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Shark rotator true pet

I bought this vacuum dissatisfied with the opposition Dyson, I have a malamute (very hairy dog) the Dyson wasn't picking up the hair from the carpet. The shark is amazing it gets all the hair from the carpet and upholstery I love it I loce the light it makes me it easy to see if it is collecting all the dirt! 5 stars

Great service from Shark Service team

In April 2015 I received a letter from Shark recalling most models of their vacuum cleaners due to a possible problem with the power cord. My machine has never given any trouble and I wrote a review about it years ago. See link below. I registered for the recall and they sent me the packaging etc to send the motor away for service, all at no cost to me and I was to have had it back in five working days with the modifications all done. Unfortunately my package somehow got lost in the mail and after many phone calls to them they could not track it down. They apologized for the inconvenience and said they would send me a complete new machine and, sure enough, five days later a brand new Vacuum Cleaner arrived. How's that for good service. So read my previous praise of this product and add to it "fantastic service". Thanks again Shark Team.


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