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Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV680

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away NV680

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Was Great Until...

This vacuum was awesome for about the first year and a half. Then I noticed the bristles on the roller brush were worn away. There is not a replacement brush available for purchase. You have to buy the entire floor nozzle for $50. Very disappointed. Won't be buying another one.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Better than a Dyson

I use this on all types of flooring. Tiles, carpet, hardwood and it works amazingly. It has awesome attachments to get under fridges and on top of fans and attachments for your couch..... such a good machine. It comes in so handy with the lift away for doing higher stuff like fans etc

Date PurchasedApr 2012

Best I’ve ever had

Without a doubt the best vac I’ve ever had and I’ve had quite a few over the decades. Far better than the likes of Dyson etc. and a shed load cheaper. Worth every penny. Being able to break it down for different purposes is excellent. The lights also help confirm that you had picked up everything.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Biggest load of trouble ever.

It is too heavy, too complicated to work even using the manual, yes, it works well, then dumps dust everywhere on emptying. You need to go to university to be able to understand the manual. Never again. Gone to the tip after 1 month. I would not recommend this cleaner to my worst enemy.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

great prouct

I have many vacumes from dysan animal to the handheld Dysan and this shark and recently bought the Rocket shark.Yes Dysan is the best but since I bought the shark used it always as find the suction is much stronger and the rocket it is brillant I have to say even with the cord it is so light and easy.The cordless Dysan is great but the rocket is just as light but heaps better in suction and you cant beat the price its 1/4 of what you pay for dysan so my new favorite is the light easy to manage rocket sharp just hope its got a good life span .

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Shark Navigator Lift-away

Completely happy with purchase. This machine has great suction, particularly on hard floors. The power head also does a great job on my carpet & rugs. I have used this vacuum everywhere! My home, My car, even my shed! It is easy to carry & move about. Fair price for vacuum of this quality.

Date PurchasedApr 2014


2 level town house, carpet tiles, rugs. So suprised on how well it works.
Heavier than i thought. Wow power in the head. Watch out for small cables. Did a test with old vacuum filled the side canister, ran the shark over it and it pulled up more stuff if not more. Power called could be longer.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Best vacuum I've ever owned

I had gone through countless vacuums over the years. Buying fairly cheap ones from Big W or Kamart. They would only last a year or so. Then I splurged on a dog & cat vacuum from Godfreys and all I had was trouble with it!!

About 4 year ago I spoiled myself and bout my shark. To this day it hasn't missed a beat. It still works as well as when it was brand new.

I've used a Kirby and I rate my shark much higher. Mostly for price as a new Kirby willset you back $4000. But I feel it is easier to use and it is very powerful as well. It gets so much more dirt out of my carpets than any vaccum I've owned before.

Date PurchasedNov 2013

best purchase

love this vaccum cleaner it picks up pet hair so well it's amazing on carpet and rugs picks up dust you didn't know was there. it's not quiet but with the way it cleans that doesn't matter. it's easy to clean and the extra brushes it comes with are great for in between floor bords.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


Was a great vacuum once lost it suction after a few you i purchased one a few years ago now it doesn't suck the finest of dirt and it is heavy it is meant to be lightweight but i find it hard to carry around from room to room to room

Date PurchasedJun 2014

Love it, super good on pet hair, affordable

Very happy with it's performance and suction. Easy and simple to empty and to clean the filter.
Average noise level. I have a cat and a dog and this vacuum handles all the hair super well, I wouldn't buy anything else. I have a small 2 bedroom unit and I used it everywhere in the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Best vacuum ever

Finally a vacuum that does what it promises. So easy to use, great on carpets and hard floors. Removes probably 99% of dog hair from the carpet. Altho the dust bag fills quickly with dog hair, it is so quick and easy to remove and empty that it's not too much of a negative. I love that you can 'liftaway' the main barrel and get underneath even really low furniture - also great when you need the cord to reach just that bit further. Pricey but worth every cent

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Shark Rotator NV750ANZ Professional True Pet The BEST Vacuum cleaner I ever owned.

All of the expensive brands that I have are now sitting in my garage, since we just purchased this amazing Shark Powered Rotator True Pet and it does miracles. We have 4 Alaskan Malamutes with very long hair, and our carpets look like they had never been vacuumed on a daily basis with hair, dry mud and dust that they continually bring in from the back. Previously, It was a struggle to clean our carpets and floors with even the best and most expensive of brand names out there ( which are now retired ) . Now, with the new Shark, I have to go over the carpet once and it looks like it has been shampooed or steam cleaned. It cut down my vacuuming time significantly, it is effortless to use in any situation, very easy to manage, excellent attachments that fall right into place with such ease, no more lining up parts to re-join and getting frustrated that it does not lock in etc.... In fact, this vacuum cleaner picked up so much dust and dirt we had lying in the pile for a very long time, that even the Dyson was not able to suck up, the brushes are so well designed that it even beets the carpet while vacuuming. it is also very easy to clean the filters and dust collection container to keep it well maintained. WOW. Everything you see in the commercial is true and I can attest to that because it cleans our pets hair and dirt out of the carpet and tiled floors like no other vacuum did before. This is AMAZING. Thank you Shark.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good but not perfect

After having it now for few months we are happy with it in general, but it is not as perfect as people write or think.
Pros: Weight is reasonable for the size, even lighter then some other competitors. Suction and maneuverability is quite good, lift away system is very good feature. Accessories that comes with pet version (UKT) are great. Value for money is excellent (comes with steam mop all for under 200 pounds).
But Cons: Canister is way too small that you have to empty it after 1 or 2 rooms, It is quite unstable when lifted away or using a wound, especially on stairs - to have it as a backpack would be much better and more comfortable then hold it constantly in the hand. The flexi hose is way too short and stiff that it keeps vacuum always to tip over. The wound is way too bulky to be handled by only one hand when holding the canister in other hand, especially on stairs (ladies will struggle with it). The power cable should be 10 cm longer, so it nitely loops over top hook when stored otherwise it bends down and gets broken after a while. Top wound handle should have a clip to hold the cable over rather then hold it by hand. Don't get carried away by the advert that it lifts more dirt after Dyson or other vacuum, as any vacuum will do the same when going over and over on carpet.Any vacuum will lift dirt after Shark too. You might be happy with the product price but check the price of replacement accessories and filters and you'll get blown away how expensive they are.

So, generally it is good but not perfect and designers have a lot to improve on it. Is it better then Dyson? Yes, a little.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

excellent vacuum cleaner

This is the best cleaner I've ever had. I have carpets and hard floor and it's so easy to change from one to the other. The lift-away makes it so easy to use on stairs 100% happy with it would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to buy a vacuum

Date PurchasedJun 2016

So far very impressed

For most of our lives we've lived with Dyson but it our PET Dyson blew up last week. As we were on a budget we looked around and purchased this model as it was interest free. So far very happy with it. It's powerful and does everything that it says it will! First vacuum it picked up heaps that the Dyson hadn't

Nearly a year on and the vacuum hasn't missed a beat. It still picks up 98% of the dog fur that our Jack Ruseels leave and we continue to be very happy with its performance.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

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