts
William Shapcott
William Shapcott

Do not use them!

Terrible website! Removed my advert and blocked my account for no reason.

Following up with them is too difficult and i would rather use other site than have to deal with them.

My advert did not breach any T&C's and fully complied with all conditions required so do not dare state otherwise.

RJR38 posts

It’s ok, but they won’t publish my reviews

I’ve attempted to log 3 reviews on a current company that I work for, which seek won’t publish. There is no swearing, no mention on bullying, however, once I hit submit it says “a member of the team will review” and then I receive or hear nothing back- nor is it viewable under the company reviews.
It’s disappointing because it makes me wonder how much information seek are sharing with the public regarding employee reviews for business's

As I said, there was nothing offensive or anything to cause alarm to not be published, just honest feedback, and comments (2 lines tops) after working for a big company for 3 years.

JaneSouth Australia

Don’t even bother

These jobs don’t actually exist, you can be interviewed told you are appropriate for position and you never hear from them again.... seek is a scam I have applied for over 40 jobs in nursing which I am more than qualified for with no response.....the jobs don’t exist
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Mat.s.2 posts

Useless app that leads to 0 employment

This app is just useless and degrading to people who use it, sending them endless messages of being unsuccessful or not likely to progress. Employers I've spoken to have only received few responses for possible candidates and have just gone back to gumtree or Facebook so they can filter candidates themselves. Seek is useless.
David W.
David W.Sydney, NSW

Would give no stars if possible

Job search are ridiculous.
Try and unsubscribe and you recieve 3 times the amount of emails .
Give this lot a miss .
Never had any success with a job here but found my own employment with a company that uses seek but never recieved anything from me
Big D
Big DPerth137 posts

Ridiculous, can't even search by Job Title

So many roles miscategorised.
Notorious Sham Agencies spamming non-existent jobs
Can't even do a simple search by Job Title

Keyword search mostly returns jobs with not whatsoever to do with the words searched.

sherrySydney, NSW9 posts

lack the exposure and way expensive compare to other site

- the applicants are fewer and many not returning my reply
- cannot change the heading of the ad
- many applicants are same as other ads, but much less
- there was no tests /criteria compare to indeed
- useless, not even one is even can be considered for the right position
- very expensive
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