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Shrinking airbrushed stinkers


Usually satisfied by eating 1 Magnum in the years leading towards 2019, my poor brother Nick had to eat 4 to get the same enjoyment. Streets, make magnums great again.


MjaCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC

Size is bad


Been buying magnums, but no more the flavour is bad the size just keeps shrinking no wonder they are on sale, they decrease the size then offer them as cheaper.



It could just as well be a Choc Ice from the 80s!


Emphasis on the ‘ice’! With chocolate bars getting smaller every year, giant Freddos resembling the size of an original Freddo, and containers of our favourite treats containing less and less of said treats with some tricky packaging ploys to hide the ruse until it’s too late. 2018 has brought with it the same treatment to our Magnum - crappy compound chocolate and tasteless icey ice-cream fluffed up with air. I will not be buying another.

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PollywolEyre Peninsula, SA

No Flavour??


What has happened to these Mini Magnum ice creams?
They now have absolutely no flavour, neither the chocolate or the icecream. Just taste cheap and nasty. Also no lovely almond crunch. Will not buy them anymyore.
Very disappointing feel ripped off.

The decline of a classic.


I knew I wasn’t imagining things. These ice creams have gone far from what they once were. Gone is the quality Belgian chocolate and creamy centre of the original magnum and now it’s cheap and nasty tasting. Why? . Very sad that companies cut corners but you can’t fool peoples tastebuds. Will find a better tasting replacement.

Terrible quality, not what it used to be


We have been long term fans of Magnums and Mini Magnums. Tonight I couldn’t even finish my Mini Almond Magnum - terrible quality and not worth the calories! Icy watery ice cream (not creamy at all like it used to be) and sickly sweet chocolate that falls apart instantly. Won’t be buying again, totally a waste of money.

Salted Vanilla - so gross


The chocolate is as good as you'd expect, but the icecream is borderline inedible. Salted caramel is one of my favourites, but salted Vanilla makes it taste like it's *from* Johnny, rather than *by* Johnny.

Terrible very unhappy


All magnums are now not worth eating no thick chocolate and the ice cream watery and tasteless what have they done to that ice cream all my family even ones who are grandchildren now dislike it I am 82 years old bought 3 pkts for a treat when I sit on my own in sun very sad not worth eating please please bring back your original or I fear you will lose thousand of customers. Unhappy lady Patricia





Have gotten smaller, how did Streets think we wouldn't notice? The chocolate is no longer thick, the ice cream tastes cheap. Bring back the old Magnum!

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Justin M

Justin MGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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What have you done


Dear Unilever, what have you done to the magnum ice cream? The ice-cream itself is horrible. It used to be silky smooth and soft, now it's just cheap trash. Do not want. You've lost our family as a customer. Such a shame. An icon has been ruined.



Have noticed the shrinking over the years and not minded too much. But now ice cream is watery - confection. Won't buy again.


APBHolloways Beach

  • Verified

Why, Why, Why.


We have been buying Magnum Classic ice cream for years ( I am 68). The Magnum was an "adult" ice cream with thick dark chocolate and creamy icecream and neither was too sweet. Now the chocolate is too thin and sweet, and the icecream has lost its creamy richness. We can't buy this product again until the original recipe is re launched.

Michael S

Michael SHobart

Simply disgraceful


I never write reviews but I had an almond magnum tonight as a treat. Magnum used to be the best ice cream on the market. Sadly, things have changed for the worse. They have no taste, no creamy texture and are loaded with sugar. The chocolate is too sweet, the ice cream lacks flavour and as for the almonds, well I think I counted 5 small shavings of almond. I won’t be going back for seconds. Connessuers for me in future.

So disappointed


Yuck. I remember exactly what magnum ice cream used to taste like and this isn't it. I couldn't even finish it, not worth the calories on cheap ingredients.

Magnums all varieties have gone downhill fast

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Kylie D

Kylie Dasked

Where have the double choc magnums gone ?????

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